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Hey guys, as you may know Patrick's collarbone is all kinds of broken, so as he's more or less out of action, this week's Worth Reading was basically a link dump, so here's me trying to do the best I can to fill in the blanks. They are in the order I assumed Patrick wanted them in. I should stress that unless otherwise indicated, these are all the links Patrick posted. 
I'd also be perfectly willing to do this again next week if Patrick is still out of action and he (or other users!) want to send me some suggestions for things to check out.

Hey, you should read this.

Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo;

 " What we are saying is that we would like to integrate software development methods, operating systems, and built-in software and software assets for each platform so that we can use them across different machines... This means that if we manage to integrate our platforms successfully, we may in fact be able to make more platforms"


  • Masachika Kawata, RE Revelations Producer

"I think certainly looking at the last year or two, there probably were a few too many...I think we learned last year that putting on a lot of titles would not necessarily win over gamers."

Weirdly I was just listening to 2011's GOTY Podcast where Ryan had a rant about Capcom constantly pumping out remakes or sequels.  



"This is a transformative deal for our digital media business," said Hemi Zucker, CEO of j2 Global. "By combining two of the most storied organizations in tech, gaming and entertainment, we have created a very powerful company capable of producing and delivering content in all forms to an audience that marketers highly value." Added Vivek Shah, CEO of Ziff Davis, "IGN and AskMen are tremendous best-in-class brands that we are proud to have as part of our digital media portfolio."


Hey, You Should Watch These.

  •  Garry's Mod Nazi Roleplaying...yeah.
  • A Gag reel for LA Noire.
  • Dan Ryckert plays Heavy Rain with his game hating father.
  • Conan O'Brien 'reviews' (and reams) Halo 4, which he is also in somewhere. It's goddam hilarious.


Kickstarter, It's a Thing.

  •  Project Awakened- Player creation driven "AAA action game", I guess I can get behind that. 
  • World's of Wander + "Secret Spaceship Club" -  It's a 'create your own platformer' tool, except it's being developed by Tom Hall, the guy who made Commander Keen, and it comes with the 'spiritual successor' to Commander Keen. Get out those goddam wallets folks, my childhood is calling.
  • 'The Golem' from Moonbot Studios - You play as the Golem from Jewish folklore, wielding ferocious power as you defend the 16th Century city of Prague in an action RPG, while also trying to find the one thing your body of clay, metal, wood and stone lacks; a Soul. The story pitch for this one is pretty dam neat, so colour me interested, also, you're fighting the motherfucking Borgias

Patrick missed out on a TED Talk this week, so here's one from @Snail

  Thanks Snail! 

Hey, play this game!

  Patrick didn't include any of his usual games explicitly this week, so here's one he did include in video which I thought was awesome. Be mindful, I haven't actually played this (yet).
 Wildfire Worlds   

 This game is basically a cute simulation of the world full of people going about their business, which you can influence by introducing new dynamics into the 'Propagation Engine' to create everything from a police state to a falafel world to zombie apocalypse. Also, everything is paper. Also, your main 'dynamic' is motherfucking FIRE. This is "Fuck up the cute place" - The Game.

Also, check these out!



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Well done, sir.

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Great job!

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Nice work, that LA Noire gag reel is so effing great.

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This is actually a great idea, and a nice selection of stuff. Thank you very much!

Also, you should have totally put a TED talk in there. If you want a recommendation, check the two links below. They are both great presentations.

EDIT: Oh you put in a TED talk and mentioned me. Thanks! Even though that one I linked to originally isn't as interesting as these two. But it's cool of you anyway.

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Oh, man. "The war is over, guys. I'm calling WWII off". That was great.

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Nice work!

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That Garry's mod Nazi video made me boot up Garry's mod for the first time in years earlier today. That game is weird, really weird.