Which franchises did you play each entry to completion?

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What are the franchises if any? Lets avoid franchises composed of a single game, because that is trivial in almost all cases. And let's consider only the main games in the franchise, discarding the spin-offs.

Let's consider spin-offs, games that differ from the main series in either story (if there is a story common to the main entries of the franchise) or gameplay, or both, independently of the consoles the games are on. For example, Uncharted: Golden Abyss despite not featuring any recurrent character besides Nathan Drake, has the gameplay of an Uncharted game, so for all intents and purposes is part of the main franchise.

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God of War used to be my example, until I got stoked like 30 minutes before the end of Ascension, and grew bored of the entire game.

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#3 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2980 posts) -

Does this have to include side games as well or just main games?

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I thought about this when I was playing through Resident Evil Remake. I've finished Resident Evil 0,2,3,4,5,6, and with remake it will be the seventh in the franchise, still far from the whole main series, missing Code Veronica, Revelations and the original 1 and the DS version of it, Deadly Strike.

Personally the ones I've played each entry of are:

  • Mass Effect;
  • Alan Wake;
  • Fable;
  • Witcher;
  • Knights of the Old Republic.
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@oscar__explosion said:

Does this have to include side games as well or just main games?

Let's keep it simple. Main games only.

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#6 Posted by BaneFireLord (3570 posts) -

Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed and Portal are the only ones that come to mind.

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#7 Posted by The_Vein (329 posts) -

Mass Effect, Portal, Half-Life, Metal Gear Solid (so far anyway), Uncharted, Devil May Cry.

There's some like Resident Evil I played all of for a long time, not counting weird spinoffs, but after RE 5 I gave up on that series.

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#8 Posted by ClairvoyantVibrations (1616 posts) -

Half Life, Uncharted, Call of Duty, Mass Effect, Portal.

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#9 Posted by huntad (2407 posts) -

I think you'd have to play all of the games to say you've played every game in the franchise. I understand the off-shoots are usually not as great, but a franchise is a franchise.

  • Alan Wake
  • Streets of Rage

I can't say Call of Duty, because I never beat Call of Duty 2: Big Red One on the PS2. I'd also say Uncharted, but I didn't play that dumb-looking Vita game. Also all the MK games except MK4, lol. I also need to play that Halo top-down shooter to complete my Halo run. I also did not play Mass Effect Galaxy or Mass Effect Infiltrator on the phones. It's actually crazy how few franchises I have actually played to completion. Will update when I think of more.

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#10 Posted by ArbitraryWater (15748 posts) -

I have finished every single main-series Resident Evil game including Zero and Code Veronica. The only game I would genuinely consider "bad" on that list is 6, though my opinions on the rest fall on a pretty broad range of "good".

Mass Effect? Pffft. Mass Effect is easy because even the people who seemingly disliked where that series went after the first game still played the other two. Call me in 10 years when that series has at least 4 more installments and has suffered a precipitous drop in quality.

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#11 Posted by CByrne (509 posts) -

Killzone (unless we count the PSP game), all in the same week. PS2->PS3->PS4 is weird thing to do in one week...

Ghost Recon

Medal of Honor

Call of Duty

Red Alert


Bad Company

Delta Force


On the list to complete

Pretty soon Infamous. still need to finish up Second son

Halo, didn't play ODST

Uncharted, first game.

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#12 Edited by Oscar__Explosion (2980 posts) -

Halo, Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid, Portal

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#13 Posted by forkboy (1650 posts) -

Crusader Kings. Victoria. Haven't played the very first Europa Universalis though.

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@arbitrarywater said:

Mass Effect? Pffft. Mass Effect is easy because even the people who seemingly disliked where that series went after the first game still played the other two. Call me in 10 years when that series has at least 4 more installments and has suffered a precipitous drop in quality.

ahah that probably won't happen, as unless Mass Effect's universe sudently becomes interesting, I don't think I will engage much more in that universe.

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#15 Posted by Cubidog1 (414 posts) -

Portal, Half Life and Dark Souls are the only franchises I have played every main game. I'm close to completing Halo, but I have not beat its campaign yet. I have played every numbered entry in Metal Gear, but I haven't played Peace Walker or The Phantom Pain. I watched my brother play some of Peace Walker and I just didn't like it because it didn't seem nearly as focused on the story.

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#16 Edited by Undrey (99 posts) -

Sly Cooper


All I can think of. This thread reminds me that I've really not fully completed every game in a franchise that much.

