Which media property + developer/formula seems like a no-brainer/sure bet?

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I've always wanted a Dragon Ball Z character action game and it seems to me like a DBZ + Platinum title wouldn't be that risky of an endeavor.

In the current super risk averse climate, what media property + game studio collabo seems like a sure bet to you?

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FromSoftware making what they are now only making, but in a different setting.

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A sure bet? I'd say something like a Pokemon game helmed by Atlas. Not sure if that's a full on sure bet but it will get people talking.

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A Walking Dead game by Naughty Dog feels like a sure bet.

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A Halo game by Bungie

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@ez123: The Walking Dead isn’t played out yet?

There’s the comic, two shows, three and a half seasons of Telltale games, that recent Starbreeze game, and I’m sure a bunch of other stuff. I figured there’d be significant fatigue by now.

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I love Platinum but their licenced stuff has been pretty bad and I doubt they'd want to make more. Not to shit on your idea or anything. (sorry!)

There are a lot of pairings i'd want to see but I dont think any of them would be sure bets. That Fist of the North Star game should have been amazing but it was only okay.

Personally I would like to see Kojima Productions make a Ghost in the Shell game.

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Pokemon MMO

World of Starcraft or World of Diablo - another MMO from Blizzard, just not necessarily Warcraft related

Capcom vs SNK 3 is my dream fighter but I doubt it'll ever happen.

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A Marvel team based tactical turn based strategy game from Firaxis would absolutely "hit the spot" for me at the moment I think. Also would likely be a slam dunk.

Also I'd love to see Platinum given the chance with another main franchise like they did with Metal Gear Rising and give their take on a Resident Evil game that is a character action with Wesker as the lead. Wesker had the coolest neo ass abilities in RE5 and he's long past a game where he's the playable main character and not just for mercenaries.

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@boozak: Haven't play Korra or TMNT but Transformers was passable. I feel like they would put more effort into DBZ. Most of it seemed like they weren't given much of a budget on those.

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A 3D DK game made by Retro. Could give Mario Odyssey a run for its money.

A corporation-building game made by Firaxis. Go from a tiny startup in your parents' garage to an all-powerful dystopian empire.

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Insomniac + Avengers. Insomniac did a great job with Spiderman & Avengers is the most humongeous media spectacle going right now. Not my dreamproject, but it makes a whole lot of sense. Well, apart from Square making an Avengers game :P

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Rocksteady + Buffy. I'll harp on this until it happens, dammit!

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Valve + Half Life 3.

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@shagge: Hot damn that would be a great fit.

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A Bioshock style immersive sim set in the world of The Matrix. That's more of a sure bet than what I want which is a Bioshock/Dishonored style immersive sim for Dark City.

Make a Super Robot Wars game in the style of the newer Fire Emblem stuff, complete with team building and synergy bonuses. Heck do it for Shounen Jump since those 2v2 arena fighters they keep making ain't cutting it.

An Aliens Vs Predator single player game in the style of Dead Space.

Capcom vs Sega fighting game.

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Assassin's Creed set in feudal Japan.

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A classic G.I.Joe game from Pandemic....oh wait. A Supernatural game from TellTale....oh shoot. A Slam Masters reboot from THQ San Diego....oh darn.

Obviously Capcom would've had to save them in that last scenario.

For real though, give the Rayman Origins team Mario before even thinking of releasing another NSMB.

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Right now, I don't know... but a couple months ago a Game of Thrones Total War would have sold like hotcakes.