Who would you like to see return in King of Fighters XV?

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Announced at EVO, King of Fighters XV will be out in the foreseeable future. Assuming that they will start with 16 teams of 3 and 2 boss characters which would you like to see gone and who would you have return to the series?

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I would remove the following teams: Mexico, Another World, Villains, South America and DLC characters Oswald & Najd.

My new/returning characters would be:

Nest: Krizalid, Angel, Nameless

Anti-Kyokugenryu Team: Eiji Kisaragi, John Crawley, Mr. Big

Garou: Kain R. Heinlein, Grant, Rock Howard

New Teem: 3 all New Characters

As I added Rock Howard (formly DLC ch) I would pick the 3 following as new DLC: Wolfgang Krauser (FF), Rugal & Adelheid Bernstein.

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I really like King. SUPRISE ROSE!

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Kuja/Leona/King were my team in KOF XIII, so I want them in XV.

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@relkin: they were my favorite team too

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Khushnood Butt, Heavy D!, and Rugal Bernstein.

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Fingers crossed that they include Terry!!!