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Poll: Your Favourite Norse Mythology Themed Game (266 votes)

God of War 2018 42%
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice 15%
Jotunn 2%
Banner Saga 14%
Skyrim 28%
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#1 Posted by toomuchcraig (310 posts) -

I never got on with Skyrim, but because of God of War I am reading "Norse Mythology" by Neil Gaiman. I now have a stronger interest in Norse thanks to G.O.W and am exploring further, whilst before I just knew about Thor and Loki really.

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#2 Posted by Zeik (5192 posts) -

Odin Sphere probably.

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#3 Edited by frytup (1287 posts) -

I'm not sure I'd put Skyrim on the list. It's vaguely based on pre-Christian Scandinavian culture, but doesn't reference any actual Norse mythology as far as I recall.

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#4 Posted by Acura_Max (757 posts) -

You forgot Lords of the Fallen. But that's okay. I wasn't going to vote for that anyway.

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#5 Edited by bigdaddy81 (383 posts) -

Where, in the ever-loving FUCK, is Too Human?!

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#6 Posted by BaconHound (289 posts) -

Lots of options missing... I think The Lost Vikings gets my vote.

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#7 Posted by ShaggE (9261 posts) -
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#8 Posted by Tom_omb (1073 posts) -

If Skyrim counts World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King kinda does.

Either way I feel like voting for God of War because it's my jam right now.

Put a ton of time into both Skyrim and Wrath, but I don't really want to go back to either. Maybe I could have better perspective a few years removed from GoW, but it's not something I can compare right now.

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#9 Posted by TheWildCard (694 posts) -

It would be Skyrim except I don't think it should actually count.

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#10 Posted by deckard (354 posts) -

@tom_omb said:

If Skyrim counts World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King kinda does.

Yeah I was thinking of WotLK also.

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#11 Edited by NTM (11744 posts) -

I don't think Jotun's the best, even out of the ones you posted, but I've always felt it was underappreciated and underplayed. It's a great, challenging game. I don't think Skyrim counts at all. Heck, The Witcher feels more like it's in line with Norse than Skyrim. God of War was good. I didn't love it, but I do like what they did with the Norse mythoi in it, so I'll choose it. If I can choose The Witcher 3, I'll choose that though. Hellblade is a great game, but I wouldn't choose it over the other games probably aside from Banner Saga which was interesting in some respects but became too much of a bore to me in the things it's trying to do, which is its story. I would have loved if the gameplay took a more Jotun approach too instead of the sliding environment from place to place. If Banner Saga retained the story, and the combat would suffice but made it more about controlling a character through the world, that would have been more compelling an experience to me.

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#12 Edited by Jonny_Anonymous (3662 posts) -

Skyrim absolutely counts. Just look into the Nords\Atmoran mythology.

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#13 Posted by Superkenon (1703 posts) -

It was Wild Arms 3 all along

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#14 Posted by CupOfDoom (95 posts) -

Skyrim is not Norse mythology themed. They named swapped everything and made enough diversions from the mythology that it is its own thing.

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#15 Posted by Jurck (51 posts) -

Age of Mythology! It's where all of my knowledge of Norse mythology comes from, so I'm definitely an expert.

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#16 Edited by BoOzak (2570 posts) -

Of the ones you posted Skyrim, although the norse aspect is probably the thing I like the least about it. (and is now synonymous with TES) That's not to say I dont like norse mythology. I just prefer weird shit to archetypes which is why Morrowind is still my favourite TES game despite it being very dated because it felt the most original.

Odin's Sphere is probably the most interesting use of norse mythology although I did like the idea behind Too Human even if it turned into a trainwreck.

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#17 Posted by captain_max707 (673 posts) -

@jurck said:

Age of Mythology! It's where all of my knowledge of Norse mythology comes from, so I'm definitely an expert.

This is the correct answer.

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#18 Posted by fisk0 (6865 posts) -

Missing quite a few from that poll. I'd instinctively like to say Human Head's Rune, but I barely remember how that game played.

Age of Mythology is probably the safer answer, because even though it's probably my least favorite of the Ensemble Studios RTS games, it's still a pretty solid game.

Another game that comes to mind is the ridiculously complex iron-age-Finland-based roguelike UnReal World which Drew played on the site a few years ago.

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#19 Edited by ZombiePie (7401 posts) -
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#20 Posted by Onemanarmyy (4307 posts) -

Age of Mythology.

Rune was a cool game,but i don't know if the story ever delved into norse mythology. It was a lot of fun chopping dudes though.

