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So I've been playing a lot of Hyrule Warriors Legends on 3DS. I bought the cartridge the day it came out, and it's my 2nd most played 3DS game (behind Monster Hunter Generations, but that's another topic for another time). I never got a Wii U, so I never got the chance to play the original version of this game.

A little bit of history about myself, I've always found the Musou series games visually entertaining but they lacked that certain "flair", that hook that would get me to spend a lot of time with them. I had fun with Mystic Heroes, a Gamecube Musou ripoff, but that was only for the few minutes I played the game at a friend's house in high school. When I played that, it sparked my imagination, even then, about how ~~AWESOME~~ it'd be if Link or Sheik or Zelda or Darunia from Ocarina of Time could be there, in place of the characters in Mystic Heroes. Link could use his fire magic, his Light arrows, or maybe ride Epona. Darunia could roll around, or maybe he could listen to music, dance, and rampage around the battlefield, knocking over tons of enemies like in Mystic Heroes.

Little did I know, that 13 years later, the game that I had discussed with my friends at the lunch table in high school (Yeah, I was that nerd, we played Pokemon and talked about video games and listened to what *that guy* had to say about how to get Celebi in Pokemon Gold) would actually be released, and be a real thing. In Hyrule Warriors, Link can ride Epona, he can use a fire rod, he can use fire magic; Sheik can do crazy acrobatic backflips and crazy ninja shit, Darunia can roll around and smash people with a giant hammer, and even Zelda joins the fray- alongside like thirty more Zelda characters.

When I play Hyrule Warriors, I'm warped back to a certain place in time; where my friends and I discuss the "What if" scenarios, like "What if Link had THIS weapon....". It evokes a level of childlike glee in me, something that's so rarely done now that i'm a thirty-something jaded gamer that's "SEEN IT ALL". I'm not worried about the fact I'm literally mashing out a combo that consists of one, maybe two buttons. I'm referring to the notes I kept, that say if Link uses the Master Sword that it HAS to be the strongest weapon in the game because it's such a legendary sword. I'm not thinking about how the game has a ton of missions that roughly amount to "Capture this keep, and then go capture this one"; I'm arguing with my friend that Tingle can't be a character because he's such a wuss- I mean come on, a blowgun and a balloon couldn't possibly be a weapon that could compete with the Master Sword.

Don't get me wrong. Hyrule Warriors is a flawed game in a lot of ways. Anyone can see that. But the addicting gameplay and the lunch table nostalgia propel it to something near legendary status. It's a cartridge I won't be removing anytime soon- besides, my highest level character is level 60. I've got 195 levels to go, and like 120 more weapons to unlock.

It does make me think a lot, though; if anyone else is currently having lunch table discussions about something similar to this. Are freshmen in high school still arguing about what video game characters are the best? Are they arguing about which ones would win in a fight? Has someone else accidentally predicted a game that's going to be a reality 15 years later?

There's also the next lingering question; too. Where is Nintendo going to go from this? Fire Emblem Warriors is coming out later this year, on Switch and New 3DS (Which means I'll need to upgrade my handheld, one way or the other); but the WHAT IF scenario still hangs in the back of my mind, sparking something similar to those old discussions in high school. What if Nintendo decided to go all out and hire Omega Force to make a Nintendo Warriors- or better yet, a crossover with Masahiro Sakurai and make Smash Warriors? What if there was a Musou game that was similar to Smash Run from Smash 4? What if you could take Ness and have him use PK Fire into a group of like 50 Goombas? What if Samus charged a Wave Beam and fired it into a pack of Bulborbs from Pikmin? What if Captain Falcon used his Musou mode attack and drove the Blue Falcon through an assault force of Hammer Bros? What if Ganondorf, Bowser, and Charizard all used their flame attacks at the same time against the Ice Climbers?