I've finished all of the inFAMOUSes other than the PS4 ones, because I don't have a PS4 yet.

I've finished all LittleBIGPlanet games except for the PSP one.

I've finished all Jak games except for the Lost Frontier (primarily because it's not a good Jak game)

I've finished half of the Ratchet games, haven't finished Gladiator, Quest for Booty, Tools of Destruction or Full Frontal Assault, will go through them in the future though.

Also half of the God of War games, haven't finished Ghost of Sparta, Ascension or III yet.

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#17 Posted by deactivated-5998b7e12fabb (275 posts) -

I'm only taking series which have at least 3 main series games

Mass Effect (1-3 and most of the good DLC)

Halo (1-4,Reach and ODST)

Uncharted (1,2,3 & Golden Abyss even though GA doesn't count)

Fable (only counting 1,2 & 3)

I miss out on some series because I'll just skip their "stop gap" games... like both GOW - Gears of War (no interest in Judgement) and God of War (no interest in Ascension).

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#18 Edited by cloudymusic (2134 posts) -

Ignoring franchises with less than three games, I don't know that I ever have, even for series that I really like. Suikoden might come the closest, with the only one I haven't finished being 4. Counting only main numbered entries, Final Fantasy is up there too, but there are a couple I'm missing in that one as well.

EDIT: Okay, I guess Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney counts. Sure.

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#19 Posted by Zelyre (1904 posts) -

To completion? Oh man... not many.

Fallout 1,2,Tactics,3,New Vegas

Baldur's Gate 1/2

Half Life 1/2 episodes 1/2

Portal 1/2

Diablo 1/2/3

I've finished the main Guitar Hero uh... campaigns?

Freespace 1/2

Jedi Knight 1/2/Academy

Knights of the Old Republic 1/2

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#20 Posted by Flappy (2415 posts) -

Knights of the Old Republic 1/2

.hack IMOQ

.hack GU Vol 1-3

Sonic Adventure 1-2

Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross?

Those are the series that immediately come to mind. Hopefully I'll have the chance to finish the Yakuza series one day...


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#21 Posted by Sterling (4134 posts) -

Gothic, Mass Effect, Fable, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Dead Space, Dragon Age (or I will once the third one comes out), The Elder Scrolls.

That is all I can think of off the top of my head.

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#22 Edited by onarum (3212 posts) -

Not many at all

  • Diablo
  • Half-Life
  • Portal
  • Phoenix Wright (including the Appolo justice one and that weird Edgeworth spinoff, which is fantastic btw)
  • Doom
  • GTA

And That's it i think...can't think of nothing else, most big franchises I probably at least tried all entries, but finishing to completion that's a whole different story.

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#23 Edited by Baal_Sagoth (1602 posts) -

Main Fallout series (actually everything except F3 DLC and I don't remember ever completely finishing Tactics either)

Baldur's Gate "trilogy"

Warcraft series (barely played WoW)

Company of Heroes

Knights of the Old Republic (but not the MMO)

Hitman (the five main ones)

Alan Wake

Does Vampire Bloodlines & Redemption count?

That's it off the top of my head. A lot more franchises that are pretty close but I missed one or two entries.

Edit: Torchlight series would also count, I suppose.

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#24 Posted by mbradley1992 (590 posts) -

Mass Effect, Fable, Uncharted, Forza, Call of Duty, and Simcity. Yeah, I said Simcity.

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#25 Edited by Raspharus (212 posts) -

-castlevania lords of shadow 1 and 2

-sam and max season 1,2 and 3

-assassin's creed

-bordelands; i still need to finish the borderlands 2 dlcs tho



-bioshock(plus the novel)

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#26 Posted by Justin258 (15689 posts) -

I played through all of the Halo games earlier this year, not counting Wars and Spartan Assault. So almost all of them, then.

I've played every Metroid game except Other M and Pinball, and I've finished all of them except those two, the original, Hunters, and Prime 3.

I played all of the Jak and Daxter games but I didn't finish the Lost Frontier.

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#27 Edited by Scrawnto (2558 posts) -

I've played tons of games, but rarely to completion. I think the only series where I've finished all the main games are Halo and Portal.

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#28 Posted by Kalor (97 posts) -

I'm likely forgetting about a few series but these are the main ones off the top of my head.

