Wine and Dine with Duders! The Epcot International Food And Wine Festival 2019 Thread!

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Hey all! This is probably the most short notice anyone could ever be (captain procrastination strikes again), but I will be at Disney’s Food And Wine in Epcot this Thursday and I am seeing if anyone will be in the area attending or not! Even if not, I wholly plan on documenting my “worldly” dining experience in a blog or two on the site! Perhaps if we have a few people in the area interested in dividing and conquering this festival, we can make a community effort out of it! In light of all the Giant Foodcast talk, this would be a good chance to really delve into our love of food of all kinds!

So who’s interested? Who lives in the area and wants to take on this beast with us? Anyone going to be in Disney already? Let’s talk about the festival in general! Who is going to the festival and who’s already gone! Let’s talk about our favorite dishes this year!

Walt Disney World’s Epcot International Food and Wine Festival 2019 is the 24th annual inception of the event and runs from August 29th to November 23rd, making it the longest festival yet. At 34 kiosks this year (two of which open on October 1st), there is no shortage of food and drink to indulge in. There are also talks, classes, and the return of every buttrocker from every corner of this known universe in what will forever be known as the Eat To The Beat Concert series. The festival kiosks open every day at 11am when the park‘s World Showcase opens while some kiosks in Future World will start serving at 9am.

So who’s gonna roll us back onto our plane? Who plans to get all food coma-ey?