Xbox Video Player app problems

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#1 Posted by xXCrazyCostaXx (171 posts) -

Use the app when I’m going to sleep and whenever a video is finished I can’t replay it it in the future. It just shows the loading circle and I have to force quit the app with the home button. Anybody else experiencing these issues?

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#2 Posted by Bill_McNeal (844 posts) -

The only problems I've been having with the app is that it can be pretty laggy, especially when loading, seeking, or pausing.

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#3 Posted by Oddballs (322 posts) -

@bill_mcneal: @xxcrazycostaxx:

I am also having both of these problems. The seeking lag now takes around 1 minute to complete any action.

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#4 Posted by btsjigs (54 posts) -

Been having the same issues for the past few weeks. Tried uninstalling and downloading again but still unable to restart/resume videos.

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Same problems here, it's been happening for a few weeks now and it's really annoying, particularly being unable to re-watch a video you've already seen.

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I've noticed that the entire app becomes unresponsive when seeking, playing and pausing. I let it sit for a while and it eventually catches up but waiting 5 minutes to move the video 30 seconds is pretty frustrating.