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Okay i know this might turn into a pissing contest but people should be worried about the limitations of the XO.

1. Let me make it clear this is not a hate thread or ps4 > XO thread its simply a list of my concerns for this console.

2. I get the point that most console players don't care too much about graphics because if we did we wouldn't wait 8 years for another console we would simply just upgrade our pc but still when you buy something you expect it to be the best of the best and it really sucks when you're going to put down half a grand for a console that at launch is weaker.(Maybe the whole cloud computing can give it extra strength)

3. The big concern of mine is that developers will have a hard time developing with the limited power of XO and we will stop getting new IP because the game asks for more than a console can deliver. This is honestly my only concern with XO, I mean they are able to get 1080p on some games so it does have the hardware for it, its just more complex to develop for.

4. I know ill probably get some hate but i am interested in the kinect. Not motion gaming but the kinect seems like a cool thing if it works the way its supposed to. I would then no longer need a controller to watch tv and scrolling through channels would be improved drastically but if it doesn't do what they are promising then i will have a major problem.

thanks for reading and please tell me your opinion and concerns for any of the consoles. (Don't make it a fan war please)

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There's no point in getting angry over a piece of hardware that you aren't forced to buy... is my feeling.

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Go away please.

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No one "should" be angry about anything if nobody's forcing it onto them. If you feel like this device a major corporation's trying to sell you for quite a bit of money is not worth it, then you should not buy it. That is the end of that story.

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people should be mad at microsoft period.. they are in a similar position that nintendo has been in, but much darker.. nintendo is like disney and microsoft is like the oil industry or the badguys from the matrix trilogy (all of them)

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If we stop getting new IP's it's because people are buying new IP's not because of X:One. MS would have helped new IP's/games sell more with their DRM policies but that is no longer happening. Now people can still trade in games and keep buying used games, games will still only sell the amount they did this gen, actually even less since the install base is much less, so game publishers won't take risks.

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Microsoft can make any console they want. That's like getting mad at Honda because a Civic doesn't have 4 wheel drive. It's their product not yours.

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Someone telling me to not buy the Xbox One.

Haven't seen this before!

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I think the thing i was trying to say got lost i am going to get an XO I'm not saying that I'm angry at it or that microsoft is evil all I'm saying is that new generations hardware always promises new and better ips because of the consoles new power but now both consoles don't seem to have power to make ground breaking games like before that is the worry i was talking about. I'm not mad at microsoft or love sony, i love games and i just want to see machines being powerful to make new groundbreaking IPs. i get that the title of "mad" was misleading when I'm just simply worried we won't get groundbreaking games. This is both consoles fault its not like sony has the best hardware either.

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@jeanespinosa21: You are just wasting your time. Any discussion about why one thing is better or worse than another is labeled as flame war bait and you get the above comments. Just bow out now. It's not going to get any better.

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I'm really worried about people misusing a numbered point format

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TC: Listen. Both consoles have about ten times more memory and much better processors and gpus than the current gen. BOTH consoles are quite capable of really pushing developers to make games that attempt to take advantage of all the new power and capability, particularly with the One because of the help the cloud affords games(imo). Get one of the new consoles and enjoy. Give game developers a year or two and things are gonna get crazy.

PCs will pass up consoles soon enough sure, but still this new gen is a real big step up in terms of console capability.

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I'm really worried about people misusing a numbered point format

1. I agree

b) See option III

III) Parp

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I'm really worried about people misusing a numbered point format

  • What if the points are not numbered?
  • I think it would be fine.
  • I'm hungry.
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Still getting an Xbox One before I get a PS4 which will most likely happen after I buy a new video card next year...
These are launch title games which historically suck but they look pretty damn good for what it is.
Look at Ryse, the Giant Bomb crew has even said, "this looks the most next gen out of all current next gane games." (Even though it might play like a Roman Batman.)
Considering devs can always squeeze more bang for their buck out of console hardware I'm not worried about it.
For the most part all 3rd party games are going to practically look the same, which isn't really the reason to buy a console for me.
These consoles aren't going anywhere in the near future, buy which one that excites you the most and enjoy.
None of the BS that has been going around the internet will even been seen by like 80% (a random guess) of the target audience.

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I'm just going to go ahead and lock this. The title of this thread is misleading, and these sorts of posts typically will spiral out of control given time.