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Posted by Aegon (7311 posts) 1 year, 11 months ago

Poll: Which weekly Giant Bomb podcast do you listen to? (1075 votes)

Bombcast 4%
Beastcast 15%
Both 81%
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#1 Posted by BoccKob (471 posts) -

None of the above.

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#2 Posted by Nodima (2614 posts) -

I watch/listen to the Bombcast the morning after with my coffee and the Beastcast the morning of with my coffee.

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#3 Posted by Milkman (19291 posts) -

Just the Beastcast. I'm a few weeks behind though.

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#4 Posted by Jibanyan (148 posts) -

During the college semester, both, but I'm really only consistently listening to the Beastcast right now.

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#5 Posted by BeachThunder (15140 posts) -

*ahem* You're missing an option...

I tried to keep up with the Beastcast, but I've fallen too far behind. And the Bombcast video stream is on at four in the morning...

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#6 Edited by katpottz (511 posts) -


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#7 Posted by Welding (329 posts) -

I still try listening to the Bombcast now and again but find that I don't finish episodes. Pretty much only listen to Beastcast now.

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#8 Posted by floorswine (11 posts) -

The Beastcast for the Vinny/Bakalar banter.

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#9 Posted by glots (4333 posts) -

Both at work throughout the week. If I do have several days off, I might listen to both right away as they release.

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#10 Edited by Heycalvero (289 posts) -

I've been having a hard time getting through both lately, mostly due to time constraints. But I've been putting priority on the Beastcast.

It's pretty much the first time in like 3-4 years that I don't listen to the every Bombcast the whole way through without fail.

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#11 Edited by liquiddragon (3381 posts) -

I know they've always had life outside of GB but GBcast feels like work these days. I use to refresh my podcast app like crazy and listen to it right when it popped up but now I have like 3 in the chamber before I feel like listening to one. The Beastcast is still fun I think but find myself doing the same thing with it. I get really invested in these people and I think people coming and going has really taken a toll on me. Ben and Abby seem like good people and it's no way their fault but I just don't think I can again. I lurk the forums but I've stopped watching videos, FF12 QL being the exception. I've spent so much time on the site and I still love the guys but it seems like a really different place, almost like they've shifted their target audience.

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#12 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2064 posts) -

Bombcast 100% every week without fail for the past 8(?) Years. Beastcast when I can fit it in.

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#13 Posted by Naoiko (1676 posts) -

For a while their I was just sorta listening to the bombcast but not paying full attention as I did other stuff. Since Ben came on I've been actually paying attention =P. Also I've listened to every beastcast from episode 0. The cast (past and present) never fail in going off in fun directions...and I love it! I love when they just ramble about stuff.

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#14 Edited by JTB123 (1274 posts) -

Both, audio only for the bombcast though.

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#15 Posted by Jesus_Phish (3885 posts) -


If I had to rank them I'd pick the Beastcast over the Bombcast. I generally listen to them over the course of a few days while commuting to and from work and I've found that if I haven't finished the Bombcast by the time the Beastcast goes up, I'll end up downloading and finishing the Beastcast before returning to the Bombcast, though there's been a few times I didn't bother returning to it.

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#16 Posted by SuperSambo (3171 posts) -

Both, but the Beast would be my pick if I only had one.

Beast right now is comparable to the golden era in terms of laughs per episode for me. Bomb is still ok, but some kind of energy is really needed.

I think they have formed two different identities very deliberately though, and the hire of Abby/Ben sort of mirrors that. Abby is an improv comedian which shines through in each of her segments, while Ben is a knowledgeable mini Jeff without the criminal background, and can keep up with Jeff and Brad regarding obscure industry info which is commendable. Bomb have an encyclopedic knowledge of the industry, and occasionally whip out the goofs. Beast use the gaming chat to launch into goofs, then at the end of every segment they spend a few seconds trying to find the start of the thread.

Both have a place, but as I find myself less interested in the industry and more interested in just playing games to wind down and have fun, the Beast is my priority.

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#17 Posted by Captain_Insano (3513 posts) -

Never miss either - have listened to every Bombcast since they've begun and same with the Beastcast. I have a two hour (round trip) commute to work every day, so I work through them pretty easily.

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#18 Posted by lylebot (137 posts) -

Both, but I'm months behind. I only just started Ben Pack's debut episode.

It's OK though, since I am years behind on games.

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#19 Posted by matoya (775 posts) -

For the first time since Arrow Pointing Down-Neither.

Alex bums me out too much, and I don't like Ben's faux humour.

I've just grown out of it I think

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#20 Posted by KittenTactics (102 posts) -

Both of course, they're great for workouts

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#21 Posted by afabs515 (2005 posts) -

I try to listen to both every week, but now that I moved to a place where my commute is 5 minutes, I find myself not finishing the podcasts as much anymore.

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#22 Posted by StriderNo9 (1351 posts) -

Both. Giantbomb, GiantBeast, and The Young Turks are the only podcasts I listen to no matter what. All my other podcasts come after I'm done with those episodes.

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#23 Edited by OMGFather (1043 posts) -

I listen to both but I will skip the Bombcast occasionally.

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#24 Posted by Nux (2890 posts) -

I watch the Bombcast every week and listen to the Beastcast every week.

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#25 Posted by hans_maulwurf (641 posts) -

I listen to both. Plus to a lot of random older ones via the wonderful gbencore.com (thanks so much to whoever is doing this, and also to the people who did bombcast rewind on mixlr before that).

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#26 Edited by steevl (545 posts) -

Both. Like others here, I've been listening since before it Giant Bomb was a proper website. I do enjoy the Beastcast more these days, and that's been the case for a while now. But I still enjoy hearing what Jeff Gerstmann has to say.

Sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with them and I'll be 2+ weeks behind, but lately I've been on top of things. I'm going to be moving soon, and assuming I get a full time job I'm sure I'll be able to listen to it with more regularity. I've cut a lot of podcasts out of my life in the last 5 years: Gamers With Jobs, The Geekbox, Rebel FM, the Tested podcasts, etc. I used to drive a lot more and they were perfect for that. Once that ended, it was easy to cut out the less entertaining ones.

Now, only Giant Bomb and Retronauts remain as regular downloads.

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#27 Posted by zulululul (55 posts) -

The fuck is a podcast?

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#28 Posted by Bill_P (304 posts) -

Bombcast. I don't tend to listen to or watch GBEast content, but I think it's good that other people enjoy it.

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#29 Posted by 2Mello (65 posts) -

Only the Beastcast now; in the last few months I had to leave the Bombcast behind as I started getting into podcasts in general and not just Giant Bomb's, so that time went to other programs. I check in and would still like to hear Jeff's thoughts on weekly happenings, but it's often a longer show and that crew still hasn't quite found their groove again in the midst of personnel changes.

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#30 Posted by Puchiko (847 posts) -

I listen to both and 8-4 Play Podcast. Lately though I have to keep from falling asleep during the Bombcast. There is just no energy or production value compared to the Beastcast.

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#31 Posted by ripelivejam (13188 posts) -
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#32 Edited by 27thmounti (9 posts) -

Both. Behind a little bit too. I like both, but prefer Bombcast more because of Jeff and the more detailed discussion on games. As much as I differ in personal taste in games, his knowledge of the industry and opinion is always captivating.

As for GBEast, Dan joining has improved the podcast greatly IMO.

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#33 Edited by BaneFireLord (3568 posts) -

Both, in rotation with most of the McElroy podcast empire and Hardcore History (whenever that gets updated). These days I largely prefer the Beastcast but the Bombcast still delivers my "Jeff's Hot Takes" fix and has been the keystone of my podcast listening schedule since high school. It would be insane to stop now.

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#34 Posted by joshth (720 posts) -

Both every single week. Though I will listen to the Beastcast immediately after it's published, the bombcast I don't mind waiting a day or two before getting to it.

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#35 Posted by paulmako (1958 posts) -

Both, every week. I love it and think it's a pretty wild achievement that they've managed to make them without fail on a weekly basis for years.

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#36 Posted by Ravelle (3306 posts) -

Both and I never miss one.

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#37 Posted by Bamse (66 posts) -

Beast cast solely. What can I say? Personality matters and with two Brad's on, even Jeff has his work cut out making it sound lively.

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#38 Edited by TheCitizenKaneOfThings (142 posts) -

Listen to both, but I listen to the beastcast asap the morning it's out and the bombcast sometimes waits a few days to make room for other podcasts. I'm more positive on the current bombcast run than others, but it's pretty hard to deny that the beastcast is crushing it consistently right now.

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#39 Posted by TheWildCard (694 posts) -

Both. Which is why I'm always behind.

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#40 Posted by ArbitraryWater (15716 posts) -

I still listen to both as part of my podcast rotation. I'll say that I'm far more enthusiastic about the Beastcast than the Bombcast at this point in time.

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#41 Posted by wchigo (900 posts) -

Both, though I try to watch the Bombcast (can't do it live most of the time) in video form.

That means I carve out space to kinda do that before bed so it means I might have to watch it a chunk at a time over a few nights, but I tend to finish them the week they come out. Beastcast falls behind a bit because I used to listen to them when I work out but haven't had much time to do so, but I'm on the latest episode now.

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#42 Posted by Justin258 (15656 posts) -

Both, thanks to my 40 minute commute, but if I had to choose I would take the Beastcast. Way more enthusiasm for... well, everything including games in that one.

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#43 Posted by Roger_Klotz (841 posts) -

Listen to both. Usually listen to them during a run or workout throughout the week.

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#44 Posted by alwaysbebombing (2708 posts) -

Mostly Bombcast, but the Beastcast here and there because Jeff B is awesome

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#45 Edited by Luchalma (541 posts) -

Both, and I recognize this topic for the subtle shit-starting that it is!

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#46 Posted by Slag (8157 posts) -

I've fallen off the wagon. I've been playing games lately that aren't podcast games (stuff like Overwatch and PUBG where you need to listen, or single player games where I want to listen to the music/dialogue). Plus I dunno I've got like 10-20 hours of free time each week, I can't listen to these on my commute and I'd just rather spend my time playing games than listening to ppl talk about them. 2017 is too stacked with games yo.

I really should try to get back on, wanna hear how the dynamic is with the new people.

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#47 Posted by uhtaree (951 posts) -

The Beastcast is soft and doesn't talk about murder nearly enough. I've never been religious about the Beastcast but I gave it up yet again so I didn't have to shoehorn in both hurriedly within a weeks time in order to religiously start the Bombcast on Wednesday at the latest. I need the irreverent slacker attitude of the Bombcast in my life. Always.

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#48 Posted by dudeglove (13751 posts) -

both, especially the beastcast, but can't miss out on listening to nightmare jeff on the west coast either

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#49 Edited by Humanity (18797 posts) -

@undefined: I run three times a week so both, but I'm not sayin' which I actually enjoy more.

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#50 Edited by Aegon (7311 posts) -

@luchalma said:

Both, and I recognize this topic for the subtle shit-starting that it is!

Well, at least it's subtle.

(I've turned Beastcast only recently. Bombcast makes me sleepy.)