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After the interesting discussion on the podcast I got investigating old magazines online. Absolutely brilliant Archive here - Old Computer Mags

Found mine below, which I started reading after getting my Spectrum+. Still have every issue in binders but great to find them online. Post your 1st mags here.

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I don't remember which issue but the first one i read somewhat regularly was Gen4. A French video games magazine dedicated to computer games. I think they eventually started another one dedicated to consoles.

It's from France and we would get each issue over here in Québec about 3-4 months later. Since i didn't speak any English at the time options were limited. It was alright.

If i remember correctly, in their weird universe Sin won over Half-Life. Jeff would approve that.

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@pr1mus: I totally have this issue in a drawer somewhere. I read that magazine until it died, I believe in 2004.

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PC gamer back in the mid 90s, threw them all away some years ago though :/

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I don't have it any more but I think it was a PSM which had a Driver 1 review in it

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I can't remember exactly which one, but it was either "C64er" or "Happy Computer" sometimes in the mid Eighties (both German magazines).

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My entire old magazine collection (along with my entire old game collection) was destroyed in a house fire last year. I imagine my first games magazine was an old issue of PlayStation Solutions. Possibly the one with Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee on the cover. This is the only image of it I can find:

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Despite being a kid with no money and not being able to afford many recently released games, I still loved PlayStation Solutions, a magazine dedicated to guides and walkthroughs of recently released games. I liked reading the guides even if I didn't own the games.

I did have an Amiga before a PlayStation, but never got into Amiga Magazines. I was too young, I guess. I hear Amiga Power was a fantastic publication. It would have been great to have some of those.

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Joystik magazine. It is really old, and didn't last long, but I went over that rag back and forth so many times. Reading about the "Byte-rollover" problem in Pac-Man (this was before the term Kill Screen was common). It was where I saw my first images of Blade Runner and The Wall. So many childhood memories.

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The first magazines I remember having are a stack of '96-'97 Gamepros found for free at a garage sale; the first one I remember personally buying was definitely OPM, I believe it was the issue with Final Fantasy VIII on the cover.

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My first magazine was COMPUTE, I started a subscription in 1984 and kept it up until 1990.

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C+VG 1988 don't know the month but I bought the magazine even though I had an Atari 520st and couldn't play any of the games mentioned because it was all about the Amiga 500, Spectrum and C64.

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Hmm... Where's Computer Gaming World?

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i think it was nintendo power. use to read those a lot back when i played n64 alot.

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An Australian magazine called PC User, it was the December 2000 issue and came with a free copy of the original Alone in the Dark.

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@morningstar said:

PC gamer back in the mid 90s, threw them all away some years ago though :/

Console mags included Nintendo Power, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Game Pro, and Next Generation. Had subscriptions to all but Game Pro.

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N64 magazine was perhaps the Giant Bomb of its day. Serious when it needed to be, while still having plenty of clever, dumb jokes about video games.

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PLAY magazine with the cover being about Crash Team Racing. IIRC.

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That sucks MattyFTM, losing all that history. Most of mine were water damaged and had to be binned so this site is great. The only ones I have left are every issue of Your Sinclair. Yup, Amiga Power and Amiga Format were quite techy which was good. I was well into Delux Paint art and animation at the time. Ever so helpful.

I remember the first CVG I got had Space Harrier on the cover, don't know what year. They often had excellent covers by Oli Frey.