There's just so many possibilities. And while the game itself isn't the best in the world, it's just pure, unadulterated, farm-fresh fun. It's that kind of fun that the game industry desperately needs- throw a bunch of awesome, fun things into a game just because you can, just so you can see what happens. The irony of that statement, though, is that the new Zelda game is almost exactly that.

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This was a good read, it got me to create an account just to say that lol. I love Hyrule Warriors. It's my favorite Zelda game mostly for the reasons you mentioned...it's an actio game that plays out how I imagined they did as a kid. The what-ifs are answered and are amazing.

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@jaxbriggs: I'm kind of touched that you made an account just for me!

I had just been playing tons of Hyrule Warriors, and needed to vent out why I thought it was so good. I'm glad you thought it was a decent read lol

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After I played Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate I kinda ended up hating Hyrule Warriors. Well, hate is a strong word. It's a good Musou game and a fun nostalgia trip, but it feels so...stale. Like a game full of missed opportunities.

Let me give you an example (I'm probably going to get some details wrong, but bear with me): In WO3U, after you recruit Ayane, you start to hear rumors of some shit going down in another part of the country. Ayane seems particularly intrigued by this and partners with Diaochan and some dude from Zill O'll. Upon further investigation, turns out that the reason behind this disturbance was Kasumi. Upon meeting up with her, on a stage from DOA that's been transported thru time to a mountainside in China (or maybe Japan, I don't remember) btw, Ayane and she have a friendly back and forth while other characters throw in a comment or two as well.

Another example, and one of my more favorites, is when you meet up with Rachel. Not only are characters from across both Dynasty and Samurai Warriors taken aback by her skill at slaying demons, some of them even comment on the sheer ridiculousness of her outfit. I think one or two characters even try to hit on her. The game has it's serious moments, but it never stops forgetting to have fun with the absurdity of the situation of characters being transported from different dimensions.

Hyrule Warriors doesn't have many of these moments. Not only do characters from different Zelda entries hardly cross over with each other save for a handful of missions, they don't even directly interact. Aside from Fi and I think maybe Zelda, none of them even acknowledge Link's existence. Hell, I can't even remember characters acknowledging each other if they weren't from the same game already. I can't recall a moment where Midna is surprised to see him again (or rather commenting on the fact that he's around yet she still has the wolf from Twilight Princess). There's no Toon Link meeting up with regular Link. Why isn't there a scene with Darunia trying to get everyone to dance? Why is no one freaked the fuck about Fi? It's like the writers were told not to have any fun with the story because it's so annoyingly serious 99% of the time.

Part of the appeal for me in crossover games like this is seeing how these characters would interact. I mean, if you're going to make a story that sounds like dumb fanfiction, then go all the way. In WO3U, in between missions, characters are all standing around mingling with characters from other franchises and depending on who you have in your main party, you'll have different conversations or different characters entirely who you can talk to. It's awesome!

That is the type of stuff I look forward to. Sure the gameplay in Hyrule Warriors is fun, but why even make a crossover in the first place if not that much actually crosses over? It just seems like a waste. Hell, even in Marvel vs Capcom 3, characters will call out to each other as they tag in and out. The intro and credits to those games are packed full of crossovers too even if it's "just" a still image. It's throwaway and cheesy, but at least it's something!

I know someone is probably turning their nose up as their reading this, but whatever. I appreciate that kinda fanservice tremendously. Again, I think it's totally rad that HW has all the weapons and enemies from across the series, but again, I just wished the game had gone further. As it is now, it's just a sorta okay crossover in a sea of games that stand head and shoulders above it imo.

Here's hoping Fire Emblem Warriors does it better.

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@babychoochoo: Oh man, that sounds awesome! See, I haven't played much of the other Musou games, aside from a few hours of Samurai Warriors- I could just never get into them, they never clicked with me because they weren't characters I related with. I tried the Gundam ones, I tried Dynasty and Samurai, but they didn't click. It took that level of nostalgia and familiarity with the characters for me to actually get absorbed into the game, but now that you point that out, I can't help but to imagine a conversation between Wolf Link and Epona, done sort of like that Roach DLC from Witcher 3.

