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#101 Edited by citan359 (43 posts) -

Searched for Wind Waker and didn't see it posted. The slider puzzles are the worst thing ever in one of the best games ever. The contrast is undeniable.

Also its doubly bad because its not like it was a mechanic that just didn't pan out, it is a known terrible thing just sorta shoved into a section of the game.

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#102 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2927 posts) -

All of Metal Gear Solid.

What the fuck is this shit.

I don't know if you'd really call it a mini game, but the section in Bayonetta where you control the missile flying across the lake. Huge blemish on an otherwise great game.

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#103 Posted by Seeric (332 posts) -

Well, the "Tug O'War" minigame in Mario Party led to me physically damaging the palm of my hand with the N64 analog stick as a kid, so I'm going to go with that one.

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#104 Posted by TheChris (412 posts) -

@bigboss1911: It's an homage to an old Sega Arcade called Fantasy Zone. Thought it was fun myself if nothing else because of the whole cheeky parody of it.

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#105 Edited by Nodima (2552 posts) -

Seeing the Kingdom Hearts Gummi Ship not occupying every single one of these posts is a sin.

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#106 Posted by Gerorne (47 posts) -

I LOVE blitzball. I never even trade out players. I like to the OG team. I just grind experience in the beginning by passing the ball to every player as much as possible. As long as you get the Jecht Shot from the flashback by successfullly pulling it off, the Jecht Shot is a broken. As you level up, Tidus and the other "forward" are some of the fastest players in the game and you can swim circles around everyone. Score a point, grind some experience, win. As you level you start getting all kinds of moves like auto-dodging, super catching, poison, and all kinds of effects. It's stats are clear as day, move descriptions also pretty obvious, experience and levels are easy to see... it's great.

On the other hand I tried replaying FFIX on my vita... and I was trying to earn some cards for Tetra master doing the jump rope game in the beginning. And then I looked it up at how many successes I have to do in a row, as the jump roping gets faster and faster... and it's all bullshit. At least with the lightning dodging in FFX you can take breaks from the lightning strikes by staying close to the lightning rod towers so you can stretch and rest your eyes. The jump roping is impossible as far as I'm concerned.

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#108 Edited by MyNiceIceLife (715 posts) -

Usually any timed puzzle mini-game. Now here is where things go bad. Blitzball was my favorite part of FFX when I first played it. Hated it at first but grew to love it. Actually quit playing FFX when I couldn't play it anymore (I think it was that and the airship boss fight).

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#109 Edited by DirtyBirdy (89 posts) -

Press F to pay respects. Worst mini-game ever.

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#110 Edited by soulcake (2569 posts) -

Bill Gates your wrong !

Fusion Frenzy is GARBAGE!.

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I also wanna add every game Hudson made that isn't bomberman or dolphyrace is Garbage!

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#111 Posted by Marcsman (3823 posts) -

Up until recently it would have been Dodge the Lightning in FFX. However a new mini game phenom has taken over.


The inclusion of fishing as a mini game is a madness we need to stop. It's in everything anymore. Nier Automata, FFXV hell even Everybody's Golf had fishing.

Stop this madness.

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#112 Posted by hermes (2578 posts) -

This is an awful minigame that proved AC3 was designed by a committee that said no to nothing, and threw everything and the kitchen sink.

They developed this mechanic for a single sidequest? The advantages of having infinite budget...
They developed this mechanic for a single sidequest? The advantages of having infinite budget...

But, by far, this is the worst minigame I have played:

No Caption Provided

They feature it heavily in marketing material, including concept arts, preview images and trailers... and why not? The mere concept is one that has a lot of potential for epicness. However, the execution is so piss poor one has to wonder if anyone (anyone) on the team actually playtested it. Simply picking up a controller and trying it would have been enough to recognize there were problems... Between the painstakingly slow and finicky way they chose to portrait it, to the random fighters spawning endlessly and knocking you out of the animation every few seconds (even in the lower difficulties), and the fact is a story segment, which means you can't advance in the game unless you complete it, makes this an absolute dealbreaker.

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#113 Posted by RetroMetal (870 posts) -

Any/ALL of the minigames in 3D Dot Game Heroes.

The precision needed with the really bad framerate issues makes them mostly impossible.

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#114 Edited by Tai5000 (1 posts) -

Damn near any mini game in the Sly Cooper series.

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#115 Posted by keoskey (352 posts) -

He owns 4 copys now if his wife forced him to buy a PS4 Copy

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#116 Posted by The_Nubster (3940 posts) -

I recently started playing Kingdom hearts: Birth by Sleep and man...

