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#1 Posted by eighte8 (16 posts) -

Stadia has folks talking about internet infrastructure around the world. What's your location, download speed, cost, and data cap?

I'm in a major USA city at 70Mb down for $70/month with a 1 terrabyte data cap.

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#2 Edited by Efesell (4633 posts) -

Nowhere, Missouri. Get 40mbps on a good day for ~$65, no cap.

Not all that optimistic, despite requirements listed.

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#3 Posted by Casepb (776 posts) -

Live in the USA near a major city. Pay close to $90 a month for 150 down, 50 up, no cap.

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#4 Posted by JohnyMyko (1902 posts) -

In Portugal, 100mb down (usually around 80~90) with no cap, for 35€ a month (a package with internet + cable tv)

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#5 Posted by Ben_H (4208 posts) -

50 down/5 up with a 400GB cap for I think $80 a month. It's also not as reliable of a connection as it used to be. I'd be skeptical if Stadia worked stably on my connection.

The cap is the biggest problem these days. Downloading one game on PSN or steam can now blow through 10% of it. I gotta look into getting better service.

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#6 Posted by Jesus_Phish (3915 posts) -

Dublin, Ireland - 240MB, no cap, €54.

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#7 Posted by CreepingDeath0 (421 posts) -

UK, 90-100 down fairly consistently, no cap, £20/month.

No interest at all in Stadia.

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#8 Posted by Moskelosk (57 posts) -

I live in Sweden and pay 545kr/month (~53 USD) for 1000 Mbit/s with no cap.

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#9 Posted by nateandrews (112 posts) -

Rural Maine, anywhere between 1-5 Mbps down. It’s the best that’s offered where I currently live. I recently switched to my phone’s hotspot for online games because it can do closer to 25-30 Mbps down (unlimited data). No data cap on the internet, but there’s a soft cap on my phone’s data past 25 gigs. The sort of thing where I may get slowed during peak hours. I’m not sure peak hours even exist out here.

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#10 Edited by tunaburn (2081 posts) -

Phoenix area in Arizona.

$99 a month

100MB down 25MB up

No data cap

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#11 Posted by frytup (1365 posts) -

SF Bay Area
1TB cap

If you go over the cap, they charge you in 50GB blocks at $10 each.

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#12 Edited by pweidman (2870 posts) -

Sacramento CA

Approx. 30mb down avg. and like 3 mg up. $54/month.

No cap.

Shitty AT&T fiber. Comcast offers much faster for more $ w/package deals, phone, TV, internet etc. btw in my area.

Works for me now really, but I'll have to upgrade I bet to get on that streaming train apparently after that Stadia info.

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#13 Posted by Barrock (4167 posts) -

Outside Seattle.

Up to 60 Mbps, 49.99 a month, 1024 GB cap which is unfortunate.

I'm not really wanting to enter a brand new gaming ecosystem, I'd rather just pay the extra money for a new video card when I need one.

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#14 Posted by Rorie (5912 posts) -

I'm in Fruitvale, CA:

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I pay around 110/month on Sonic Fiber! No cap, which is nice. You can do the Stadia speedtest here. It seems to be pretty consistently higher than and speedtest for some reason.

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#15 Posted by Rorie (5912 posts) -

@frytup: Look into Sonic if it's available!

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#16 Posted by frytup (1365 posts) -

@rorie said:

@frytup: Look into Sonic if it's available!

Oh, I have. They're getting closer, but still haven't quite made it to my area.

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#17 Posted by SuperJoe (1271 posts) -

Burbank, CA

AT&T U-verse, 50 down/10 up, 1 TB cap, $30 (bundle price with wireless)

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#18 Edited by sparky_buzzsaw (8956 posts) -

25 down, no cap, in rural Montana for about $110 a month. Fuck being in a rural area with one provider.

