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I'm not here advertising or anything, but I think most people are familiar with the old stuff they did and a few months ago I was surprised to see that the EP youtube channel is regularly putting out quality videos, but they only get a couple thousand views and I never hear anyone talk about'em. Am I out of the loop about some reason why people shy away from that channel or is it just because of the huge amount of competition in the space?

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I didn't realise they were making anything new, and my schedule is already jammed with reviewers and personalities I follow regularly. They're late and they haven't advertised well, basically.

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Honestly, ask anyone under 20 what Electric Playground is and they'll have no idea. I remember watching Reviews on the Run every week as a teen, but there was a time when they were relegated to late night G4TV in between reruns of Cops.

Also, sometimes youtube algorithms just screw over Canadian channels. From what I gather, channel advertisements will be weighted in favor of that channel's country of origin. And since Vic is in Vancouver, larger markets like the US have a lower chance of seeing him pop up on recommended videos.

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I'm always meaning to watch more of their stuff (grew up on EP) but I always just forget about it. That's all there is to it for me. Maybe that's a knock on whatever content they do put up though. I think the last thing I saw there was Vic checking out The Room, which entertained me just fine.

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The first thing that popped into my head about why it doesn't get more views is basically this

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I dont think it ever took off outside of canada? I remember it from the small time it was on g4 in the states and enjoyed it for the most part. I kinda lost respect for their reviews when they gave one of tommys games like an 8 or 9 then it launched so broken it didnt even work for anybody. I just remember it had like a million dollar prize sweepstake that got cancelled cause the game barely ran lol. Besides that i liked the format they had of just hanging out in random places around the world.

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Seems like its pretty popular in Canada but no where else? That might be why it doesn't get as many views?

I remember really enjoying watching Electric Playground when I was young as it was really my first exposure to seeing all these interviews with game developers about their games and what they had planned for their games for release. Then there was Judgment Day (I assume the American name for Reviews on the Run) where Victor Lucas and Tommy Tallarico had a bunch of fun reviews of games and soon I preferred their show over X Play at one point. They even had a versus segment where they pit two somewhat similar games against each other and declare which is better between graphics, audio and gameplay. Although that segment always seemed to chorograph who won because they'd show a graphic of the two games and the result was always the winning game being on the left side of the graphic or it ended up being a tie. Man I need to watch more Electric Playground to see how that show is now a days.

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I had the same reaction. Someone posted that video with Jeff last week and I watched some of their older stuff. Then saw they're still active but with only a couple thousand views. I thought it would be way bigger than that.

But hey, maybe it's a Canada thing.

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I agree that it's most likely a "Canadian thing", as someone who lives in the US' Pacific Northwest and never heard of Electric Playground. ;)

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Some things have a time, a place, and a staff that just bind the right way. Even if you can trace back a link between one iteration of a thing and another, once you change teh ingredients, it becomes not the same. At this point I would solly judge EP on who is working there now and they would have once chance to capture my attention.

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I had no idea they were still making content in any capacity

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I've never even heard of it.

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This is stuff i would be somewhat interested in, very interested to see a game tape of, but would never go out of my way to search for on youtube.

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I thought the show was over but I guess I haven't had cable for a couple of years now. I'll subscribe to them on youtube.

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"...but I think most people are familiar with the old stuff they did..."

Nope. Most people don't even know what the fuck Electric Playground is. I only know about it because of that one UPF where the guys watched an episode of it.

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Maybe if they brought back Julie Stoffer they'd get more views!

I like the idea of it, I guess, although I think it's time has long since passed. It was even kind of super lame in it's prime. I follow Vic on Twitter and he seems like the nicest dude on the planet though, so hopefully it's at least working out for him.

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I have nothing but love for Victor Lucas. I'm from Vancouver too and watched his shows for years. Up to the last days when I regularly watched broadcast TV. I guess by then I had my online sources for games covered and never considered looking up EP on youtube. Always considered him a TV guy, but now that you mention it, I think I will check out this channel.

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I didn't even know EP was still around.

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They took a long, long hiatus. I was following them daily a few years ago until everything just stopped one day. Then Vic suddenly started posting Youtube videos and I wasn't sure if it was just him or a team project or something.

Recently, EP was stacked with people. Marissa and Jose, among others. Then they had trouble getting a new Canadian TV deal, nothing was going on, and that whole staff moved on. And I guess most of the viewership moved on, as well.

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I've never heard of Electric Playground but it seem like an unnecessary channel short 5 minute videos are a not a good way to deliver gaming news, reddit and forums are far quicker and easier.