  • Professor Layton series
  • Assassins Creed
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Phoenix Wright (Also includes the two Miles Edgeworth games)
  • Portal
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#29 Posted by Savage (788 posts) -

I like to strive to finish the games I play, even ones that are mildly disappointing or have mixed appeal. However, I won't hesitate to drop a game in which I find nothing appealing. I'll just list franchises comprised of at least 3 main games--keeps the list shorter and stronger.

Off the top of my head I can think of:

  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Fallout
  • Diablo (including all expansion packs)
  • F.E.A.R. (including all expansion packs)
  • Uncharted
  • Max Payne
  • DOOM
  • BioShock
  • Dead Space
  • Far Cry
  • Mass Effect (including all of the major DLC)

And my biggest one:

  • Command & Conquer (including C&C 1, C&C 2, C&C 3, C&C 4, RA 1, RA 2, RA 3, Generals, Renegade, and every single expansion pack)
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#30 Posted by fisk0 (6954 posts) -

I don't think I've played any franchise to completion. Quake would probably be the closest one, since I've at least completed Quake 1 and 2, and I think I finished the single player challenge mode in Quake 3 too. I have not played Quake 4 though.

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#31 Posted by j87 (32 posts) -

Shadow Hearts, Monkey Island and Deponia

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#32 Posted by Daveyo520 (7766 posts) -

I can't actually think of any. There are some I have played most of the games but not all or have played all but not finished all.

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#33 Edited by slyspider (1827 posts) -
  • Witcher
  • Dragon age
  • Dark souls
  • Persona unless we count the second part of 2, which i need to go finish soon
  • Fable
  • Bioshock
  • Deadspace
  • more that aren't worth listing I suppose
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#34 Posted by Teoball (817 posts) -

Broken Sword 1-5
Black Mirror 1-3
Tex Murphy 1-6

Also a lot of the ones already mentioned, but they were already mentioned so I decided to just list adventure game series.

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#35 Posted by MATATAT (1225 posts) -

I had a hard time thinking of any. There's a lot I guess I've gotten close but never actually beat.

  1. Halo (main series)
  2. Bioshock
  3. Monkey Island
  4. Walking Dead
  5. Phoenix Wright
  6. Portal
  7. Half Life
  8. KOTOR
  9. Jak and Daxter I think? (or Jak or whatever)
  10. Gears of War (the main story and not that offshoot one)

I can think of a ton where I played through almost all of them except one. Fallout is a good example where I've beaten every game except I've never played Tactics and I got about halfway through the first one but keep meaning to go back.

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#36 Posted by Brackstone (942 posts) -

This year alone I went through the entire Legacy of Kain series (Soul Reaver is kinda janky but overall the series holds up really well), the entire Brothers in Arms series (doesn't hold up as well as I thought it would) and the entire Dead Space series. And I mean the entire Dead Space series, comic books, movies, spin off games, dlc, everything.

I hadn't experienced any of the series except DS1 and 2 before then, and I have to say, Dead Space probably has the best expanded universe for a videogame. Sure some things weren't great, merely ok, but it was all tonally consistent, never revealed too many of the on going mysteries of the series, and most importantly, it all fit together well while never being necessary for understanding the main plot. Also, Martyr would still be a pretty great book on it's own, entirely divorced from the franchise.

In the past, I've played all the Max Payne games, all the Hitman games, all the Prince of Persia games (sands of time series only), all of Half-Life, all the Bioshocks, and the full Stalker series. I think that covers it. If we include series with 2 entries or 2 and some significant expansions (Red Dead and Undead Nightmare for example), this list would get too big.

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#37 Posted by HeyGuys (566 posts) -

Only Pokemon, and I'm only a little embarrassed to say so.

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#38 Posted by StarFoxA (5261 posts) -

I've played every Zelda game except for Spirit Tracks and a couple spin-offs.

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#39 Edited by BeachThunder (15167 posts) -

The biggest franchise I've completed is Sam and Max (the wiki considers each episode a single entity)

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#40 Posted by frymillstrum (1324 posts) -

Every Zelda game except the first 2.

Splinter Cell


Gears of War

GTA except for Vice City Stories, played Liberty City Stories, and Chinatown Wars.

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#42 Edited by Slag (8159 posts) -

Not too many actually but I'm very close on several.


