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Hey duders. Obviously the Quick Looks are a huge part of this site, yet they vary somewhat in quality depending on who is present. This leads me to the question, what is your favorite Quick Look combination?

Personally I always love it when Brad and Jeff team up. They're both funny guys, with immense knowledge of games. They play well off each other, and tend to cover the games I like the most. Brad/Vinny and Jeff/Vinny are also great, because let's face it, Vinny is the man. When Drew, Dave and Vinny get togheter for simulators, that's always a ton of fun. Kinect stuff with Ryan is also hilarious!

My least favorite is when Patrick joins. Let him be in the news section. He tends to kill Quick Looks with an overload of opinions. And the mechanics... Always with the mechanics.

Now, what is your favorite combination?

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I like everyone

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Just watching Journey Down, I'd say I like the Patrick/Vinny combo (or maybe it's the kind of games they end up with...). Also, Drew and Dave.

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My dream QL would be three Ryans. Use that CBSi money to clone that mofo.

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@dungbootle said:

I like everyone

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Oh, it's this topic again huh...

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Drew, Dave, Vinny

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first name is person playing the game - second name is just talking

Favorites: Vinny-Ryan, Vinny-Jeff, Vinny-Dave-Drew, Jeff-Ryan and Ryan-Jeff

Least favorites: Patrick-Ryan, Patrick-Brad and Brad-Patrick, Brad-Ryan

Patrick and Brad are not good at doing commentary and playing at the same time. Both are best when taking a secondary role in the quicklook as opposed to the lead. However, Patrick has shown to be more entertaining when he is flying solo, as in the Spooking with Scoops videos.

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My favorite is Jeff and Ryan.

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VJ, VR, and JR are my favorites in that order. My least favorites are anything with Patrick (sorry buddy), only because I don't think he's nearly as funny as the other guys. But hey, not many people are.

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Vinny/Jeff or Vinny/Ryan. Sometimes Jeff and Ryan produce gold.

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Jeff/Vinny, or Vinny/Drew/Dave.

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Vinny running the show with Patrick supporting has been my favourite as of late, Brad/Ryan is also a great combination

my least favourite is probably Ryan/Jeff they're both great with others but they tend to play similar roles in quick looks and something about them together just doesn't gel for me

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Favorite: Vinny/Jeff Vinny/Ryan Jeff/Ryan. Drew and Dave are also great.

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Vinny + anyone = a good time.

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i like any combination of Jeff, Vinny, Dave, Drew and/or Ryan. I've also warmed to Brad, as of late.

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I like pretty much everyone, in every combination. Some are better with PC than console and some are funnier than others, but if there were a "best" pairing, it would grow stale if it wasn't mixed up, anyway.

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Ryan really gets under my skin with some of the bullshit he says but my favorites from the GB archive are the Jeff/Ryan combos with Jeff driving the controls. Jeff/Vinny is excellent too. Jeff is great in every combo IMO.

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Jeff and Ryan because they feel like the two who share the closest personal relationship and they play off eachother well. Vinny is just really funny no matter who he is with. I like Patrick and all, but I tend to not watch quicklooks that he is in, he is so brazen to make really generalized statements really quickly and I just don't fins his personality very interesting. Not to say that he is shallow or anything I just don't think I would enjoy say hanging out with him if we lived near each other or something. Probably because of him enjoying SPOOOOOOKY scary stuff which I dislike and him being from up North. I enjoy Brad in almost any setting because he is pretty smart and lived about 30 minutes from me haha. NC State IS a great college