What the fuck is up with the Command Board? It's like a shitty 15+ minute long kinda-optional-but-really-important low-rent knock off-ass Monopoly that ties directly into the skills and abilities you can equip. It's such a terrible slog and it's almost entirely luck-based. I wish I could completely gut it from the game because even being aware of it existing makes me want to play the proper game less. it sucks so much.

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#119 Posted by Champ5auce (5 posts) -

In Mario Party 6 there is a minigame called "Odd Card Out" where it shows 3 images and you have to choose which one is slightly different. Pretty classic spot the difference, but there's one fatal flaw. The game only looks for the first person to input a choice every round. After that realization it very quickly devolves into 4 players mashing every option as fast as possible to be first and hoping they get lucky. Also, you need TWO points to win. Eventually the game just gives up and nobody wins. Classic Mario Party.

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#120 Posted by deactivated-5b85a38d6c493 (1990 posts) -


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#125 Posted by Tempa (6 posts) -

Rogue Legacy the knive/Axte throwing minigame.

There was an achievment for clearing the minigame but it frustrated me so much that it was the last i had left.

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#126 Posted by Zuldim (320 posts) -

Ice Cream Beat in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep HD. I hear it actually worked better on the original version, but on PS3 there was some nasty latency you had to just instinctively learn, and it's a rhythm game...

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#127 Posted by Onemanarmyy (4114 posts) -

People who say Blitzball are nuts. Dodging the lightning is the real enemy.

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#128 Edited by Captain_Insano (3467 posts) -

In original Mario Party there was a minigame where you had to power up a light by rotating the analogue stick as fast as you could. We'd use middle of the palm as the quickest method.

It broke both the controller and your hand.

It was bad


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#129 Posted by Accolade (552 posts) -

The harp-playing minigame in Skyward Sword made me throw the wiimote at a box and quit the game, never to return.

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#131 Posted by TheChris (412 posts) -
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#132 Posted by Dabria (12 posts) -

They're not the worst, but I don't like mini-games where you're a waitress and you need to remember several people's orders. The Tales Of series likes to throw these in for costumes, so I feel obligated to do them, but they're always a bit of a chore.

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#134 Edited by Chibi_Kaji (193 posts) -
@onemanarmyy said:

People who say Blitzball are nuts. Dodging the lightning is the real enemy.

I would rather dodge 100 lightning bolts than ever play Blitzball again.

I must have blocked it out but I just remembered the true final boss fight in Drakengard 3. The whole game is an ok action game and you make to the finish and all of the sudden it becomes a... rhythm mini game? Which might be fine if you didn't have to basically get perfect. I tried a few times and just gave up.

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#136 Posted by Richardqx (148 posts) -

Blitzball (ffx) and Spherechange (ffx-2)

I've felt like it's something I have to play, although they were paradoxly optional. You know that feeling?

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#137 Edited by TheChris (412 posts) -

@chibi_kaji: Wait...... hold the frickin phone, wasn't that in Drakengard 1? Did Taro repeat himself with Drakengard with regards to Ending D? Well, I suppose that's not surprising as he did the same with Nier but still, lol!

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#138 Edited by deactivated-5bb014b65074f (13 posts) -

I haven't played it myself, but watching Yakuza 0... The telephone mini game seems atrocious.

One I have played myself... The computer hacking minigames in GTA Online... With a mouse, impossible to control :'(

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#139 Posted by TheChris (412 posts) -

The telephone minigame is excellent, you cray cray. The catfight though...

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#140 Posted by pg77 (107 posts) -

@babychoochoo: I agree. This mini game was terrible. Conceptually, this idea could work today or on a future console, the PS2 was not powerful enough to realize the idea.

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#141 Posted by lobster_johnson (67 posts) -

I don't know about the worst but I will say I've always hated horse racing minigames in every game I've ever encountered them in.

Also that shitty baseball minigame from A Link Between Worlds completely confounded me. My inputs seemed to bear zero relation to what happened on screen. I played it again and again thinking there must be something I was missing and that eventually it would click but it never did.

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#144 Posted by Dichemstys (3917 posts) -

Mario Speedwagons in Mario Party 4 is some bullshit.

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#145 Posted by nutter (1814 posts) -

@dichemstys: Waitwaitwaitwaitwait.

Is the game actually called Mario Speedwagon? That’s amazing!

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#147 Edited by Cybexx (1631 posts) -

The motion controlled ball rolling mini-game in the Vita version of Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation is some straight up broken nonsense. The motion controls make no sense whatsoever with how you think it would work. It is just pure luck and determination to finish those and they are mandatory. I assume the HD ports of that game either removed them or work better with stick controls.

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#149 Posted by TheChris (412 posts) -