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#1 Posted by Carryboy (1069 posts) -

So I just started playing Divinity 2 The dragon knight saga, and man the male running animation is the worst.

Anybody got anything that beats it?

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#2 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5904 posts) -

Any of those stupid fucking kick starter games trying to use purely procedural animations.

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#3 Posted by Jack268 (3370 posts) -

It's pretty much Divinity 2 except there's no animation for running forward and strafing at the same time

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#4 Posted by familyphotoshoot (710 posts) -
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#5 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2835 posts) -

All bethesda games seem to have terrible animations when in 3rd person.

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#6 Posted by PillClinton (3551 posts) -

Mass Effect 3.

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#7 Posted by freakin9 (1226 posts) -


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#8 Edited by Catarrhal (874 posts) -

Syphon Filter. They tried way too hard to make it realistic, and it looked silly as hell.

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#9 Posted by Sooty (8193 posts) -

Mass Effect 3 is pretty bad

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#10 Edited by Ares42 (3561 posts) -

Can't remember the name, but there was some korean MMO that was released in western markets this year (the one with the questionable child-like race) and it had this demony race where the female character had this fucked up run where she would arch her back and more or less bend over so you were staring right up her butt. Didn't look bad as in syncing or anything, but it made me feel really creepy =/

Edit: game was TERA. found a video to illustrate, from about 0:40

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#11 Posted by pr1mus (4158 posts) -

@familyphotoshoot said:

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This is fantastic. And also the correct answer. I really don't understand what was wrong with the average looking running animation of ME2 that compelled them to change it to this atrocity.

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#12 Posted by Dallas_Raines (2269 posts) -

All worst animation 'awards' should be instantly given to any RPG made in Europe.

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#13 Edited by GreggD (4595 posts) -
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The Shenmue series.

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#14 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6651 posts) -
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#15 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -
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#16 Posted by TheRealMoot (623 posts) -

The run animation on Dan from Binary Domain when he's holding the gatling gun. He just slides across the floor trying to lift his legs but never getting off the ground but still managing to move as fast as he does while normally running. It's weird, hilarious and distracting.

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#17 Posted by rabbithearted (114 posts) -

@familyphotoshoot said:

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I keep rewatching this. How can any of the people involved in making ME3 have looked at that running and thought "Yup. This. This is how someone runs"?

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#18 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1262 posts) -

@freakin9 said:


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#19 Posted by RE_Player1 (8010 posts) -

@familyphotoshoot said:

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Thanks for reminding me of this.

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#20 Posted by mak_wikus (719 posts) -

I always hated the sprint animation in AssCreed games. Who runs like that?!

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#21 Edited by Droop (1927 posts) -
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There can only be one.

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#22 Posted by endaround (2267 posts) -

Mass Effect 3

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#23 Posted by SlashDance (1867 posts) -

Assassin's Creed 3 is pretty bad when stairs are involved.

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#24 Posted by smcn (949 posts) -

There was a comic about femshep's run in ME3 originating from her doing an impression of Joker for the rest of the crew, Joker walks in on it and she ends up having to run that way all the time. I can't find it though.

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#25 Posted by CaptainTightPants (2831 posts) -

@LordXavierBritish said:

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#26 Posted by mistersamman (377 posts) -

I'll add another vote to Mass Effect 3.

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#27 Posted by Spuirrel (91 posts) -

Eddie's run in Brutal Legend looked really awkward, no clue why they used it.

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#28 Posted by Ramone (3080 posts) -

@familyphotoshoot said:

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Oh that is fucking god awful. How did that even come to be?

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#29 Posted by jsnyder82 (851 posts) -

Definitely Mass Effect 3.

Any kind of walking/running animation would be Alpha Protocol, when your character is sneaking around. He walks like a dog trying to find a place to shit.

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#30 Posted by Kaiserreich (896 posts) -
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#31 Posted by Timing (635 posts) -

Well I can tell you what the BEST running animation is.

It's Treasure Master for the NES.

Look at that smooth motherfucker.

That said, Mass Effect 3 is pretty hilarious.

