Your Perfect Game - fuse games into your ideal experience

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Just a way to relieve yourself of the feeling that you're very unlikely to ever get your perfect game. Spill it and set yourself free.

For me:

  • Exploration and wonder of Breath of the Wild
  • Charm and care put into the story, characters and "set-dressing" of Okami
  • Shadow of the Colossus type bosses roaming around the world, possibly causing havoc to the inhabitants and make good use of the exploration mechanics (since they're even huger now)
  • The last three's aesthetics combined as filtered through the eyes of Shigenori Soejima (Persona art director)

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#2 Posted by AlKusanagi (1653 posts) -

If I could ever make my dream game, I'd want to make a JRPG style game, but all the battles would be a 2D-style tag battle fighting game.

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Here are my two perfect games:

  1. XCOM with Overwatch heroes. Pretty basic. I love XCOM as is, but if you were controlling hero type characters and everyone had their own abilities, that could my GOAT.
  2. Persona, but with college students. Modern Persona will probably be forever and ever feature high school students going to high school. While that's fine, I have long thought about a game like Persona that took place entirely on a college campus. You lived in the dorms, you went to classes, you attended school events or clubs, etc. The dungeons could be a Tartarus equivalent where a part of the college transforms or maybe there's a Midnight Channel equivalent where you enter some portal that's hidden on the premises. The university I graduated from had a downtown area right across the street from the college campus. So I imagine the open world will be a cross between the campus itself, and a couple of streets that have coffee shops, bars, a music venue, a movie theater, and so on. I don't necessarily need the Persona style combat. I'm mainly talking about an RPG, with the Social Links/Confidants, and raising skills like knowledge and charm, but in a college environment.
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@clagnaught:Love the Persona idea!

My dream games:

  1. A grand strategy game with Crusader Kings II real-time-with-pause and character mechanics, Total War style battles and Stronghold/Simcity city-building tools.
  2. A memory deletion device, so I can play Planescape Torment for the first time again.
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Vampire Hunter D meets open world meets Zelda meets a Platinum game.

Explore the world, raid castles to slay vampires combined with a cool combat system.

Or Darkest Dungeon meets Total War meets Stellaris meets Homeworld.

The struggle and desperation of Darkest Dungeon combined with turnbased space 4X combined with realtime Homeworld combat.

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Hitman with the dialogue gameplay parts from Alpha Protocol, because that kind of stuff is the one thing still missing from the series for a perfect social stealth experience. Right now Hitman compares somewhat to Hogan's Heroes: you can put on the most ridiculous disguises and somehow everyone believes you're the real thing, however unlikely that might be (see Helmut Kruger or the drummer in Bangkok). I want that, but I also want the option of a Rockford Files like experience, where the whole disguise is a fake business card, some glasses and a lot of bullshit talking.

Mount and Blade with a continous open world. Ideally like in Dragons Dogma or ARMA, since those games' maps have a realistic sense of scale to their terrain that is missing from Disneyland experiences like Skyrim.

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@clagnaught: Isn't Invisible Inc. kinda like your first idea? I'm speaking as someone who only heard Austin talk about the game.

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I'm not sure it would be my perfect game but Fallout (or really any wasteland game) fused with Banjo Kazooie N&B would be amazing. They had the right idea with making all the crap you scavenge be usefull in Fallout 4 the only flaw is that for me (and a lot of people) crafting/base building wasnt fun. I'd also fuse the Mordor Nemesis system into it because why not. Imagine all the crazy people with their contraptions and the chaos that would ensue.

Granted this would take a lot of work but it would be awesome.

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@clagnaught: Have you played Valkyria Chronicles? I don't know if you would consider all of them 'hero characters', but each character has their own distinct personality and a unique set of gameplay attributes.

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Since I'm kind of in a mech place right now in my life:

Titanfall meets Battlegrounds.

Any kind of mech game meets Witcher 3.

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#11 Posted by xanadu (2049 posts) -

The graphical powers of Naughty Dog with the world building style of Rockstsr with the open ended nature of a Bethesda game.

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I want somebody to make a ship-battling system similar to FTL's and make a full-fledged RPG instead of a roguelike - free exploration, dialogue, quest lines, etc. That battle system is so fun I'm surprised more games haven't copied it.

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Where's my procedural (or not) Overcooked with progression, user design/building, and possibly loot?

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So, I think mixing too much is a notion for failure, but I’ll bite.

I remember Dead Rising coming out and having a huge mall for an environment. Characters had a common safe room and CBs for communication.

I thought at the time that a co-op survival mode where everyone started in random places could be cool. Take a little Halo proximity chat, throw in some CBs to find...sounded cool.

Similarly, I remember going to Hell in Doom 3 and thinking that one man using the light while the other shoots was cool, but what if Hell messed with the player. Make things appear for one person, but not the other. Make players look like enemies, causin friendly fire. Mess with voice chat; maybe record and playback clips, distorted or clean, like the predator...use voice masks.

I think messing with perception in online multiplayer could be really great. It probably relies on playing with friends who will buy-in, but I’m bummed out that sort of thing hasn’t been explored more.*

*Patent pending.

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Souls combat, size of a Bethesda open world, Diablo loot mechanics, with a central amazing story line and flowery dialogue like Legacy of Kain, but with also populated with a lot of randomly generated characters and interactions that are just as interesting but only 1/1000th as crazy as Dwarf Fortress.

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A Fallout / Elder Scrolls style first-person adventure game with Borderlands 2's combat and co-op, a similar loot and skill system to Diablo 3, and the storytelling of The Witcher 3.

