Which "lesser entry in a series" do you ride or die with?

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Mine is Lightning Returns: FF13. I think I've come across one person who genuinely liked it on the site. I usually don't like to run against the clock but I thought it gave the game a momentum and a pace. The story was so awfully written and told, I eventually began to enjoy the sheer absurdity of it. The majority of the Garbs, the costumes/dress-spheres of the game, were actually really cool and badass looking. There were some memorable tunes. And lastly, the combat is one of my favorites in all of gaming. The blend of active time paradigm with the dress-sphere system is a true achievement. So good, love it.

The game for sure has a ton of problems. I wish the story was actually good, not ironically. The performance of the game is quite bad (at least on PS3) and while the art direction, particularly the architecture is striking, the game can look quite drab.

A contender for me is BioShock 2. It's another game I hold in high regard because of its combat. Setting up traps with the full array of your arsenal and watching splicers trigger them to their demise is a thing of beauty.

Other excellent candidates include Max Payne 3 with its off-the-charts production value and god-tier soundtrack and The Matrix inspired Saints Row 4 with its MGS and Streets of Rage homage.

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I think Bioshock 2 is a great pick and I’m glad that more people seem to appreciate its brilliance in the years since it’s release. Without a doubt, mine has to be Uncharted 3.

I myself don’t consider it “lesser” but I know the general consensus is that it’s not as good as 2. While it’s undeniable that it’s more of the same that made Uncharted 2 great, I think it’s a more refined and better game overall and I think it has a better story. The game unfortunately suffered because it came out after 2 and didn’t push the series forward in the same way.

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Curse of Monkey Island. I've played all four of the games and I consider that one the best in the series.

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Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

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I don't know about "ride or die", but I liked Zero Time Dilemma quite a bit, despite most of the Zero Escape fanbase being super down on it. It definitely wasn't perfect, but I'm glad it exists. Honestly, I liked it more than 999 in some ways.

Oh, and how can I forget Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2. They're both honestly among my favorite Bioware games. Dragon Age 2 I avoided for so long with how the Internet reacted to it, and my mixed feelings about Origins, but I finally picked it up not long before Inquisition and kinda enjoyed almost every minute of it. The characters were entertaining (I have way more fondness for my FemHawke than any of my custom protags from Origins or Inquisition), the combat was surprisingly fun, and the structure of the story was pretty unique. Yeah, there was a certain amount of copy-paste-ness to it, but it wasn't that big of a deal. I've played and enjoyed worse.

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I will second this...

Without a doubt, mine has to be Uncharted 3.

I myself don’t consider it “lesser” but I know the general consensus is that it’s not as good as 2. While it’s undeniable that it’s more of the same that made Uncharted 2 great, I think it’s a more refined and better game overall and I think it has a better story. The game unfortunately suffered because it came out after 2 and didn’t push the series forward in the same way.

and add God of War 3. I have enjoyed all the titles in this series, but something about 3 really stuck with me. The gameplay was tight and satisfying, the Zeus and Hermes boss fights stand out as some as my favorite moments in that game. Even the story was pretty good.

Man, I hope the new God of War is good!

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Final Fantasy 8 , Escape from Monkey Island, Gabriel Knight 3.

FF8 might be poorly written if you look with a critical eye, but the world that game takes place in is so awesome. You have these rival schools acting as PMC's, the Dollet invasion is super hype, you plan an assassination, you go to an invisible tech city, you end up in space, there's a big garden invasion happening that you need to defend. There's just so much hype stuff happening over the course of that game.

Escape from Monkey Island is mostly maligned for it's tank controls and the puzzle on monkey island where you have to navigate a lava stream multiple times. The artstyle was pretty bad as well (early 3d). That said, it was my first monkey island game and i absolutely loved the whole vibe of that game. The controls were also bad; I remember using Page up & Page Down to select sentences. yikes. Luckily once you know the buttons, that's not an issue for an adventure game.

