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Hey duders, 
I recently bought a Roku Digital Video Player,  and really wanted to watch Giant Bomb videos on it.  Roku offers an SDK, and Whiskey offers an API, so it seemed like a match made in heaven.  I've been developing this for a couple weeks, and I'm just about done with the initial release candidate.  More features will come after 1.0 is released, but here's what I have so far.
Coming Soon, but after version 1.0:
 - Search for videos 
 - Listen to Podcasts 
Planned, but not currently supported by the Whiskey API 
 - Tested / Screened / Anime Vice 
 - Filter videos into categories (Quick Looks, Endurance Runs, etc) 
 - HD Videos 
I''m still polishing things up, but this should be available as a free download on the Roku Channel Store soon.  
Any other Roku owners here? 
Edit: NOW AVAILABLE in the Roku Channel Store!
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my roku broke:(

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My launch Roku awaits the content. 

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If I new this what a Roku DVP was, I'd be very interested :P 
Good work anyway man

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Nice work!            :)

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This is awesome, I own a Roku XR, this is actually my second Roku cause my last one died just a month ago. I had the roku for a while, maybe two years? if it's been out that long then that sounds about right.  
I really like this idea, I have a daughter that's just under two years old and when I'm not working most of my time I'm hanging out with her, it's nice to be able to hang out with her and play in the living room and watch some of the giant bomb videos at the same time on my Roku. can't wait till this is public, if you have a private channel available then let me know cause I'd love to check it out. 
oh yea, does the channel do 720p?

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Nice work. I suggested a Plex plugin, but for some reason it never occurred to me to make one myself. I should investigate that possibility. Stoked to see this for the Roku as I use that for the bedroom.

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The Whiskey Media channel for the Roku DVP is NOW AVAILABLE to download! 
You can either get it by navigating to the Channel Store on your Roku and checking under the "What's New" section, or by following this link:  https://owner.roku.com/Account/ChannelCode/?code=WhiskeyMedia 
See the OP for forthcoming updates.

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Another reason why the Giantbomb (Whiskey Media) community is the best! Thanks EvilMax!!!

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Dude this is excellent.  I have a roku and will try it out.   
But actually I use Boxee.tv  way more than my old roku.  Would love to see a GB App boxee.

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This is fantastic.  Great use of the api!

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Is this going to be updated for Members Only content?

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Yeah, I'm really curious when this is going to be updated. I would love to be able to even search or log in so I can see premium content.

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Yeah, it would be nice to be able to watch premium content on the Roku channel. Thank you SO much for making this, it is awesome to to be able to watch Giantbomb on my TV.

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Really big update coming (hopefully) soon. 
Stay tuned!

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@evilmax17: How soon?! :)  My roku will be here tomorrow.
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@SkullcrusherMountain said:

" @evilmax17: How soon?! :)  My roku will be here tomorrow. "

Wish I knew!  :D

I'm done with everything on my end, but Top Men need to change a few things with their Video RSS feeds before I can release it to the general public.

Until then, paid members can install the private beta version here:
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@evilmax17: Brilliance.  I just got the Amazon shipment notice :)
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Just a question to anyone else who watches TNT and the Happy Hour on a Roku.  When watching TNT every week, I can stream HD on the Roku, or at least 4 dots quality, but with the Happy Hour can always only get a quality of 1.  I don't know if Whiskey Media has the channels set up differently, or it has to do with them broadcasting across all of their sites versus just GB as with TNT.  I was wondering if anyone else has this same issue?  It has lead me to watching the Happy Hour on a laptop connected to my computer and TNT on the roku, but it's a bit of a pain.