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#19 Posted by thebunnyhunter (1550 posts) -

Spectrum about 70miles west of STL along a major interstate. 200Mbps down/10Mbps up. $65 a month no caps. Option for Gigabit for $100 a month.

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#20 Edited by Onemanarmyy (4583 posts) -


250/25 connection , no cap

65€ /month (Internet+ TV + Phone)

I did realize that if i wanted to leave my ISP, my next best option would be to get a 29/ 3 connection for 30€. Yikes!

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#21 Posted by tds418 (523 posts) -

Washington DC, 100MB down and up, no cap. Bundled with a TV package and the bill is inscrutable as to what the internet alone would be, but together it's about $100/month. No interest in Stadia, at least at the moment.

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#22 Posted by Nordom (67 posts) -


50/50 no cap for 29€/month.

Looking at my provider I think it can be improved up to 500/500 no cap for 63€/month.

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#23 Posted by stantongrouse (243 posts) -


35 MB down (contract suggests it would be 65 but we have never gotten close to this) 10 MB up.

Uncapped £45 per month (with a completely unused landline as a part of the deal)

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#24 Posted by cikame (2949 posts) -
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Apparently i'm faster than half of Great Britain, which is worrying.

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#25 Posted by GiantBomber (398 posts) -

NZ - 1000/500

Speeds vary 100mbps-ish - $90NZD ($60USD)

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#26 Edited by PenguinDust (13093 posts) -

Small town USA, population as of census 2010 - 54,000. We have two providers in the area but one only services about 70% of the area, the other 30% are limited to the other provider. I am in that 30%.

8 down / .65 up @ around $40.00 per month. Stadia is useless to me. I have a hard enough time streaming GB's live broadcasts without buffering every 30 seconds. Who knows if I have a cap. At these speeds I doubt I could reach it.


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#27 Edited by geirr (3811 posts) -

Outskirts of Bergen, Norway

Fiber 500mb/500mb | 57.97usd | no cap.
Includes internet, cable TV, and phone.

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#28 Edited by fisk0 (6966 posts) -

Stockholm, Sweden, cable Internet at 500mbps down/10mbps up for about $53. No cap.

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#29 Edited by lanerobertlane (309 posts) -
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Rural village in UK,

386 down, 37 up.

£40 / month ($51usd) with no cap, (Includes Internet, Cable TV and a phone line too )

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#30 Edited by whitegreyblack (1981 posts) -

Canada, major city

(Supposed to be) 100mb up and down... but I never, ever get that.

1TB cap - the penalties for going over can be up to $45CAD per month; unlimited bandwidth is an extra $15CAD per month iirc

$90 CAD per month (~68USD) - we get hosed here in Canuckland

Stadia's online tool only clocked me in around 20-35 mbsp the three times I've tried it. Not optimistic.

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#31 Edited by MrGreenMan (250 posts) -

Middle of fuck nowhere, Michigan.

My options out here are Dial-up or very expensive Satellite with very very low data caps worse than my phone has. My only option to get any kind reliable internet is through AT&T data plans. So obviously Stadia is not even a viable option for me, it's part why I own a Switch, because I do not need an internet connection to play most games.

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#32 Posted by SkullPanda1 (1631 posts) -

USA between 2 cities

600 down 250 up and $70 a month with no cap on fiber

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#33 Posted by yourbrain (48 posts) -

Small town NC, USA

Just switched from DSL to cable (Spectrum) 2 days ago. Theoretical up to 200mbps down, wired (though it seems unstable - been getting anywhere from 40-200 in the dozen plus times I've checked). Seems about 10-12 up. No data cap. Promotional pricing at $50/month, "normal" price $70/mo

DSL (3mbps, $40/mo) and Spectrum are my only 2 options out here

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#34 Posted by MightyDuck (2049 posts) -

Last suburb south of Chicago before you hit farmland.

We pay $95 a month for 50 down and 5 up. Our cap is 1TB.

