Xbox One basic tips and trips?

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So during the Black Friday sales I decided to get an Xbox One X cause it was a pretty good deal. I've had a PS4 since launch basically and have gotten real familiar with how that system functions. The console XB1 though literally comes with no instructions, no nothing, and the website is kind of a mess to find info.

As a person that has been playing games and consoles for ages now this feels weird but the Xbox is kind of a weird system... and I feel kind of lost.

So I guess it's a question for the XB1 long time users out there who maybe have some crossover with the PS4 as well, how do you actually do stuff on this console?

Like on PS4 if I want to go to standby in the middle of a game I hold down the PS button and put the console to standby from the contextual menu, then just press the button again to wake my console up.

on the XB1 it seems like I need to set it to quick start from the power settings and then also hold the Xbox button down and the shutdown is actually a standby? I've been having issues with the console actually starting up when pressing the guide button on the controller, and from Googling I see this is a common issue.. but like.. is the controller supposed to turn itself off when the console does? Mine stays on and I don't think thats right but I just don't know.

The home screen or whatever it is seems kinda weird. It's a brand new system and I only have two games that came with it (RDR2 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider) so does that thing fill out over time or something because currently I have big tiles showing me accessories menus and such. Do I have to pin something?

I dunno generally I haven't felt this lost using a console in a while. The interface is pretty snappy so it's not the horror stories I've heard from the Bombcast, but it is really weird. It's organized, I'll give them that.. but it feels like it's organized like a desktop rather than a home console. I used to think the PS4 XMB is kinda shitty but I do take that back, at least it seems games oriented while the XB1 dashboard so far seems like some weird android tablet interace.

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I’m an Xbox apologist, but you’re not wrong. I like the GUI, but it’s odd at first. My only major gripes are that it is too damned slow and that the B button seems to do all sorts of shit depending on the console’s mood.

Anyhow, some notes on your issues, for what they’re worth. If you use a surge protector or power strip, please read the last paragraph...yes, it’s a weird console.

Suspending Games...

I think quick start is the default mode. But, yeah, whatever default state is, you’d need to make sure it’s enabled then just power off or whatever. That said, I DO NOT TRUST THIS FEATURE ON XBOX!!! I’m fine hitting the Xbox button to minimize and use the dashboard or an app during gameplay, but I usually just save and quit before going into rest mode. It’s not super reliable.

On PS4, I’d say the feature works 90% of the time for me. On Xbox, maybe 50%, probably less.

Powering On via Controller...

I just do as it says. We have multiple Xboxes in the house and I just turn the contoller on to turn the system on. I do this by holding the Xbox button. Also, it absolutely should turn off the controller when the console turns off.


You can pin things to the dashboard. Games, favorites lists, friends, etc. You can also reorder them. You can also create custom groupings of games and apps and I THINK you can pin these, too.

General Advice...

I only think of this because of the controller issue, but try using it without a surge protector. Xbox Support told me that the Xbox One has an internal surge protector and that the console can get flakey if plugged into one. Turn it off proper, remove the surge protector, plug it right into the outlet, and start it up. See if that works better.

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Once standby mode is enabled in Settings it should work exactly the same way PS4 does. Not sure why your controller stays lit up.

Press Start (or Menu as it is called) to remove or pin tiles on the Home screen. This should simplify navigation to the apps or games you use most. My Games & Apps is the equivalent to Library on PS4.

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Thanks for the tips guys, another question I have - is there a fast way to take screenshots or do you have to pause the game with the guide screen every time? Like can I bind it to be some button combo? I never thought I'd miss the "Share" button but being able to just take a screengrab on the go and have the action keep on moving seems pretty convenient.

As for the surge protector unfortunately in my current setup I just can't plug the Xbox directly into a wall - not enough outlets in that part of the apartment. I did do a hard reset and it seems to have at least made the controller turn itself off with the console. One thing that I do like is the control over the TV you have. It has endlessly annoyed me that with my PS4 the TV will turn on with the console, but will not turn off when the console does. The Xbox does this so thats neat.

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@humanity: I had a WEIRD issue where I couldn’t change some basic preference setting because the button vanished from Settings. I factory reset the thing, removed and readded my profile, disconnected all external devices, etc.

Unplugging that surge protector did it.

I love that system, I think the live stuff is great, controllers, charging, social stuff, the controller cable and battery situation is less dire than PS4 (one of the very few baffling Sony decisions that carried over from PS3)...but it’s still damned weird.

Hell, the demonic Xbox OG GUI, blades, XNE, metro, Xbox One...good or bad, at least Microsoft is trying...and frequently baffling folks... ;)

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@humanity: Unfortunately the fast way to take screenshots is to buy a used Kinect with a USB adapter and take screenshots with voice commands. Come to think of it, you could also do this if you have any sort of microphone plugged into your controller and have Cortana turned on.

Another big general hint is to get Game Pass. I think most Xboxes sold come with some sort of trial, so definitely give it a shot to go through all the exclusives like Halo, Forza and Gears.

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@isomeri: Yeah I recommend Game Pass to everyone. That you get all Microsoft Studios games day one is a huge selling point to me and I've found it a good way to go back and check out games I passed over when they were first released.