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#101 Posted by redcream (838 posts) -

Kratos and Ashley. Just kidding, for me it's Agro.

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#102 Edited by TobbRobb (6261 posts) -

You are asking for something that is set faaaar too long ago. So I'm just gonna advertise my main bro instead.

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#103 Posted by PenguinDust (13023 posts) -

It's hard to say since I'm not really sure how I'd define "care about". I mean, first and foremost would be an self-created character I've made in an RPG such as The Elder Scrolls or Warcraft. I'm one of those people who spends a lot of time in the character creator so I become really invested in my own creations. Even "Cinnamon" Shepard would count, but I think the spirit of the thread is about developer created and controlled characters. The earliest one I can recall that I didn't just think of as cool is Mission Vao, the blue teenage twi'lek from Knights of the Old Republic. I thought she was funny and spunky, but with a troubled past that added to her character. She followed the scoundrel archetype and not unlike that Solo guy, she was distrusting and a bit of a cynic, however she was also loyal to her friends. I think she was looking for something or someone to believe in, and so when my Revan came along, she provided some hope for the young girl. It was fun to see her grow from the earlier part of the game through to the end. And it the dark side near-ending is still something that haunts me. That's was the first time I can recall a game affecting my feelings.

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#104 Posted by Svenzon (946 posts) -

Guybrush Threepwood and Elaine Marley. I also cared for my wingmen in Wing Commander and would get sad when they died. Seeing those funeral scenes tore me up.

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#105 Posted by rynbeed (148 posts) -

Imoen from Baldur's Gate. Second, Kaiden from Mass Effect.

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#106 Posted by DivineShadow777 (108 posts) -

The First guy(s) i ever really cared about were probably the green haired guy (i think) and the black guy from crazy taxi. I just loved their attitudes towards those ass customers!

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#107 Posted by tescovee (389 posts) -

I don't know my first: but Trip and Monkey from Enslaved. They were written well enough, and there facial animations allowed me to empathize with them. I also remember Jade from Beyond Good & Evil being really fleshed out too.

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#108 Posted by Anund (1258 posts) -

Aeris, without question.

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#109 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (6782 posts) -

Pitfall Harry, mostly because he was the first character worth caring about in video games.

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#110 Posted by vault13dweller (7 posts) -
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Dr. Liara T'soni from the Mass Effect series.

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#111 Posted by mrbubbles (1217 posts) -

either garret from thief, solid snake, or kyle katarn. i also cared for the shepard i created also a few other characters from mass effect like tali, thane, and legion (who along with thane are complete badasses) which is why i was pissed sheperd died at the end of mass effect 3 but they weren't the first characters i cared about..

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#112 Posted by morkaithewolf (202 posts) -

I'd have to say Shaun and Ethan Mars from Heavy Rain. While the game took awhile to ramp up for me (I had to explore EVERYTHING), I found myself legitametly rooting for the father and hoping he would ensure the safety of his son. One of only a handful of games that made me root for them and jump for joy when I succeeded.

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#113 Posted by HisDudeness (262 posts) -

That would be Naked Snake.