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#32 Posted by UitDeToekomst (799 posts) -
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#33 Posted by recroulette (5447 posts) -
@familyphotoshoot said:
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Holy shit, that's really bad.
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#34 Posted by Revan_NL (394 posts) -

Mass Effect 3. Not only the sprint animation, but also the animation when Shepard sprints/jogs across the Citadel

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#35 Posted by Zeik (4420 posts) -

Suikoden 4 is always what comes to mind first when I think of awkward running animations, but Mass Effect's is up there.

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#36 Posted by DeathbyYeti (790 posts) -

KotOR 2 Space walk

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#37 Edited by handlas (3172 posts) -

I'll nominate the Darksiders games. One thing that always bugged me about those games. The running animation itself doesn't look good imo but also there is no, like, start up to it. You just go from zero to 100... hate that.

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#38 Posted by SirOptimusPrime (2043 posts) -

Morrowind is what came to mind immediately. The two animation sets changing from standing still to running is so fucking janky, and the actual to-and-fro'ing of the elbows is hilarious.

Mass Effect 3 is also pretty bad.

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#39 Posted by SomeDeliCook (2353 posts) -

Fallout 3's animations. If you run diagonally, the character looks like they are running straight forward and like side moonwalking. It is even worse when you have a pistol equipped, their left arm is just straight down to the sound. New Vegas fixed this animation just a little bit.

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#40 Posted by Sin4profit (3411 posts) -
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#41 Edited by rolanthas (261 posts) -

@Catarrhal said:

Syphon Filter. They tried way too hard to make it realistic, and it looked silly as hell.

Overall,I have to second this. It was so bad that it was charming in a way. And they stuck with it for 2 and 3 if I recall right ( pretty sure about 2 ).

For more recent games, Mass Effect 3. That running animation is so bad that I really, honestly couldn't believe the game shipped with it. Now I'm not on the ME 3 hate party to be frank, though I don't think it's worth a replay as 1-2 did, but that running animation is just fucking ridiculous, for both Male and Fem Sheps.

edit: Holy shit, so much gold in this thread. I should dig around for other bad animation threads.

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#42 Posted by Poppduder (522 posts) -

I thought that Yakuza 4 was going to be a contender, but after seeing these... not even close.   In yakuza the actual animation itself doesnt look terrible, its just that theres no build up.  You go from standing still to dead-fast sprint in 0 frames.  Always bugged me.
Everyone is a winner in this thread though.

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#43 Posted by SolongWrex (158 posts) -

@Catarrhal said:

Syphon Filter. They tried way too hard to make it realistic, and it looked silly as hell.

Oh yeah, good call. I mean you can't really fault them for trying to push the run animation envelope at the time, but unfortunately the things they got right only served to magnify the things that were off.

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#44 Posted by redbliss (669 posts) -

I dont know about run animation, but Alpha Protocol has the worst/best sneak animation I have ever seen.

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#45 Posted by thebeastwithtwobacks (145 posts) -

I remember KOTOR having terrible running animations. My first time through I was playing as a female, so I thought that was the reason it looked so weird. I quit and made a male character only to find it was the same animation.

It was like your character didn't wipe well so their cheeks were chafing...

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#46 Posted by VoshiNova (2268 posts) -

Duuuuude 3rd person Oblivion!!!!

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#47 Posted by Yadilie (390 posts) -

Probably Ar Tonelico 3. With Ar Tonelico 2 right behind it. MC looks like he's skiing when he's running. Also original Hyperdimension Neptunia running animation for Neptune, IF, and Compa just look off for some reason. Think it's because the animation just looks really slow for how much distance they cover.

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#48 Posted by vaiz (3064 posts) -


Sonic Adventure
Sonic Adventure

Who runs like that?

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#49 Posted by Zeik (4420 posts) -

@punkxblaze: Sonic, obviously.

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#50 Edited by egg (1667 posts) -

Sonic Unleashed PS360 (and Sonic Colors Wii and Sonic Generations PS360)

No Caption Provided

When did Sonic become a head with legs??

"Modern Sonic" needs to go back into the oven for a bit.....