Gabriel Knight 3 is known as the game that 'killed adventure games'. Especially the puzzle where you have to disguise yourself to rent a motorcycle is seen as a terrible puzzle. You have to put tape on a windowsill or something, and then spray a cat with water. The cat jumps on the windowsill and the hair sticks to the tape, which you can use as a moustache.

Luckily, when i played GK3 i was like 7 years old. I played some adventure games before (Freddi Fish, Spy Fox) but this was the first 'mature' adventure game i played. I loved the real world vacation vibe that the game presented. It really felt like i was in France. My fascination with the game was increased when i found out that the location in the game was a real place, and that the mystery handled in the game was an actual legend of that village.

Me being a kid figured that the diffuculty of the puzzles were on the level of adults, and had no problems using a walkthrough while going through the game. This means that i never had to bang my head in frustation and just got to enjoy the story. I should probably replay this some time to see if i can still enjoy it as adult.

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Dragon Warrior/Quest. To be clear, I mean the first game, there are objectively better games in that series, but DW1 holds a very special place in my heart

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I think Quest for Glory IV, bugs and all, is the best game in that series. Something about the Transylvanian-like setting did more to excite my imagination than just about any other game to that point, even as I recognize the first is objectively probably the best in that series. I also think more fondly of Call of Duty 2 than I do any other game in the series, mostly just because I think I was most initially impressed with its set pieces Same with Battlefield 1942.

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Oblivion 1 is better than Oblivion 2.

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The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is the best 2D Legend of Zelda game.

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Assassin's Creed 3 is a good game and Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton) is a good protagonist I cared about and also a very nice man. Not everyone needs to be a suave rogue like Ezio Auditore or Edward Kenway, those two led relatively carefree lives until their paths led them to the assassin brotherhood. Connor never had that and he doesn't act like that because he is an outcast who knows that he is treated like an outcast and still tries to do his best to prove himself to his father and to represent his people, all the while "uh uh uh uh uh"-ing bad guys with his tomahawks. The homestead missions highlight the good-natured side of Connor and shows how much he cares about the homesteaders.

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I dunno if we're talking "ride or die" here, but I think Heroes of Might and Magic IV gets a bum rap. Maybe not as much as it used to, thanks to the passage of time and Ubisoft's mishandling of the franchise, but even in 2002 it felt like everyone labeled it as an outright disappointment. It's not Heroes III, nor is it trying to be, but on its own merits I think it does pretty well for itself (poorly-aged art style, dubious AI, and balance concerns aside) as an experimental, ambitious attempt to change up the formula. It's a much better game than people give it credit for, especially when compared to its RPG counterpart, the half-finished skeleton that is Might and Magic IX... which I also think is better than people give it credit for.

Also, I will be on the record as thinking that 2014 Thief Reboot is alright, even if it's no Thief 1 or 2. There are parts of it that scream "troubled development" like the pointless hub world, the nonsensical story, and the inclusion of boss fights into a stealth game, but I think the core of it is still a pretty decent (if janky) stealth-ass stealth game. The way Garrett manually manipulates objects in first person (such as when he's rifling through drawers for loot) is still one of my favorite little visual touches.

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My thoughts on Far Cry 2 documented. I take malaria over forced drug interludes any day.

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I prefer Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2, in spite of the simpler controls. ME2 still awesome, but ME1 had a bigger impact and i thought was better narratively

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I genuinely love FFX-2. That game has it's problems, I'm in no way denying that, but it's such a departure from the rest of the series in such a weird fuckin way that is slowly just grew on me.

I think the character development of Master Chief in Halo 4 is by far the most interesting story bits of any Halo game which, yeah I know, isn't a high bar, but it's still handled well. Like one of the central points of his story, second to his relationship with Cortana, in 4 is that, yo dawg, Chief is getting old and all he's ever done is take orders. So when he blatantly stops taking orders to protect Cortana, you finally get a glimpse of the human inside.

