Which game have you played for the longest period of time?

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Hi everyone,

Which game do you have the most play time on and why do you think you enjoyed it so much?

Mine would have to be Old School Runescape (or Runescape back then).

Everyone at school would hang out in the playground and talk about it every day, then I'd come home from school and play it every day. It was such a new gaming experience. You could travel around a large world, see other players actually play in game.. the progression feeling you got upgrading your stats for the first time..man it felt like home :P

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Definitely a MMORPG and it was most likely Ragnarok Online. I got dangerously addicted to that game as a teenager.

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EverQuest for obvious reasons, well over 10,000 hours. Next closest Overwatch with around 800.

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If you count it all as 'one game' even though it technically isn't then it's definitely DotA for me, despite not touching it at all for the past 2 years. Have just over a 1000 hours on DotA 2 but I probably logged easily double that in the WC3 days playing since v5.84. If we're counting single SKUs then it's probably WC3 just because of all that DotA playing on top of the massive wealth of custom maps that community created.

As to why I played so much of it, probably just a combination of the fact that my friend group were all into it and that DotA was, and still is, a deeply rewarding experience in terms of learning and getting better. Having it hit at a time in my life where my friends and I all had a bunch of time meant that we got deep into it and just kept playing as a means to keep in contact with each other when we spread out geographically.

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If you don’t count replays of games, it would probably be Destiny 1.

It came out when I was in between school and jobs and there wasn’t much anything else out at the time 2013-2014 for the new consoles was a dark period.

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If you mean more-or-less continuously in time, probably Hearthstone, which I played nearly every evening from the time it was released until a year or so ago when I stopped because all the cards I liked had been nerfed (due to annoying tactics of others that I usually didn't partake in.)

If you mean more on-and-off, probably StarCraft I or II, which I returned to over and over, either repeating the whole campaign or facing off against bots. (Multiplayer is too frustrating and my brain cannot take that kind of stress.)

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Probably Hearthstone, been playing it off and on since it's release.

Not counting phone games probably. Halo 3 or MW2

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Destiny, especially counting 1 and 2 together. Even separate D2 is probably my most played.

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Easily Diablo 3, played since 2012, and on 3 different consoles and PC. Actually quit just this current season...finally moving on.....pretty sure. ;-)

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Probably Overwatch. I rarely, if ever, play multiplayer games. Never got into MMOs. Never got into the live service games. Rarely ever touch multiplayer modes. That seems to be the types of games people are able to pour hundreds of hours into.I've always been the type to want to start a game, beat a game, and move on to the next game. Overwatch is the only game ever to break me from that. I played a lot of Gears multiplayer in the first Gears of War game, and quite a bit of the co-op wave based stuff in Uncharted 3 too, but not like hundreds of hours or anything.

Aside from Overwatch, I probably did, like 3 or 4, playthroughs of Persona 3 across all the versions of that game. That's probably the most time I put into a single player thing. I almost never go back to a game after I finish it either.

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World of Warcraft, which I imagine will be a lot of people's pick too.

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Fire Pro Returns, for nearly ten years before my PS2 crapped out.

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By the kinds of games I play, Borderlands, Fallout 3. Division 2, Diablo 3.

Stuff like that.

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Easily Rock Band 2. From release to the end of 2010 I played RB2 an average of 2 to 3 hours a day. If my parents where gone for the weekend and I had the house to myself I would usually just play RB2 on the nice tv with the surround sound till 2 or 3 in the morning. I once played like 10 hours straight for no reason, just enjoyed drumming so much.

Keep in mind, this is just RB2, I played pretty much every other RB and GH game during that time as well, just RB2 is the pennicle of the music genre in my opinion.

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I don't like to admit it, but it would almost definitely be one of the mobile gacha games I played on a daily basis for over a year or two. I don't know exactly how many hours I invested into any one of them, but I can't imagine anything else I played coming close, simply because I don't play most games that long term.

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Still playing Everqust since 1999. Certainly not as much as I did in the beginning, but it's my MMORPG of choice. Old school, and it shows it's age, but I still love it.

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There was a stretch where I played Spelunky every single day. Many, many hours there.

Halo 3 and Halo: Reach also represented most of my gaming time for about 5 straight years.

I also beat Vagrant Story at least a dozen times in my teen years.

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Each time I answer a thread like this, the obvious pick is WoW. It just overshadows everything else easily. If we’re picking something non-mmo, then just any big open world game from...2010 forwards? Or some older games, back when I would still just replay games to cause random chaos. Obviously I can’t recall the hour counts from back then.

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I’m going to throw out three guesses:

1) Street Fighter 2 (all incarnations)

I played a ton of SF2 as a kid. I played with friends on SNES and Genesis. I played with strangers in arcades. I used to just bring 50 cents to the arcade and last on that seemingly forever. I got really goddamned good at SF2.

2) AKI Wrestling Games on N64

I owned them all, aside from Virtual Pro Wrestling 64, which I rented from my local Blockbuster about 50 times. My wife ended-up buying me an import of VPW2, while we were dating. I used to turn play these games with anyone, anywhere. I had an N64 in the car so we could play on the go. I never had video games out at parties, but this one...you’d always find 4-8 people squirreled away playing these games at some point in the night.

