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I'm just wondering, but will the quick-look of the Vita from yesterday be uploaded today? I missed it yesterday :(

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#2 Posted by m1k3ines (1505 posts) -

Its archived on their justin.tv page if you cant wait.

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#3 Posted by web966 (86 posts) -

I hope so, I missed it as well.

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Crossing my fingers, not much happening on the site so far today ^^

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#5 Posted by AndrewB (7815 posts) -

I feel asleep for the last... however many damn hours that thing must have gone on for. I'd rather wait to see HD, non-jerky video straight from the video compressor.

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I kinda want a vita for Ninja Gaiden and pretty much only Ninja Gaiden... even though I've already beaten and own every Ninja Gaiden game around. =\

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It was a 5 hour long stream, so the videos will hopefully start going up in the evening. I also fell asleep for the last 2 hours of the stream, I was looking forward to the Uncharted QL.

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5 hours? Nice, Im very much looking forward to this =)