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With Mortal Kombat and Super Street Fighter IV: AE being released recently and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, SF x Tekken, and Tekken Tag 2 on the horizon. I decided to see what other community members favorite Fighting Game series is there favorite. Even though I love Mortal Kombat, I gotta say that 3rd Strike is my absolute favorite and can't wait for it to come out.

If you have a particular favorite, shout it out in the forum or if your favorite isn't on the list, let it be known.

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Darkstalkers, with Street Fighter as a close second. 
Also, Rival Schools should be on that list.

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Tekken. My first foray into fighting games began with that, and it's the only fighting series I got OK at. Street Fighter deserves some lovin' too since I had a lot of fun playing with the PS3 GBer's in SSFIV, even though I completely stunk.

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Soul Calibur was the childhood favourite with Tekken close behind, but Mortal Kombat has recently stolen my love.

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I'm not surprised by all the MK votes. Kind of expected, but also weird despite its rocky start, what with launching with laggy online and having constant damage value tweaks being patched under players noses every week or so. Maybe its a sign that Netherrealms is doing the right things to their game.

I played a grand shit-ton of Soul Calibur II so thats what gets my vote. Too bad Namcos never going to come anywhere near topping it.

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I like Tekken with all of it's customization.

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Loved Tekken 2 back in the day, but haven't played a Tekken game since Tekken Tag Tournament for PS2. Not sure what the series is like today. Played a ton of Street Fighter 2 Turbo as well and MK 1 & 2. Not sure which one gets the most love, I can't decide between them.

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Smash bros. 

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Super Smash Bros. You can argue for days and night about it being a fighting game or not but to me it is and it's the best I've ever played.,

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@Underachiever007: Damn, knew I forgot one. lol

@MetalMoog: I played a lot of Tekken 2, but never played the others. Just picked up Tekken 6 for cheap so guess I'll find out.

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Smash Bros

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Guilty Gear.  The times me and my friends had playing that, the characters, gorgeous sprites, crazy attacks, fantastic music... I really could never find anything wrong with it, except maybe some of the ridiculous challenge bosses.  Gold I-No is a pain in the ass.

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Street Fighter and Smash Bros. 

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I debated about putting Smash Bros. in the poll. For some reason it must've slipped my mind. Oh well, that's why "Other" is there.

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My first fighting game was Tekken 3, and even though it was fun back then, at this point I really can't enjoy 3d fighters like that and VF at all. I really prefer Street Fighter, because it was the first fighting game that I took seriously and it's always been the game bringing the hype train. Smash bros is great too even though a lot of people say it's not a fighting game. 
I'm kind of bored of fighting games in general atm though, because I've been playing way too many MOBAs so my execution is through the floor. 3SO looks really good though, so I need to get back into it before that releases.

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So many fighting games I love. I can't say I have played or liked any series more than Street Fighter, but that being said I was a big Virtua Fighter fan back in the day. Fighting Vipers was also great. Mortal Kombat is also great and Dead of Alive still calls me back.

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Good thing you left Smash Bros. off that list.

Anyway, Street Fighter II is one of the first games I have ever played and that series has stuck with me since.

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Surprised to see Tekken and MK tied.

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You have Clayfighter, but not effing Super Smash Bros.? The hell is wrong with you?

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Rival Schools is where it's at.

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Why is Jackie Chan not an option? This poll is teh bias!

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Street Fighter.

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if i had to pick a favorite, probably soul calibur.
also a fan of mk, kof, and doa. tekken and virtua fighter i like but haven't played much of.

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Eternal Champions.

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I'm only 'good' at Street Fighter but Guilty Gear's my favorite. As long as the gameplay is two dimensional I'm in.

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I've always preferred the VS. series, I find it a lot easier to get my hands to do what I want them to when I'm playing those games and I love the crazy science of it.

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Smash Bros.

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A new Melty Blood would be wonderful, as would a new Killer Instinct.! 
 I voted other in regards to Super Smash Bros. and Capcom vs.

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B is the correct answer. Looks like many of you forgot your glasses today.

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Capcom Versus and Street Fighter!

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King of Fighters hits home the most for me.

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Tekken and Mortal Kombat are my favourites but do enjoy some older Street Fighter games.

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I should of voted for doa, but I voted for killer instinct instead.

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I voted Dead or Alive because I wanted to give it some props, but it's equal in my mind with Soul Calibur.  I suck at fighting games and you can button-mash your way through both of these and have a good time.   I know there is a deeper game in both if you're willing to learn it, but that's not me.  I prefer smacking the CPU around for a bit then doing something else.  That's all I need to satisfy my infrequent fighting urge.  

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I'm not a fan of 2D fighters. Tekken's my game.
Have to admit, I'm chuckling at people saying Smash Bros..

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The only one I've ever cared for has been Mortal Kombat. It is simple to grasp which is great for me who doesn't invest too much time into one game. It also helps that I grew up with MK. Favorite fighter has always been Sub-Zero although in the new MK he kinda sucks due to his freeze being slowed down.

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@Video_Game_King said:

You have Clayfighter, but not effing Super Smash Bros.? The hell is wrong with you?

It's the best fighting game, not the best party game =P

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@PenguinDust: I find I like to smack the CPU around after I get worked online. Great stress releaser.

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Wow so many MK fans here. I'm in love with SF.

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@D2Girls: Wow. 1st post for you. Welcome to Giant Bomb.

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Currently, I'd say BlazBlue. I just prefer the characters, atmosphere, and attempt at storytelling more than any other fighting game series on the market currently.

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@Hailinel: I tried my hand at BlazBlue awhile back and never really clicked with it. I loved the art style and everything, but I just couldn't get into it for some reason.