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I really liked it, "fill browser" just isn't the same.

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It is getting added according to the ongoing site development thread, but once again it is puzzling how they overlooked its absence in the first place.

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@humanity said:

it is puzzling how they overlooked its absence in the first place.

It's puzzling how they overlooked so many things, not just the enbiggen. This new re-design kept the bugs from the old design and added a ton of new bugs on top of it, it's completely broken on multiple levels. Even basic stuff on comments like differentiation between links and underlines, bullet points, numbered lists, quotes, etc. don't work.

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I've managed to keep my complaints about the site redesign down to about 2 or 3 posts months ago back when it happened, but this thread gives me a chance to update and say i haven't gotten used to it, and it's still worse in every way.

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Isn’t it “embiggen?” If you’re going to riot, riot properly, that’s my advice.

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Wait, THAT's what embiggen does!? I never clicked on it 'cause I was afraid of what it might do. Would've been super handy to know that it just filled the browser.

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@rejizzle: It didn't fill the browser (they now have that behaviour), Embiggen made the player larger (I think to span the width of your browser). It's like YouTube's Theatre Mode.

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I REFUSE to make my videos larger by any other method like some fucking savage!

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Embiggen or Giant Bomb hates America

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My second monitor is in portrait mode. With the info box filling a full third of the width of the screen, rather than the video player being a reasonable size via embiggen, it's a postage stamp.

Needless to say, this really sucks.

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I still find the message boards a real eyesore without a traditional black-on-white option but I've learned to cope, I guess. I actually found out I really underrated fill browser, though. It's like embiggen only embiggeneder!

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I usually just use full screen on my second monitor, but there are times when embiggen is definitely useful. It'd be cool to have the option.

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Zoom's time to shine.

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where the fuck is my embiggen. I always used it... default video is too small and full screen is too big

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I understand why it might have been missed. I work in a multi-hundred million dollar company in tech support and we have a laptop that's sub-720 and stationary second screens that are sub-1080. our wireless mice are paired to keyboards and both of them are small and terrible. It's a bad situation all around, and I'm sure that the entirety of the engineering crew don't have top-end equipment. Companies are often super blind to what their staff actually needs to thrive and develop properly.


As a user, as someone who is using this product? It's sub-par, and extremely disappointing. The behind-the-scenes politics don't matter because the end result is something that isn't very intuitive or easy to use. Whoever the blame falls on, the redesign is introducing a lot of problems and each new fix is more of a sidestep than an improvement. I understand that they're trying to redesign to introduce new users,. but it feels like a website built from the ground up for an imagined experience, rather than being designed to serve the people who are actually here.

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I made a userscript that will add the functionality in a round about way. I don't know if it has any bugs. I made it super simple. Let me know if you find any weird errors somewhere. This should fill the void until they get the actual functionality int he site. Also this only triggers on window sizes above 1024 pixels.

I made this because I like to watch GB videos at work and fill browser is not particularly useful for me.

You will need to use tampermonkey or greasemonkey etc, to add this script.


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@the_nubster: More so I'm not sure why the Embiggen button hasn't been brought back yet? I suppose the new player doesn't support it or something? It's not as easy to put it back in? This is a feature that is not only a Giant Bomb thing but also a prominent option on YouTube.

I also work in a huge multinational investment bank as a designer and we have laggy virtual machines and single monitors and all sorts of really dumb things that make actually working a struggle at times. So hey I relate.. but GB isn't some gigantic conglomerate. I assume they don't need to send re-designs to several chains of Vice Presidents and Managing Directors until someone signs off on them. I'm actually sort of tired of complaining about the new site because I've been doing so for what seems like a long time and it's starting to feel embarrassing, but I also use this site a lot. I've noticed that usage has slowed to a crawl. Not a lot of people post anymore and there are reasons for that not related to the redesign but it certainly doesn't help. If they are in over their heads then there is no shame in asking for help. If this is some corporate bottleneck then they should let us know so we're aware that it's out of their hands. Otherwise it's hard to believe they are this inept and this tone deaf about the complaints to just keep blindly forging on while people are yelling left and right about how wrong this direction is.

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@humanity: The info slot they added seems to take away Embiggen. As in, with that info there, the player won't be able to expand properly because there's now an additional third attached to it. Like a lot of the new design, it's fixing one issue and introducing others. I like the info, but I'll take Embiggen over that info any day.

I feel the same as you do about the new design. I have a lot of complaints and I'm making them so much that I feel petty or ridiculous, but I want this site to be as good as it can be. It's disappointing to me to lose the forums, because I enjoyed spending my time here (and before anyone else mentions it, the subreddit is toxic and negative as hell, I didn't enjoy the time that I spent there very much). A lot of it is just disappointing, which is so weird because a fan-made thing like QL Crew or the Turbo extension seem to so easily understand what the site needs.

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