What's also dope is how everyone treats Chief. He's a living, breathing legend. Not only does everyone constantly look up to him and shower him with praise, several characters also go against orders because they're fucking dealing with Master Chief. I think the greatest moment though and the one that always sends a chill down my spine is at the end of the game where, after losing Cortana, a "broken" Chief makes his way through the ship, everyone stops what they're doing to gawk at him. People were training, getting in/out of Spartan armor, repairing shit, etc. But they all immediately drop everything they're doing and they all crowd around to watch as Chief gets out of his armor because that's probably the craziest shit they thought they'd never see. To them, it's like a god shedding his skin.

And talking about this makes 5 all the more disappointing because it literally addresses none of this. It's like they gave up on trying to make him a character and doubled down on the rampancy/Promethean bullshit. Even the marketing for 5 straight up lies. You think it's going to be this game about Chief going through this big, introspective journey and that there's gonna be some cat and mouse game between Chief and Locke and all this crazy shit is gonna happen, but noooooope. They meet once in a cutscene and that's it. No one gets any development and the story is forgettable trash. It's baffling how the campaign could miss every mark so much.

I feel like Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 aren't looked upon too favorably these days. Again, I'm not gonna sit here and pretend they don't have problems, but those games just mean so much to me lol. I have nothing but fond memories of playing thru them on Dreamcast and then again on the Gamecube. If nothing else, their audacious soundtracks deserve some praise. From Knuckles' theme to City Escape, Green Forest to E-101's theme, and everything in between, those games had some fucking fun bangers in there.

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#18 Posted by rethla (3725 posts) -

Well clearly Witcher 1 is the best Witcher so ill go for that one.

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Yeah, ACIII is a great game. More Haytham would've minted it, though. Far Cry 2 is great; Dead Space 3 is great; Guitar Hero 3 is better than 2, all day.

Dark Souls 2 is more interesting than Dark Souls 3 -- more fantastical, and less reliant on self-referencing (love it)

Having just beaten Deus Ex, I think Human Revolution is much better in every single aspect, but nowhere as influential.

There's been a sort of retroactive dislike for Fallout 3 in recent years, and I love New Vegas as much as anyone, but 3 and its DLC is better I think, with many fond, memorable quests and moments.

I feel like not many people criticize GTA IV, but I hate Niko the negative Nancy, and think it's the flattest game in the whole franchise (I do love the last act, though). Chinatown Wars is my favourite over IV.

I enjoy the new Hitman, but Blood Money is my baby.

Tekken 3 is the best for me, but I think Tekken 5 is actually the second best overall. I liked it a lot more than 7.

ODST is better than Halo 4, 5, 2, and Reach. It goes 1, ODST, 3 for me.

Mass Effect 1 is the more Trekkie, inspiring, RPG-ass, beautiful, better game, but Mass Effect 2 fixed so many damn problems. It's an amazing sequel, and I play it more often despite 1 being slightly closer to my heart.

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DmC: Devil May Cry. Played it on PC at launch and had an absolute blast, played through every difficulty. One of the smoothest running contemporary PC releases I've ever played, my PC wasn't all that new at the time but it ran it downsampled at some ridiculous resolution like it wasn't even trying. Absolutely phenomenal art direction, looks drop dead gorgeous even today.

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#21 Posted by geirr (3812 posts) -

Silent Hill 4, Dark Souls 2 and Star Trek Voyager.

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Mass Effect 3, I like it the most and ME is my favorite gaming series overall. ME3 has the best gameplay, graphics, and soundtrack out of the first 3 games, plus a surprisingly good multiplayer, and a good story. They dropped the ball with the ending, which is like the last 5 minutes, but the story was good before that. They also should've had more exploration and side missions. ME3 has some of the best character moments especially when considering the citadel DLC. It also fixed series long problems like squad mates not talking to each other during missions and the paragon system.

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Mass Effect 1 is my favorite of the series, in both story and gameplay. While I love the story across the series, the first game is just special to me in that regard. Plus, Sovereign.

The gameplay makes you feel like a biotic god that creates black holes and throws around giant mechs, and has a barrier that never runs out, and also with the right mods you can have a shotgun and pistol that you can shoot forever. It's a pretty good power trip. Seriously, you can just hold down fire and shoot forever and then warp reality all the time. It's great.

