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Hi guys.

I'm 35 years old, i live in Portugal, a country slowly and steadly decaying into political unrest, big unemployement numbers and a joke to all european union. I'm without a job for 2 months now and my last paycheck was 234 euros. This should be enough reasons to be uterly depressed and without hope but in this times we hang on to the good things we have in life. A mother, a girlfriend, family, friends and the games (the best ones) we all in this site love so much. But some years ago i found another thing to hold on to. Some guys i found in a gaming site called Gamespot. They made me laugh, think and respect the videogame industry and i noticed that they were people like me that really enjoyed to talk about videogames instead of trolling people around. You know whom i'm talking about. Years passed and they founded Giantbomb.

Now, i'm not the most active guy in the site maybe because my english sucks and i couldn't express my thoughs the way i wanted, but i keep coming back just to enjoy the good karma this guys have to offer. Girlfriends came and go but they were here. My father died but still they were here. I lost my job and they still remain here. Maybe is because of this link we created with this guys at GB that we felt so much a death of a person that most of us never met, but the fact is they are here whenever anything disapear from our lives. And that happened again. But this time one of the "eternal" supports that was always here when something bad happened is gone too.

The loss of a person that give us attention, love and care is never easy to bare. It was his work that gave him the oppurtunity to give us that but we never looked at him that way. He was himself. Period. And it is what i think of all GiantBomb crew. And that is why his loss becomes our strengh, there strengh, and i believe that this comunity, this site, will always evolve to somenthing better when there are people like Ryan doing this. They are all like him in their particular way and thats whats makes this work. I don't even fucking care that i have to skip a dinner, a night out with friends and girlfriend or a 50 euros game, but i will give them the premium subscription not because they need but because like me, they care. And there are fewer and fewer things in life this days that care about people...

I hope you guys take my anual subscription money and spend it on drinks remembering the ones we love the most.

Thanks for all this years and i hope years to come. Love you guys.

Sorry for any bad english :P

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Your English is fine, duder! Very beautiful words.

I hope you're able to land back on your feet soon!

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It is a testament of how great of man he was that so many people, that have never seen him are deeply touched by his demise. I sincerly hope he knew how much people loved him...

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Beautiful, man. Well said.

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Well said, I too will also support them they truly do care about the content they create, and the people that support that content.

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@jotap: Nothing but hugs and love in here duder. Good words. Now that you're premium go back and watch the mountain of premium content.

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When I get home I'm going to get a subscription. Long time lurker and long time listener of the Bombcast. I should have done it before, but now I feel more than ever that I need to show support!

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I upgraded my account yesterday. It was the best way I could think of to show Giant Bomb my support.

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Well said sir!

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Thanks guys. Lets keep working for this community to continue to be an example to the game industry.

Love for you all GiantBomb.

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OK guys... Subscription renewd. And the nicest thing and i wasn't expecting is the crew from GB congratulating for the thing. And in the end your hear Ryan's laugh. Epic, marvelous and peacefull.

Time to move on.

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Renewed yesterday. Success of the site is the best way to honor Ryan's work

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Oh duder! I forgot about that video. I hope that wasn't too rough, but I'm glad you got to see it. Thanks for supporting this loyal community.