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Not sure if anyone else ever had this problem with the game or if its just me.

But um I bought a copy of Xenosaga Episode 1 and tried to play it.

I have two PS2's.

An old big one (which is really old) and a slim.

I tried to play it on both.

But I just kept getting disc read errors. I also bought Xenosaga Episode 2 and that works fine. I of course just can't play it because I haven't played the first.

So I took EP 1 back and got another copy. Guess what? It doesn't work........same problem as the last. I don't even think the game spins while its in my slim.

Every other PS2 game I have works.

So is it just bad luck?

Should I get another copy?

Is it my PS2 (Both of them)?

Is Xenosage Episode 1 known for doing this?

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Never had a problem with Xeno 1; however you can just watch it here. The gameplay is straightforward and simple but you're not really missing out on much just watching the cutscenes. I also have an old large PS2 and a PS2 slim, pretty sure I could run it on both and have at different points.

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If your computer's up to the task, you could just emulate it.

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If I remember right, Xenosaga Ep 1 was on a Dual Layer DVD. If that's the case you may want to clean the laser lens on your PS2 Slim, using a q-tip gently. Sometimes when dust builds up on those lasers it gets hard for them to read dual layered DVD's.

As for your fat PS2 don't even try tinkering with that mofo unless your very careful and know about handling delicate electronic parts.

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Its hard to remember since its been awhile since I played the game, but I think I remember suffering from the same issues with that game. Think I eventually did a trick where I put scotch tape in an h shape close to the center hole of the disc. At least two layers worth and I believe it did the trick.

- Found my copy and yeah I can confirm that did the trick, my game disc still with the scotch tape on it. Make sure its not touching the center hole and to just layer it until the disc gets read, I believe for some reason the cover on the disc or the tray itself isn't balanced which causes the disc read errors. Also when I did this fix, my fat ps2 was standing up.

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