Maybe there's hope for a Hyrule Warriors 2 where they aren't so afraid to have fun with the characters and story. I'd love to see a Young Link / Link battle that's sort of like Sonic Generations, lol.

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Wow, thanks for reminding me about Mystic Heroes! Looking back, I'm almost certain that game was terrible, but I absolutely loved it in junior high. Now I have a troubling desire to dig out my copy.

Anyway, I'm a big Hyrule Warriors fan too (Wii U version for me). Fanservice might be considered low-hanging fruit, but whatever, the game's awesome! Going in, I felt like I was putting my $60 on the line based on the common criticisms I'd always heard about the mainline Warriors series, but I ended up buying the season pass within a week.

The main campaign was okay. I honestly don't remember much about it other than kind of liking two of the newcomers: Cia and that poe guy whose name I forget. Probably the best part of that campaign was listening to all of the stage music. Their remixes of classic Zelda songs fit the game so perfectly and sound absolutely rad. And I still have Silent Guardians on my playlist, which I believe is one of their original songs.

Gameplay-wise, I was much more into the adventure maps. As if throwing all those characters together into one game and making them all playable wasn't enough, they also crammed them into a meta-game that took place on the original Legend of Zelda map. That was a great move. I spent a ridiculously long time getting 100% on that base map. And holy crap, that game got hard. Especially the first DLC map, which I hardly ever got anywhere in.

My biggest criticism of the game (besides how lame Ruto felt to play) and what ultimately led to me putting the game down was how each level was ranked by damage taken; in the harder missions, getting hit even once would immediately bring you down to a C rank. Lengthy runs went down the drain in an instant thanks to some stray grunt who swung at just the right time as I was sprinting by. Aside from that, I also felt like it was way too grindy; at some point Master Sword Link ended up my only decently-leveled character and the effort it took to level someone else was just too much.

But yeah, what a fun game! It even encouraged me to try a mainline game. Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires or something? I didn't like it; I'm guessing a lot of my love for this game is thanks to the fanservice. Speaking of which, I'm now looking at Fire Emblem Warriors with great anticipation.

Anyway, to actually post something on topic: I think the Warriors series has put itself in a great position to answer every fanboy's dreams. Austin mentioned it during that weird anime Warriors game (Arslan or something?): There's a Warriors game for everyone; they just need to get around to making it. I really hope we see this trend in licensed Warriors games pick up in steam.

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@jurck: Damage really is a problem, but only when it comes to completionist runs, most of the time. If you want A rankings on every single mission, then yeah the ones against the Imprisoned make me want to punch a wall; thankfully I haven't seen him on any missions where I'm required to get an A rank to proceed. The rest of the bosses, you can just hold the guard button and block every bit of that damage. You're right that it is a problem, though.

I love all the adventure maps. I bought the season pass for the game and I have so much content that I have no idea what i'm going to do with it all. I'm only just now starting the Great Sea map, and I've got 6 more adventure maps past that to complete. Linkle is my hero, though. Those crossbows and all of her combos are just super great.

I did try the One Piece Pirate Warriors that came out of the Humble Monthly for February, and I really enjoyed it! It plays well, though the combo system is (at the point of the game I'm at) nowhere near as robust as Hyrule Warriors. I think Luffy has three combos out of the gate, and I'm not seeing any way to give him more of them. That said, you're right, Fire Emblem Warriors has the potential to be amazing, even though I'll need to upgrade my 3DS to play it.

There really is a Musou game for everyone, and it seems like there's a consistent level of polish and quality to all of them. You wouldn't expect games that have 1-2 releases a year to be this polished and have this much content. I guess KT gets a lot of money from the DLC too, though, so that's probably giving them the drive to make a ton of quality content.

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