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So maybe I'm going loco but I'm pretty sure I saw Drew Scanlon himself, aka. the meme king, do a stream on Giant bomb last night. Now I can't find it anywhere :(

Will this be uploaded to the site or is there somewhere else I can find it?

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He streamed with Vinny and Alexis as a precursor to his latest charity bike ride. It wasn't actually technically a GB thing, I presume they just hosted it for him.

The archive is here:

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This seems to be a common misconception that because there's a guest stream embedded in giantbomb.com/chat that it's Giant Bomb itself doing the streaming. That is not the case and it's no more Giant Bomb's property to upload to their site than any E3 or PAX stream that's been in the chat is.

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We've had chat up for stuff like EVO in the past, but that doesn't mean it's GB's to upload. It's a Cloth Map thing.

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@y2ken: Thanks for the answer. Also thank you for not being slightly dickish with your reply unlike certain others.

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Bike 3 when?

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Biking White Guy. Now that brings a smile to my face.