Your First 1000 Hour Game (I hit mine)

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#101 Posted by Random45 (1807 posts) -

World of Warcraft, easily. I think last I checked I had close to 200 days played. I've played it since launch, have been on and off for years and months at a time, but I always come back to it and keep adding to that damn timer.

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#102 Posted by pappafost (230 posts) -

@babychoochoo: "It's so fucking grindy that there's literally an option to set your characters up (you controlled 3 characters at a time btw) and have them auto attack anything that came near them. Meanwhile, you could be off doing whatever else."

Haha. I assume this was invented by a rich oil man who wants us all to use more electricity, before he invented bitcoin mining.

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#103 Posted by Markus1395 (75 posts) -

Final Fantasy Tactics is far and away my most played game. I calculated roughly how many hours I had put into it, and it was at least 1300. And that was a few years/play through ago. Which is crazy, because doing EVERYTHING in that game would probably take 100 hours MAXIMUM at a leisurely pace. But what can I say? It's my forever game.

Other games I've played a ton of but not sure they'd break 1k- Brigandine (PS1), Persona 4 Golden (Vita), Morrowind (Xbox and PC), Oblivion (Xbox 360 and PC), Mount & Blade: Warband (PC), Dragon's Dogma (Xbox 360 and PC), Final Fantasy IV (PS1, GBA and PSP), and Dragon Age: Origins (Xbox 360 and PC)

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#104 Edited by John1912 (2504 posts) -

1000? World of Warcraft easily...I actually hated seeing my time played...I mean who put that in? That had to cost them money?!?! Who wants to see how many hours you sunk into that fucking thing honestly. Like 25% of people should be...How many hours/days did I play this? I need help!!! What am I doing with my life! Quit after Burning Crusade though.

League of Legends is easily up there, maybe my most hours played, and my longest played game ever. After that maybe Ninja Gaiden for Xbox? I got really into that, and competed in the Master Ninja online Tourney. I did really well, placed something like 25-35th? in the World for first one. 40s-low 50s in second Tourney I think. I know with just original Ninja Gaiden not counting black I had like 240 hours, but even with both of those well shy of 1000..

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#105 Posted by Strangestories (424 posts) -

I played a lot of World of Warcraft between the ages of 11 and 16. That's the only game that I possibly broached 1000 hours with but I can't be sure since my characters were deleted a few years ago with that purge blizzard did.

Pokemon Sapphire is probably my second highest playtime. Couldn't even begin to guess how long I played that as a kid.

Highest playtime on a game within the past few years is probably Binding of Isaac Rebirth at like 200. I can't imagine playing a single game for 1000 hours again.

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#106 Posted by MyNiceIceLife (717 posts) -

It might have been Civilization III, but I do know that I hit way over 1000 hours in Call of Duty United Offensive MP.

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#107 Posted by halodude442 (74 posts) -

Counter Strike Source and World of Warcraft easily. I think about 2500 in CSS and maybe 3000 in WoW. This was back when these games were in there respective primes. Lots of good memories from back then!

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#108 Posted by wollywoo (281 posts) -

Probably the only one is Hearthstone. I've played it practically every night since it came out. Although I am always doing something else while playing it, either reading stupid stuff on the Internet or listening to a podcast/audiobook or both. For some reason it's very relaxing to have both sides of my brain simultaneously tingling.

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#109 Posted by hott8bitaction (76 posts) -

The Binding of Issac: Rebirth. Between the Vita, PS4, and PC I have completed all achievements and 100%’ed all three save files on my PS4 game. A great podcast/waiting for data to process kind of game.

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#110 Posted by alwaysbebombing (2713 posts) -

The Sims series, mostly

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#111 Posted by Dilkington (84 posts) -

My first was Counter Strike: Source, but have since cleared that mark (by a lot) in World of Warcraft and Space Engineers.

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#112 Edited by Counterclockwork87 (1180 posts) -

I don't know if I even have a 200 hour game!

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#113 Posted by sirgregmac81 (11 posts) -

Probably spent 1,000 plus hours on Ken Griffey Jr. presents MLB and Tecmo Super Bowl III: The Final Edition, a few hundred hours for each NCAA football game since '99, I can't count the amount of hours I've spent playing Age of Empires II, but by far the most I've played a game is Europa Universalis IV, according to steam I'm up to 4708 hours and I still attempt to conqueror the world on a near constant basis.

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#114 Posted by Hamst3r (5480 posts) -

Well, I combined the time played for all of the games I have on Steam and it's under 1,000 hours. BOOM.

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#115 Posted by Efesell (4532 posts) -

I played WoW regularly for about a decade and am now playing it again so it probably has to be that.

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#116 Posted by SirOptimusPrime (2072 posts) -

Diablo 2 definitely. I'm real glad that I had no way of clocking hours back then. I really don't need to know how much of my life is lost in Meph runs...