Wolfenstein: Youngblood - Physical Version on Switch Question

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I purchased the physical version of Youngblood for the Switch and the download card has another code for something called control but they've printed text that says "do not use" next to it. Does anyone know what this is about?

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It's the equivalent of a golden Willy Wonka ticket, try it out and let us know what happens.

(don't actually try it, someone might have slipped it in).

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It's not a separate insert it's literally below the box for the code for Youngblood. As far as I can tell Control isn't a switch game so i'm just confused and I've heard nothing back from Bethesda.

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I know Control and Wolfenstein are bundled together with Nvidia cards now so it's possible that these cards were printed up for that promo and simply won't work on Switch?

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