Would you use old.giantbomb.com if available?

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Posted by TheAdmin (973 posts) 7 months, 19 days ago

Poll: Would you use old.giantbomb.com if available? (509 votes)

Yes 45%
No 55%

If given the option to use old.giantbomb.com, which would be the site right before the redesign, would you use it or keep using the new one?

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#51 Posted by Humanity (18846 posts) -

@yopifaklo: 100% it wouldn't make sense. They didn't put all these hours dedicating resources to a new site just to keep updating the old one in parallel.

That said, I'd still love the option to use the old one because the new redesign is like the Fallout 76 of Giant Bomb redesigns.

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#52 Posted by vinone (329 posts) -

Not at all. I like the new design and it works incredibly well for the way I use the site. There's still some things here and there to fix and adjust but almost everything is where I think it should be. I have very few issues with the redesign.

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#53 Posted by TheRealTurk (546 posts) -

@vinone said:

Not at all. I like the new design and it works incredibly well for the way I use the site. There's still some things here and there to fix and adjust but almost everything is where I think it should be. I have very few issues with the redesign.

I'd be interested to know how you use the site? I'm not trying to be an a-hole or anything, I'm genuinely interested. It seems like there might be a split in who likes/dislikes the new look based on how the site gets used. Figuring out what those differences are would make it easier to provide constructive feedback on how to improve the site.

For example, I use the site on desktop and mostly consume 1) Quick Looks 2) Podcasts 3) Shows and 4) Forums. Based on that, I find the new site incredibly difficult and off-putting to use due to the sheer size of the elements on the front page, the redundancy of the carousels, the forums being moved off the front page and generally poor organization of things. For example, if I want to watch an older Quick Look, I can't just click on the header of the Quick Look carousel to get to the Quick Look page because the header isn't a link. Instead I need to go to Videos -> Shows -> Scroll down until I hit Quick Looks (the organization of shows is alphabetical, which makes a certain amount of sense, but it makes for scrolling through a lot of older content and one off shows to get to "Q") --> Organize by grid view --> Move back several pages until I find what I'm looking for (because QLs are organized in reverse chronological order for some reason).

It makes for a lot of scrolling and clicking, especially compared to the old site, which is obnoxious and has caused me to move more towards QLCrew and YouTube rather than using the actual site.

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#54 Posted by thegreatd (14 posts) -

Well the carousels still don't work on my browser, so yeah.

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#55 Posted by 400lb_Gorilla (57 posts) -

If i could I would go to a 2010.giantbomb.com.

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#56 Posted by vinone (329 posts) -

@therealturk: I rarely use the site on mobile. If I'm on my phone I'll use YouTube and just get to the premium stuff when I can. I don't use the site for podcasts at all. I use Pocket Casts for all of my podcasting needs. I watch the live stuff and I get notifications from twitter whenever Giant Bomb goes live and then I just go to the site and getting to the chat page is super easy.

I think the primary reason the site works well for me is because I don't need to, or really want to consume everything Giant Bomb does. I try to watch the live shows and the shows that interest me I will try to keep up with; and those are no easier or more difficult to find in my opinion. The quick looks of games that interest me I'll watch or the games I think will make for a fun/interesting quick look I will try my best to watch. If something goes off the first few pages of the carousel the odds are it's gone forever to me and I'll never watch it because something newer has taken priority. This was like this on the old site. If something wasn't on the front page odds are I was never watching it.

If I hear about something on the podcast or after the fact I search for it. This is the exact same amount of steps as the previous design. I like to go back and watch the Fortune Street TNT, I search Fortune Street, click twice, and I'm watching it. I want to go back and watch Thirteen Deadly Sims, search for it, click twice, I'm watching. I heard Return of the Obra Dinn was pretty good, type in Obra Dinn, click the second search result and I'm watching the quick look. I search "quick looks" the first result is the Quick Looks show page (which I also think puts the episodes of the "season/year" backward in my opinion, and needs a newest to oldest slider. But that just needs to be fixed and is a result of Quick Looks being a "show". Most shows you want to start at episode 1 which would almost always be the first chronological episode.) As for the forums I like them not being on the front page. They just wasted space for me. When I want to visit the forums I click "Forums" and I'm there. If anything I've used the forums more since the redesign. Which is probably just coincidence because of the time of the year.

I posted some site feedback in a previous post and I had said the home page is roughly the same aside from being built left to right instead of top to bottom beyond the first four links. But when I need to search for something I never feel like I'm going out of my way or taking an exorbitant amount of time to find it. Maybe I'm just too lenient toward inefficient website design. Maybe I prioritize the search feature which, beyond some episode titles being messed up because of the way things are categorized, is roughly the same and the fastest way to find a specific thing. I have said I wished I could change the order of the carousels on the front page and potentially remove some. I wish I could choose if my watchlist carousel showed links to the show's page or just dumped every video from the shows I have selected. I also think the idea to make the title of the carousel a link to the show page is a good one. I think the year/season carousels need some fine tuning but I like them strictly from a site design standpoint. So there are things I think need to be fixed and hopefully will be fixed, but they're mostly left over issues from the previous design or a poor first step in the execution of an idea that will ultimately work better. I also think it looks nice and really like the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

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#57 Posted by Francium34 (329 posts) -

Main page used to directly display what livestream was on/scheduled, now it's just a red dot (I have not dug around options), so in that sense it's way worse.

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#58 Posted by James_ex_machina (1067 posts) -

The thing I would like back is QUESTS. I spent a lot more time reading, and occasionally updating wiki information on GB with the quest system.