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#35 Edited by berfunkle (196 posts) -

400 down and 25 up at $90/month and no cap. Checked the Stadia speed test and got 200 down. Not surprising since I'm in rural upstate New York, on the other side of the country from those servers.

In the near future, I'll have the option of getting symmetrical gigabit Internet from another ISP at $160/month. Crazy expensive. And will I get this crazy fast Internet? Maybe, if this Stadia thing takes off or another service like it and it becomes the only way to play

the latest games.

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#36 Edited by someoneproud (668 posts) -

UK about 20 down 10 up, no caps & around £50. It is a thoroughly bad deal by UK standards, from a very old contract that I really need to change. I know people on my street that get twice as much for half the price...

Although I have absolutely zero interest in streaming games so it's not a pressing issue for me beyond being a shitty deal that's wasting money.

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#37 Posted by effache (351 posts) -

I'm in a large US city with 100 Mb/s down and up with no cap for $55/month on verizon fios.

For the first year it was only $40/month, but I was also only getting 50 Mb. The speed went up around the time the deal expired. In reality the wifi router I bought from them only reliably gives ~40 Mb/s on the 2.4 GHz band and my PC is not compatible with the 5 GHz band for whatever reason. That and, in the past few months I have had some intermittent connectivity issues, like speeds dropping to 0 for a few seconds every minute or so, makes streaming nearly impossible at times.

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#38 Posted by tatsuyarr (253 posts) -

Strasbourg, France, between 100 and 300Mb/s down, around 100Mb/s up, no cap, 42€/month.

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#39 Posted by MichaeIii (3 posts) -

north dallas 250 \ 25. no cap. $30 a month

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#40 Posted by monetarydread (2890 posts) -

Just outside of Kamloops, BC, Canada. 350 dl, 100 ul, no cap, static IP, $80 CAD.

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#41 Posted by Shindig (4984 posts) -

North East England

18 down, 1 up. No caps. Apparently I'm paying £40 for that shit.

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#42 Edited by jamesyfx (161 posts) -

Before I run a speed test.. I know my upload is going to be horrendous..


Manchester, UK

175 Down, 3 Up, No caps. I pay £49 a month.

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#43 Posted by bobafettjm (2341 posts) -

Alaska, 7 Mbps down and 1 Mbps Up and I pay $110 a month with no cap. I really never get below 100 ms ping no matter how favorable my conditions are. I also basically can't do anything if I am downloading anything.

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#44 Posted by Fezrock (732 posts) -

Major US city; 250 down/25 up. No cap.

Cost is $135, but that includes HBO and network TV bundled in to it.

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#45 Edited by captubaplayer (227 posts) -

Houston TX

Mine is part of a required technology bundle ($100 a month) in our apartment so it comes with HBO etc

150 down with a 1 TB monthly cap before charges kick in

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#46 Posted by rocketblast0063 (324 posts) -

Europe - EU is a nation right?

Download Speed: 500 Mb/s, which is 62,5 MB/s.
Upload Speed: 500 Mb/s, which is 62,5 MB/s.
No other caps, other than port 25 being blocked, for e-mail spam reasons.
About 50€/month.

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#47 Posted by justmusaz (4 posts) -

UK, Supposed to be 200Mbps but right now getting 16mbps according to the stadia test. £45, no cap

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#48 Posted by cikame (2949 posts) -
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Noticed websites were loading slowly, having a bad day, good thing i'm not using a streaming service or games would be unplayable.

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#49 Posted by Tearhead (2472 posts) -

In Barbados: 500 Mbps; On a bundle that includes cable and land line (that's how they get you) and its about $150; No cap.

Just did the Stadia test and got a download speed to their servers at 93Mbps, so hopefully it should work fine from where I am.

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#50 Posted by deactivated-5d056614f191a (1008 posts) -

35/10, no cap

Coast of Norway

My brother who lives a ferry ride away on the main land has 500/500 fiber.