The global power cooldown in 2 and 3 almost ruins the gameplay for me and the incredibly dumb "heat sink" gun mechanic is a solid step backwards (and while I enjoy how they addressed that in 3 with that one fan character, it's still stupid), because it feels so restrictive in comparison. I ended up just going infiltrator and sniping my way through 2 because it was the quickest way to get out of the combat for me. I managed to change some files in 3 so I could have the quickest cooldown and still actually have guns and that made it way more bearable and I actually enjoyed being the Engineer class.

Also the Mako is rad and anyone who says otherwise is wrong and you should feel bad.

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@cerberus3dog: You are 100% right about Connor. He's a good man, and AC3 could have been a great game if its storytelling had hit home better. AC3 could've told a tragic story about a good man being used by the American Revolutionaries to advance their own agenda, violently casting him and his people aside once they didn't need them anymore. The seeds of it are there, in a handful of scenes, and especially in that last post-ending scene where Connor returns home. But, in typical Ubisoft fashion, the political message ended up softened so much that most people thought the game was unabashadly pro-America. That holds it back from being great for me.

I guess my "lesser entry" would have to be MGS2. Though I really think it's objectively better than MGS3, and I hypothesize that anyone that played remastered versions of both of them as an adult lacking any nostalgia for the series would undoubtedly agree that MGS2 is superior.

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Mass Effect 1 is the more Trekkie, inspiring, RPG-ass, beautiful, better game, but Mass Effect 2 fixed so many damn problems. It's an amazing sequel, and I play it more often despite 1 being slightly closer to my heart.

Agreed. Mass Effect 1 is a much more interesting game, and while 2 does fix a lot of the problems with it, it also takes the game a few steps away from what made it interesting in the first place.

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Dragon Age II. I honestly love the entire Dragon Age series to a pretty similar extent, though each for different reasons. I don't know that I even really have a favorite game in the series, but Dragon Age II gets so much hate, me saying I like it as much as the other installments is probably just as crazy to some people as if I said it was my favorite in the series.

Dragon Age II was obviously one of the most rushed games of all time, and it shows in many ways. One way it doesn't show though is the writing, and that's one of the most important aspects of a story driven RPG as far as I'm concerned. The small scale, character driven story told over the course of a decade is just so different from pretty much any other fantasy game out there. The game explores so many interesting topics, and the way every character is written as deeply flawed, combined with being able to see their lives and the events of their city play out over a ten year period is fantastic. I also really love Hawke, probably my favorite Bioware protagonist.

I love that Dragon Age II, rather than being yet another "save the world from unspeakable evil" plot, is instead a game that explores complex political issues, religious indoctrination, abuse of power, the dangers of fanaticism, bigotry, the lines people will cross to combat oppression, and the personal issues and character flaws that arise in those involved in such matters.

Obviously the re-used assets and extremely limited scope of the environments that resulted from the rushed development was a bummer, but I can look past those things because so much else about the game gripped me so thoroughly.

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#27 Posted by Heroiczero13 (26 posts) -

Jumped in to spread some Dragon Age II love and it makes me so happy to see it well represented here. It certainly has issues, but I loved almost all of the characters (Varric might be favorite of the whole series) and there were some great moments in the story (both big and small). Semi-related: I remember listening to an episode of The 1099 podcast that Mike Laidlaw (former Dragon Age creative director) was on and he mentioned that they really wanted to call it Dragon Age: Exodus but the higher ups vetoed that for the marketability of numbering. After listening to that, my girlfriend and I only refer to it as such whenever we're reminiscing on the adventures of our sassy Hawke(s).

I also share the Mass Effect 1 love. The whole trilogy is amazing, but I did have that special attachment to the first one and it got me so invested in the universe.

Side note: In that same 1099 episode, I believe Laidlaw also said that one of the working titles for Inquisition was Project Nugstorm. Whether I'm remembering that correctly or not, the thought of it makes me so happy.