  • Jak
  • Chrono
  • Metal Gear (the original duology)
  • Longest Journey
  • Red Dead

Almost (unfinished in parentheses)

  • Zelda (Skyward Sword only missing one)
  • Super Mario Bros (Galaxy 2 and WiiU)
  • Final Fantasy (FFV, FFViii & Lightning Returns)
  • Mortal Kombat (MK: Annihilation)
  • Onimusha (Onimusha 3)
  • Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (The Two Thrones)
  • Monkey Island (Tales of Monkey Island)
  • Deponia (Escape from Deponia)
  • Shadow Hearts (Sh: From the New World)
  • Civilization (the first one)
  • Warcraft (Warcraft II)
  • Starcraft (Heart of the Swarm)
  • Metal Gear Solid (MGSIV)
  • Ace: Attorney (The apollo justice one)
  • Suikoden (S5)
  • Blackwell (the new one)
  • Final Fantasy Tactics (FF:TA)
  • Max Payne (MP 3)
  • Wave Race (the one for Gameboy)
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#43 Edited by Milkman (19304 posts) -

Probably not that many, honestly.

  • Mass Effect
  • Uncharted
  • Gears of War
  • Portal (does 2 games count?)
  • BioShock
  • Saints Row

That's all I got off the top of my head. I'm kind of embarrassed by how generic that list is.

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#44 Edited by Corevi (6796 posts) -
  • Bioshock
  • Megaman (1-10)
  • Baldur's Gate
  • Neverwinter Nights
  • Mass Effect
  • Fallout (1-3 and New Vegas)
  • The Witcher
  • Uncharted (not Golden Abyss)
  • Disgaea (1-4, haven't played D2 yet)
  • Metal Gear (MG-Ground Zeroes, No ACiD or Portable Ops but Kojima didn't make those)
  • Jak (1-3 and X Combat Racing)
  • Ratchet and Clank
  • Icewind Dale
  • Dragon Age
  • Fable
  • The Darkness
  • Saint's Row
  • Viewtiful Joe (even Red Hot Rumble...)
  • Portal
  • Alan Wake
  • Max Payne
  • Prince of Persia (Ubisoft console games only)
  • Assassin's Creed (Console games only)
  • Halo (All the Bungie ones anyway, haven't beaten 4 or played Spartan Assault)
  • Sly Cooper
  • Diablo
  • Batman Arkham

I think that's it

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#45 Posted by Camelyn (4 posts) -

So these are the ones I recall because they are recentish:



Mass Effect


Assassin's Creed (Except now I need to buy a next gen console if I want to keep up with that. Feh)

I played a crapton of Final Fantasy games over the years on various systems as they were released, but not all were released in North America, so I can't really call that one.

I've played all the Batman Arkham Games to date...so that's something

There are probably more, but I'm tired and my brain hurts.

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#46 Edited by Bones8677 (3535 posts) -

Halo Franchise (with exception of Halo Wars, but I don't really consider that a part of the true franchise)

Mass Effect Franchise

Portal Franchise (Does only two games count as a franchise?)

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#47 Edited by SomeDeliCook (2353 posts) -

The Half-Life franchise, including the co-op PS2 campaign

Doom, Doom 2, Master Levels, Doom 3, Doom 3 RoE, Doom 3 BFG mission

Quake 1, Quake 2, Quake 4 (I guess technically Quake 3 since I beat the 'campaign' for the PC, PS2, and Xbox Live versions)

The Arkham games so far

Anything Bioshock, even that one 2D remake on mobile

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#48 Edited by CornBREDX (7371 posts) -

There's too many to list, I've played thousands of games at this point.

Notable 6 I can think of off the top of my head:

Half life

Monkey Island



Duke Nukem

Deus Ex

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#49 Edited by Calmgamer (332 posts) -


Demon/Dark Souls

Elder Scrolls Series (except MMO)

Gears of War

X wing/Tie Fighter Games (not sure if these should count as a franchise - but too awesome not to include)

Saints Row


Mass Effect

Kind of thought there would be more.... :(

Close on Dead Space (saving last part of 3 for next gaming drought).

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#50 Posted by Twisted (306 posts) -

Max Payne I think is the only franchise of more than 2 games that I can say I've definitively played and completed each game.

The next would be Grand Theft Auto, though I didn't complete the very first game (and didn't really play a whole lot of it). I'm also sitll waiting on GTA 5 to come to PC.

I guess I will include Portal and Alan Wake as other people have included them.

Also I've played and completed the two Mafia games.

That's about it I think.