3) Perfect Dark Zero

Yep. 360 launch was peak video game living for me. I gave up playing most of my high school years (aside from VPW). Halo got me back into games after I got engaged. By the time the 360 launched, I had a good job, a stable life, no kids yet, and all the time and money I needed to get stupid with games.

We played A TON of PDZ Dark Ops. Buying gear with winnings, figuring out the balance of every weapon. Using the cover system...the shooting model was amazingly accurate without aim assists and playing with low money made you really earn cooler gear. I loved the silence-able Uzi that you could throw like a grenade and the shotgun that let you ping for enemy locations and mark your allies’ maps.

Normal kill count was iffy at best. The campaign had some cool ideas, but just as many issues. Dark Ops, though...PDZ was my most played game on my most played system, according to 360Voice...

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Mine is without a doubt Sensible World Of Soccer.

I have played this game in so many iterations and all pretty much the same version. First in the mid-nineties on Amiga and PC (with the short cutscenes of jubilation or sadness when promoted or relegated) and since 2007 regularly on my Xbox 360 when I need to relax a bit. Didn't even consider an Xbox One until SWOS became available through backcompat.

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WoW - I've over a year of actual in game time played across all my characters.

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Mine is definitely the forza motorsport series. Im only counting it since they are all very similar just updated. Easily spent thousands of hours in them.

But when i read the title my mind instantly jumped to halo 1 since i still play it regularly 18 years later.

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Skyrim. Steam says 1,433 hours played. I'm not sure how many characters I've made, or how many made it through all of the major content, but I do know that none of them have been stealth archers! I've got plans to play through it one more (final?) time once the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod is updated.

Oblivion is probably my second most played because I don't know the exact amount of hours. I was extremely hyped to play it and wouldn't you know it that's when my 360 decided to red ring. Right in the middle of the tutorial. The extra 2-3 weeks I had to wait for Microsoft to return my console just added to the hype. I played the absolute crap out of this game. Then later on I played even more of it on PC with mods.

The Mass Effect series is probably third. I've played through the series at least three times. Once as they released, once as soldier Shep, and once as Biotic FemShep. Did I play through the series as soldier Shep twice? I can't remember so maybe it was four times.

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Counter Strike i guess, i don't play it very much these days as i am more than over its special brand of punishment, but i was literally playing a 5v5 with my friends yesterday so... Been playing various versions of CS since 2002.
On the single player side it would be Half Life, which i didn't play until AFTER playing CS because i was scared of the demo (i was 9 or 10), i try to replay Half Life every year but that's on hold until Black Mesa is complete.

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Final Fantasy XI, easily. My game time would be measured in days, not hours. I played from the NA launch on PS2, transitioning to PC at some point. I was way into it from 2005 until about 2011-ish, have taken some breaks and come back to it every so often.

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Team Fortress 2 at about 1,400 hours. Haven't played for several years though

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Rock Band 3 (mostly drums) since 2010. It's the only thing keeping my fat 80GB PS3 alive. The song I've played the most is probably "Here Comes Your Man" by the Pixies as that was one of the earlier DLC tracks.

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Diablo 2 probably

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World of Warcraft. Also played a huge amount of Diablo II, so that's probably my number 2.

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Probably LOTRO, although I haven't played it in several years due to each expansion making the game progressively much worse.

Recently, it's Witcher 3 without a close second.

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Lots of sleepless nights Playing Diablo II back when I was in college. Binding of Isaac is probably a close second. I have well over 2000 hours played on steam.

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It's hard to be sure, and assuming idle games don't count because who knows how many hours, days weeks months, years I've had Trimps running, but it must be close between Civ 4, Timesplitters 2 and Fallout New Vegas. Kerbal might be in with a shout too.

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Civilization 2 I played that games for years, one and off for over a decade.

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I know I spent 300+ hours in Skyrim, but before Steam was a thing spent tons of time playing Delta Force Black Hawk Down, which the last time I remember looking at stats it was 200+, and I know I probably played 2-3 times that over the 3 or 4 years I played it. I'm sure my time with CoD4 isn't far behind.

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I stacked up over 1500 hours on CSGO whilst I was at Uni, probably why I didn't do so well haha

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I need to double check, but its either Witcher 3 or Civ 5. I know I've got 200~ hours in Civ, but I think Witcher is up there too. I can also see Fire Emblem Three Houses getting near that number too seeing as I am over 100 in that already and only on my second of four playthroughs.

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MLB The Show 17 and 18 I accrued nearly 900 hours playing each according to Playstations Year in Review email, though I'm sure that game is counting all the time spent in menus and paused as well; I'd wager it's more like 6 or 700 hours each, which is still way more than I'd care to admit to friends and family. I'm well on my way to that kind of number again this year with The Show 19.

I'm not sure if that's any more than I played of my NCAA Dynasty / Madden Franchise saves back when that was possible in the PS2 days, but it's either one of those two options in specific chunks or the NBA 2K series as a whole, which I played religiously both on and offline from 2K5 to 2K14, when the game started taking a pretty significant turn towards the MyPlayer side of things and left sim players like me in the dust.

If there's one single game that could possibly compete with any one season of MLB or old school Madden, a handful of nominees would be Final Fantasy VIII, Civilization IV, Destiny 1 or Goldeneye multiplayer.

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Probably a mix of Skyrim, Borderlands 1/2, Diablo 3, and Destiny 1/2.

Loot RPGs seem to work well on my brain for some reason.