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#28 Posted by BaneFireLord (3571 posts) -

I love that Dragon Age II, rather than being yet another "save the world from unspeakable evil" plot, is instead a game that explores complex political issues, religious indoctrination, abuse of power, the dangers of fanaticism, bigotry, the lines people will cross to combat oppression, and the personal issues and character flaws that arise in those involved in such matters.

Same here! More RPGs need to have small scopes and not cast you as The Chosen One. I always liked that about Oblivion, too...you do technically save the world, but you're more like the Chosen One's bodyguard and mercenary than the Chosen One yourself.

I think Fallout 4 is the most interesting and atmospheric worldspace Bethesda has made since Morrowind. Since I go to Bethesda's games for the exploration and sense of place, I wound up loving the game. It's a damn shame that they decided to go Bad Mass Effect with the voiced protagonist and pared back a lot of the RPG mechanics to boot (why the fuck would you take out 95% of the skill checks???), but I still had a great time and largely prefer it to Fallout 3.

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#29 Posted by CyrusRaven (207 posts) -

I just replayed Bioshock thru the collection ( hadn't played it since it came out ), and about to start replaying 2 and I'm really curious how it holds up. I remember liking it more than most people when it came out.

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#30 Posted by CyrusRaven (207 posts) -

Also glad to see all the OG Mass Effect love its also my favorite in the series.

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@doctordonkey: DMC is the only Devil May Cry game I have any interest in revisit.

Yeah, it’s got weird emo Dante, but characterization was never that series’ strong suit anyhow.

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#32 Posted by FrostyRyan (2925 posts) -

Arkham Knight is my favorite arkham game. That batmobile is rad. FIGHT ME

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I prefer Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2, in spite of the simpler controls. ME2 still awesome, but ME1 had a bigger impact and i thought was better narratively

Right there with you.

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@banefirelord: @ll_exile_ll:

Thirded. That game had it’s issues. I remember dungeons being a bummer.

I loved the local and more human story. There’s too little of that in games. I also loved the way Hawke grew to act like you had played him or her.

There was some good betrayal work in that game, and some nice unreliable narrator bits, too. I also remember digging the way they dealt with abominations...that game was my favorite Dragon Age, in a lot of ways.

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#35 Posted by nutter (2396 posts) -

@cyrusraven: Mass Effect 2 was an amazing total package, but the first game left more of an inpression with me. It’s the ME game that’s probably the hardest to go back to, but also the one I remember the most fondly.

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I love twisted metal 3. As a kid it was one of my go to games. The coop was fun and you learn some of the cool moves like the jump, freeze, or shoot behind. Also rob zombie is alright musician.

Dan always shits on that game. :(

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Dragon Age 2 is a fine game and really impressive considering how fucked the development time was.

Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter is the black sheep of that series but actually the best around.

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Armored Core: Formula Front is one of my favourite games of all time and I never see anyone talk about it. I'd kill for another game with the same concept.

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For me it is Dark Souls 2. Granted, I am playing it in 2018 and the Scholar of the First Sin version, so I don't know what it was like at release, but I think it is a step forward on the formula in most ways. I think that consumable healing items and bonfire ascetics are a welcome addition and the enemy de-spawns can make it a better game. If I had been forced to make the run back to Lud & Zallen more than a few times, I never would have finished, but by changing tack and wiping enemies a few at a time, I was able to mete out my frustration on an achievable goal. That being said, I am now doing a "genocide" run and have mixed feelings. I am constantly learning new ways to get better as a player as fighting the same "trash" enemy 12 times teaches you techniques that you can just brute force if only doing it once. On the other hand, clearing the stage before the boss is like easy mode. You are never outside of your comfort zone if you do the levels one section at a time.

TL;DR- DS2 is great and I do not understand the hate.

@lylebot : There are people that think MGS3 is better than 2!? They are wrong.

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#40 Posted by cmblasko (2951 posts) -

I like Zelda 2 a lot and secretly wish Nintendo would make a sequel to it a la A Link Between Worlds.

