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Poll: Which game would you recommend to finish out the month of horror on? (11 votes)

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs! 18%
Outlast! 27%
Both! 9%
Neither! 45%

So I knew steam was gonna have a sale on these games just before Halloween hit. Both games are roughly $13.50 and am kinda torn between them. For Amnesia, Ive heard that its a bit of a disappointment compared to the first but still gives a decent scare. While I really enjoyed 1 I lost my save a while back and just haven't had the means to go back in again, still, Amnesia 2 seems pretty good. Outlast, while leaning on the jump scare still seems like it is pretty damn terrifying and this would most likely be my choice if I knew it wasn't coming for free on ps+. But, if people think its pretty awesome I wouldn't mind tossin some cash out to play it now rather than later. Just curious to get your guy's input.

I do have a means to buy both but to be honest Id rather wait, although it is an option because steam needs my money and Im willing to give it to them. Anyway, thanks guys for the help!

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If you haven't played it AND don't already know a lot about it, Dark Souls is terrifying. Unless you're Vinny. Then it's hilarious.

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Outlast scared the shit out of me. Personally I decided to finish up Undead Nightmare.

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If you're gonna get Outlast for free through PS Plus anyway might as well just get A Machine For Pigs. Although isn't A Machine For Pigs mostly about the creepy atmosphere and story instead of scares, while Outlast has more scares and scenarios where you are being chased much like the first Amnesia? Depends what you're in the mood for I guess.

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I dont really like horror games. Jump scares aren't scary. I don't know if either of those are jump scare games like 99% of all other horror games, but probably.

So neither