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@hans_maulwurf: That sounds pretty great, the Hitman/Alpha Protocol mash-up.

In my mind it would be open-world, but not in the “there’s crap to do everywhere” vein of most games, more like a Bethesda map, where it’s more about rolling-up on a guy in one of several locations and attacking those locations in several ways.

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Oh boy, my dreamgame would be stuff made up by the following.

Game should be in a High Fantasy setting. Kinda like a LOTR esque setting.

Third person perspective, like with any third person game. Shadow of the Colossus came in mind first, in terms on how the camera is designed.

Huge Battles, the smallest normal battles late game should at least as large as the biggest you can do in the Total War Games. So around 30000 minimum, around a billion different entities at its biggest.

Fighting akin to Ninty Nine Nights or in some ways similar to Dynasty Warriors 8, but with combos like you know from fighting games, and fluent switching to Magic/Archery as well.

A similar simplistic magic system similar to Magic Carpet. Choose from a hundred magic spells and upgrade them. A fist sized fireball at start of the magic path, a 500 meter meteroite at the end game.

An RPG system similar to what Gothic 1 and 2 did, but it has to go off-the-rails as well. Start off weak, turn into godlike mode late game.

The game should be an open world game that enables the player to circle around the world, with planetary tech similar lets say Star Citizen or Megaton Rainfall.

Its not about being a power fantasy. Start off really small, like a normal fighter/archer/mage. And climb the ladder to become a high-king/godlike being who can do anything. Make your own kingdom or evil lair and reminiscent the paths you had to take in order to achieve that. Consider this game to be a really long experience.

Choose between doing good or bad and construct the ultimate everlasting kingdom in the way you want. Though the quest system should be fluid, rather than like the choices you seen in games such as Black and White. The end of the quest should not decide if you're good or evil, but rather the way you've approached the quest itself. I don't really know any games that do this, none came to my mind.

You should control your armies kinda like you do with Mount and Blade: Warband and the Total War series.

Thats basically all. I'm reaching for the stars here but why the hell not?

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My dream game would feature...

  • Armored vehicles from late WW1 (when they started to actually resemble tanks) on (World of Tanks/War Thunder)
  • AI helpers similar to grunts/spectres from Titanfall
  • Strategic points on maps that cater to all kinds of battles (Battlefield)
  • Multiple game modes to keep it interesting (Call of Duty)
  • The ability to strike a fine balance between realistic performance and gameplay (Yet to find one that isn't filled with P2W garbage or blatant bias)
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@nutter said:
Similarly, I remember going to Hell in Doom 3 and thinking that one man using the light while the other shoots was cool, but what if Hell messed with the player. Make things appear for one person, but not the other. Make players look like enemies, causin friendly fire. Mess with voice chat; maybe record and playback clips, distorted or clean, like the predator...use voice masks.

I think messing with perception in online multiplayer could be really great. It probably relies on playing with friends who will buy-in, but I’m bummed out that sort of thing hasn’t been explored more.*

The original vision for Dead Space 3 was focused on this kind of thing. Narratively, it would have been a natural extension of Isaac's increasing struggle with psychosis set up in the first two games. In Dead Space 3, players in co-op were to see and hear subtly different things without the game making it clear that this was happening. Each player would, unbeknownst to them, be playing as one of Isaac's split personalities, so when the players questioned or disagreed with each other over what they were experiencing, they would actually be roleplaying a personality disorder without realizing it.

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#23 Posted by nutter (2287 posts) -

@savage: Hmm...I wonder what about it didn’t come together. Playtesting feedback, technical hiccups, the notion that it isn’t mass market or consumer friendly enough...

Thanks for sharing. It’s cool to know this sort of thing has been explored.

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The title of my ideal game would be AFRICA

I've always been fascinated by nature channels programs and the shear fact that there are so many animals there that can kill you etc. Just a plethora of unique species and environments. Imagine being in the game hearing hyenas in the dark, lions roar, watching hunts or being hunted.

The game would be open world obviously, with a plot of say something like the movie PREY from Michael Crichton. Stranded from a safari truck fighting to survive. Of course the plot would have to turn into some lasting mission or purpose.

Gameplay would be kind of like Farcry but with not as much weapons so as to not be able to easily kill everything in sight. It would have to still keep a survival style.

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#25 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7649 posts) -

A Final Fantasy jRPG game where the characters, art, and broad outline of story comes from Square Enix; but the gameplay, mechanics, dialogue and beat-for-beat story is made by Naughty Dog.

A standalone Yakuza "Hostess Club" game. Just a few added elements to fill-out the game to be a more fully realized experience.

  • Add "Male Hosts" so players can run a male host club too.
  • All the Hosts/Hostesses have storyline, the owner in the player (protagonist); but aside from just hiring Hosts/Hostesses you hire bar staff, waiters, and bouncers too.
  • All the Hosts/Hostesses can be trained up to improve stats, all of them can get makeover and you can buy outfits for them.
  • Instead of one club there are differnt club locations and these clubs can be "renovated" more extensively.
  • There are storylines for a dozen customers too that open up throughout the game.
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Sci fi Dark Souls with Portal guns but still somehow the magic of Dark Souls 1 level design.

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Senran Kagura, but closer to how Nier Automata handles character action; not overly complicated but more than just button mashing, and include Satellizer el Bridget, Saeko Busujima, and some other badass anime fightin' ladies among the current list of guest characters.