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@rethla: I had a weird arc with 3 where at first, I hated the combat but the story kept me enthralled, and by the end I hated the story and was in it only for the combat (which I learned to love.) I have though about trying previous games, but haven't yet. How do you think 1 holds up?

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#42 Posted by KillEm_Dafoe (2666 posts) -

I've always liked Jak 3 over 2. 2 is generally seen as the highest point of the series, and it is absolutely a fantastic game. But 3 polishes everything up and adds a ton of variety into the mix. It is a shorter, easier game than 2, but it is ultimately a more fun experience.

I really like the later Silent Hill games that people seemed to just dogpile on. Although combat is not the series' focus, Homecoming had a fun combat system that made fighting not a pain in the ass if you managed to get good at it. The puzzles and enemy designs are also some of the strongest of the series. Interestingly, Downpour had the worst combat and enemy designs of the series, but the open world finally allowed the town of Silent Hill to be realized in the way it seemed like it was always trying to be. The side puzzles and missions you could discover were all unique and rewarding. There are also some ingenious set-pieces throughout. Both games have their share of problems but neither are without value.

And in absolutely no way would I call Max Payne 3 the "lesser" game. I don't even acknowledge people who don't like it. I adore all three MP games but MP3 is fucking incredible from beginning to end and easily the best in the series, regardless of its shift in tone from 1 and 2.

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#43 Posted by cloudymusic (2137 posts) -

The original SNES Star Fox is still my favorite.

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Think for me it's Mercenaries 2. I understand the flaws with the game and I get why people thought it was bad; especially compared to the first game. However, I would be lying if I said I didn't like the game. I remember alot of time spent fucking around in the game over and over again.

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#45 Posted by Zeik (5239 posts) -

@killem_dafoe: I've always considered Jak 2 the weakest entry and I was kinda under the impression that was the common consensus. Jak 2 was such a weird departure from Jak 1, and I remember a lot of people being pretty annoyed it went all edgy GTA clone out of nowhere. It worked better than it probably should have, but it definitely felt like it lacked a lot of polish. Jak 3 is where they took those ideas and actually got it right.

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@cmblasko said:

I like Zelda 2 a lot and secretly wish Nintendo would make a sequel to it a la A Link Between Worlds.

Was going to post this, but you beat me to it. I was mostly a Sega kid growing up, so I only played the NES Zelda games and then skipped all the way to Twilight Princess before going back to some other games in the series in recent years. I don't have the reverence for OoT or LttP like many others do, because I came to them so far after the fact. Instead, I will fight people over Zelda 2. It was different and very tough, but just as impressive as the first game. And man, that music was fantastic.

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#47 Posted by liquiddragon (3553 posts) -

A lot of letter of the law answers.

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#48 Posted by YummyTreeSap (1222 posts) -

Far Cry 2 is the most obvious example I can think of at the moment, for sure.

There was a dark period between its release and the current day where people seemed insistent on saying that Metal Gear Solid 2 was actually bad, but thankfully people seem to see with clarity these days and think it's good again, so I'm not so sure that one counts.

There's also the very generic answer I can give, which essentially boils down to "any time a director of a popular game or series doesn't direct its sequel".

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Well, according to the internet: Fallout 4, Resident Evil 5, Saints Row IV, Final Fantasy X, Need for Speed 2015, and the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise.

And thanks people for reminding me of Far Cry 2 and Jak 2. I still enjoy those as well,

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#50 Posted by KillEm_Dafoe (2666 posts) -

@zeik: Jak 2 is the highest critically rated in the franchise, and I've always heard people talk more highly of it over 3. I think the criticisms regarding it going a more "edgy" route is something that happened in retrospect years after the fact. A lot of games were doing that back then. I was also like 14 when it came out, right in that demographic, so I didn't really have another perspective, haha. It was a weird departure for sure, but it was the kind of bold decision that you would never see today. I think I was just really into it back then. I definitely think the original is weakest of the trilogy. It's a fun game but not much more than a relatively simple Mario 64 clone.