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Hello everyone,

I've played through Detroit: become Human twice now (two full playthroughs), and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I played two very different games:

- Game 1: Played full pacifist with Markus, Connor became deviant and friends with Hank, and Kara and Alice missed the bus and ended in the concentration camp.

- Game 2: Played full terrorist with Markus, Connor was a dick to Hank and stayed machine, and Kara and Alice made the bus and escaped to Canada with Luther.

So I got two wildly different endings, but I was disappointed by how similar the early and mid game is. Now I am struggling with the idea of either selling the game or playing through again. I looked up some Youtube videos of alternate endings, and it seems there are subtle endings in between the ones I got, which are very cool and unexpected.

The problem is: you can't just replay the latter chapters of the game, because the choices you make early on do affect the game (public opinion, relationship with Hank, who you meet as Kara). However, the gameplay is almost identical early and mid-game.

So what would you do? Is it worth slogging through the repetitive parts of the game to see the different endings? (I know you can just Youtube the different endings, but that is not the same as experiencing them for yourself, is it?) This "problem" is exacerbated by the fact that the game is full of these "turn on faucet" / "clean up junk" type of "minigames", which I didn't mind the first playthough but got very boring the second playthough.

Long story short: I think the game is brilliant, and the story and alternate endings are its strongest point. BUT it suffers from the fact that in order to see the different endings, you have to slog through the boring gameplay aspects.

What are your throughts?


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Well that's my plan. In my first playthrough I ended up on some kind of middle-of-the-road path: started out diplomatic and "nice", but ended rather aggressively. The deciding point was Markus' protest march. I really thought the public would swing in my favour, but it didn't so I got angry and took the aggressive path from thereon. So I feel I got a "mixed " ending.

I managed to keep all three characters alive in my first playthrough, and got an "acceptable" ending for all of them. I want push things further next time around, to make the characters more extreme in their behaviours. So I plan to replay the game at least twice this year, taking both an aggressive path and then a pacifist one.

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I've heard that all the playable characters can permanently die and the story will continue, I'm thinking about trying that to see how weird that ending is.

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@werupenstein said:

I've heard that all the playable characters can permanently die and the story will continue, I'm thinking about trying that to see how weird that ending is.

Very indirect spoilers (Alex has said as much or more on the Beastcast): you control 3 android characters, 1 of which becomes the leader of an android revolution that is either violent or peaceful, 2 of which do other stuff. Not spoiling any story beats, but I'll lay out loosely how the game handles character death:

If in the early or midgame, the other 2 characters die or just perform so badly at their mission that they are decommissioned permanently, it's not a very satisfying conclusion and their whole storyline fizzles out with no interesting resolution; the game literally skips the rest of the chapters, which even affects the other characters you play as if their paths were going to cross. If you only fuck up with them right at the end, then at least their death/failure is a little more climactic since you get most of the game's chapters and they get a properly tragic ending right near the climax, though I still think the game does a bad job of making these seem like anything other than a failure ending.

If you get the revolution leader killed, a second-in-command takes over the revolution, and you don't get to control this character. So it doesn't skip chapters the same way it does with the other 2 characters, but the chapters are basically automatic, uninteractive cutscenes, and they're abridged quite a bit since there's no gameplay anymore (no QTEs, no talking to NPCs, no walking around environments to interact with objects).

Overall, it's sorta hilarious that it lets you kill all the playable characters, but it's not a very interesting ending if you do it that way, since you potentially miss a lot of the game's chapters and it's a much shorter playthrough that is generally going to give you one of the most downer endings.

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I've only played through it once myself so far, but I think I'd be fine with two playthroughs and then I'd poke around a bit with seeing some different scene outcomes. I don't think I'd have the patience for a third playthrough, unless it was to deliberately ruin the story and having some fun with that (like doing the "I'll be back" achievement).

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Yeah It can be a bit weird, especially now that the game shows you the flowchart and how much you have missed (which the prior games didn't). I am the kind of person who goes with every bad decision during the first playthrough, but with Kara I failed to become deviant in the early scene, because there was no incentive to do so, I was waiting for the moment that would push her in that direction, but apparently her breaking point is actually a player input, which makes her break her programming, not any element of the story. That tells you how well is the game written (not very well at all). So I had to roll back and replay that chapter. I still enjoyed the game, but it is flawed as hell.

I got Markus killed in the peaceful protest, I stood my ground and got killed and even the other androids, who supported the non violent route, turned and ran, which was pretty awful thing to do.

I made it to the border with the kid, passed it to the fat lady whose name I forgot and surrendered myself, I remember this scene making little sense at the time.