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#21 Posted by chrispaul92 (149 posts) -

Age of Mythology.

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#22 Posted by BaneFireLord (3564 posts) -

Everybody saying Age of Mythology is giving the correct answer.

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#23 Posted by madpierrot (110 posts) -

I am in the Age of Mythology camp. First game I ever followed pre-release. Bought it day 1 and played it in college constantly for years. Still have it installed on my PC for when I get the feeling to play a game.

The Norse were my second favorite though behind the Egyptians.

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#24 Posted by Savage (782 posts) -

Valkyrie Profile!

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#25 Posted by csl316 (14959 posts) -

Too Human, mother fucka

Valkyire Profile 2 is amazing and brilliant. Odin Sphere is great, too, with a special mention to Tomb Raider: Underworld.

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#26 Posted by PeteyCoco (279 posts) -

Age of Mytholgy for sure!

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#27 Posted by DodoBasse (109 posts) -

Don't know if it's my favorite, but Northgard deserves a mention.

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#28 Edited by imhungry (1115 posts) -

It's probably either Valkyrie Profile or Odin Sphere for me, neither of which is on the list so I guess Hellblade?

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#29 Posted by CreepingDeath0 (418 posts) -

@toomuchcraig: you should check out a book called The Gospel of Loki. Basically the mythology told from Loki's perspective. It's quite a fun read.

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#30 Edited by deactivated-5b86467090483 (21 posts) -

@toomuchcraig: Such a great book. you should Read "The Viking Spirit" its pretty good easy read of Norse mythology

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#31 Posted by JohnyMyko (1868 posts) -

Age of Mythology was the best mythology-related game.

Also, I don't think Skyrim counts as "Norse Mythology". It might be inspired by it, but it's not the same.

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#34 Posted by Jesus_Phish (3845 posts) -

@deckard: WoW added in even more Norse stuff in Legion. You fight "Hymdall", "Hyrja", "Fenryr" and "Odyn" as well as go to Hel to fight "Hel'ya"

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#35 Edited by Dan_CiTi (5198 posts) -

um....Odin Sphere? only game that comes close to this new GoW.

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#36 Posted by TheChris (487 posts) -

Too Human /snicker

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#37 Posted by toomuchcraig (310 posts) -
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#38 Posted by bakoomerang (185 posts) -

Neither game has aged well, but I liked both Viking: Battle for Asgard and Too Human when they came out.

Also, Jotun is absolutely worth playing if you're interested in Norse mythology.

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#39 Posted by Atlas (2739 posts) -

It feels wrong voting for Skyrim, but I did it anyway, because that game rules.

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#40 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (3662 posts) -

Skyrim is not Norse mythology themed. They named swapped everything and made enough diversions from the mythology that it is its own thing.

Then does Banner Saga? I said norse themed not retelling.

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#41 Posted by TheWildCard (694 posts) -

@savage said:

Valkyrie Profile!

Oooh duh! That's probably my real answer.

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#42 Posted by mems1224 (2505 posts) -

GoW does the Norse stuff better by Skyrim is a far better game so I vote for that

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#43 Posted by Nightriff (7195 posts) -

Marvel Ultimate Alliance count?

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#44 Edited by Karmosin (371 posts) -

Maybe not Mythology as much as Norse folklore, but Year Walk is a great little game based on an old Swedish custom where a person walks outside on a special night and in the end of their promenade gets a glimpse of the future. It's got well-balanced puzzles, a cold, harsh aesthetic and genuinely creepy atmosphere.

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#45 Posted by Naoiko (1676 posts) -

Valkyrie Profile is my vote. 2nd place going to Odin sphere.

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#46 Posted by Marcsman (3823 posts) -

Hello? Lost Vikings. A SNES classic

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#47 Posted by Ravelle (3304 posts) -

Besides the obvious newer games, Rune was pretty dope.

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#49 Posted by TobbRobb (6582 posts) -

Out of that list it's God of War. But knowing me I would probably like Odin Sphere and Valkyrie Profile a lot if I had played them (looking into VP right now because of the norse binge)

Man it's been sweet diving back into reading up on Norse mythology. I grew up with it since my area is basically a lil hedonistic haven in the countryside and I live a an hour away from a preserved viking village. These stories were a big part of my childhood. Been reading stuff out of the minor Edda in swedish to get my fill. It's suprisingly readable!

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#50 Posted by pweidman (2851 posts) -

Where, in the ever-loving FUCK, is Too Human?!

Here Here