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I recently decided to take a trial of XBOX games pass so I could play State Of Decay 2 & give 'Horde Mode' on Gears 4 a shot since the Duders seem to have a whale of a time playing together for the site. Today I still have a few days left but made the decision that I do not wish to pay for membership since I don't own an XBOX and the Games Pass Library for PC is somewhat limited.

Being 32 and having dealt with many memberships (I hold the world record for must accidental subscriptions... then unsubscriptions from Prime), I assumed I would have to cancel the membership entirely the night before my 'Paid membership' period started after 14 days. However after logging in to try and confirm when that would be - I came across this page...

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I went through a few links to get here, but by logging into your Microsoft account (forced through EDGE... Urgh...) I found that the Autorenew which they force you into during the sign-up process, taking your card details e.t.c. is actually entirely optional after the fact.

As you can see I 'Turned Off' Autorenew and now I don't have to worry about accidentally subscribing for a month, or 3 when my wife finally asks "What IS that £7.99 is thats going out every month".

As an Aside, if I owned an XBOX I would likely be keeping my subscription up. After the E3 press conference, I quite fancied jumping back into Fallout 4 on my lovely new PC & giving Vermintide a try. But Sadly that part of the Games Pass is XBOX ONE only... so not quite 'Play Anywhere' as is most of the games pass content. But I get it, business and licensing can be complicated so I won't be sending them Angry Tweets, Death threats or sexist remarks on this occasion.

I hope this helps some people, I don't know if when you sign up for a month they force a subscription for a year, but hopefully, this helps someone. I approve of anything which gets rid of that pesky 'Free Trial... but also Autorenew' which has made the likes of Amazon a fortune.