Connor never turned deviant as he -same as Kara- had no reason to do so. I also got him killed twice and he returned as a new model. I killed Hank at the end because he pissed me with trying to make androids more human that the story deserved, I was a bit angry at that point, so he ate it.

I liked the themes of the game, the world and all, but the story is only cool because it can split to so many directions, shame most of them are not very exciting.

If you are interested in themes of artificial life, consciousness, free will and such, I recommend watching the new Blade Runner movie, which actually goes deep into these questions and has something to say.

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Yes I found it really interesting that you can kill all the characters, but at the same time, the QTE's are easy enough that you would have to do this on purpose. I wish there was more of a challenge where this would actually happen on accident.

@ares42: Indeed, some of the achievements seem really interesting, but I just cannot bring myself to play through that many times, just to get Connor killed each time. The problem is you have to play through ALL of the boring QTE's again. The game would benefit from some kind of "story mode" after 2 full playthroughs or something, where you can just make choices and see how it plays out, but you are not forced to do any of the "gameplay" / or fast forward some of the boring tasks?


Yeah I agree with you, the game is interesting, but some of the "non-good" or non-optimal endings are really weird and you feel the story wasn't supposed to go that way. I had two very opposite playthroughs, and I felt like Hank definitely wanted you to become deviant, and the story made more sense that way. If you never become deviant, and are a complete dick to Hank, his storyline kind of fizzles out.

In the end, I was kind of disappointed how similar both my playthroughs were, up to the final chapter. Even though I played the exact OPPOSITE with all characters. Only the final chapter is totally different, the rest is exactly the same story, with the only difference being the "flavor" of the choices you made.

I guess that is just the nature of trying to tell a coherent story, it can only vary so much. HOWEVER, I really wish at least the last 2-3 chapters of each character could be different (as in, different locations, meeting different NPC's, etc), instead of just the last chapter. That would help make different playthroughs more meaningful.

I feel like they are very close to perfecting this formula of game, but not quite there yet. They need to streamline the way in order to see all the endings a bit.

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@maartendc: Personally I wouldn't be too bothered about the QTEs, more having to watch the entire story unfold yet again. However, you can ditch the Kara story-line (which I found the most pointless) pretty early on, which would drastically cut down on the content. Not sure how quickly you can end the Markus one though.

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@ares42 said:

@maartendc: Personally I wouldn't be too bothered about the QTEs, more having to watch the entire story unfold yet again. However, you can ditch the Kara story-line (which I found the most pointless) pretty early on, which would drastically cut down on the content. Not sure how quickly you can end the Markus one though.

Yeah Honestly it seems like the Connor/Hank storyline has the most potential to have wildly different endings, after playing through 2 times myself and watching youtube endings. Wish you could limit yourself and play through 1 of the characters only.

A couple of endings for Connor I know about:

Once I played through with Connor he and Hank together ended up freeing the androids in the warehouse. However, depending on whether he gets shot, you get a fun "no I am the real connor" scene. Really cool scenes.

Another playthough, Connor and Hank end up on a rooftop when Connor wants to snipe Markus. Hank can either end up throwing Connor off the roof and vice versa!

Yet another playthrough, where Connor is not deviant and a total dick to Hank, Hank just ends up committing suicide in his house while connor is just outside!

The differences in the endings for Markus and Kara were pretty disappointing, and pretty similar, only relate to:

Whether or not you get to the bus terminal with Kara


Whether you want to Assault the camps with Markus or hold a peaceful protest.

The problem with Kara isnt that it is a bad story, but it is the story that has the most "pointless busywork" in it with few choices of consequence. (The chapter at Tod's house, the chapter at Rose's house, the chapter at the abandoned Themepark, etc.)

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Just to see alternate scenarios first hand since YouTube searching said scenes doesn't seem very fun.

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I've been doing a mid game reload, but no entire replay yet. Though I'm thinking about it. I really like this game, and just like its predecessors it starts out strong but then fades out and ends on a low note. Though the end game is not a car crash like a lot of the other games.

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@tothenines: Boy, you sure? I'm sure YMMV but I still feel like it had the David Cage classic of disjointed storytelling (to make up for the choice mechanic) combined in this case with some incredibly hamfisted racially insensitive dialogue.

I didnt play Beyond, but Heavy Rain being corny as hell and full of holes to balance out the choices you can make was okay for some pulpy fun. This was...man. I know video games and in particular Cage are not known for their subtlety but seeing an android "I have a dream" speech and/or their awkward variation of whichever civil rights march they were going for were just two instances that were so incredibly car crash esque both plot wise and writing wise they were almost beyond belief.