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Posted by Aegon (7247 posts) 3 years, 6 months ago

Poll: Your platforming preference: Kirby or Mario? (90 votes)

Kirby 18%
Mario 82%

I think I've only had significant experience with one of each, but the Kirby experience was back when I was a kid. I think I enjoyed it though.

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Mario World is my favorite game of all time.

But Sonic.

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Donkey Kong Country.

Specifically, the second one.

...OK, OK! Mario is all right. I think I've played a Kirby game once or twice, but I don't actually remember.

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I love both of them, but Mario takes the cake.

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Kirby because I fell in love with Superstar (Ultra) and I just want another one like that (return to dreamland fell frustratingly short IMO).

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I still need to play a Kirby.

Super Meat Boy > Mario (1, TLL, 3, World 2) > Rayman (Origins) > Sonic (trilogy)

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When I was a kid I had a rom for one of the gameboy Kirby games and I remember liking that a whole lot, but beyond that I don't have much experience with Kirby. I spent some time with Epic Yarn, and the one following it for the Wii and I felt like the gameplay wasn't hard enough or complicated enough for me to derive much enjoyment once the newness had worn off.

I also paid my dues to Super Mario World and Mario 64 when I was a kid, and thought they were amazing at the time, though once I experienced Zelda I think I kind of wrote it off as baby stuff. I distinctly remember Sunshine coming out and acting like I was too good for it (because I didn't have a gamecube). It wasn't until my friends picked up New Super Mario Bros Wii and decided the four of us would play through the whole thing together that my love of Mario was really rekindled. I don't think I would've even agreed if the quick look weren't so good, and yet now I consider that playthrough one of my best gaming memories. I tried going back to the DS one and was kind of unimpressed, so I was ready to write it off as a multiplayer fluke until I played 3d land, once I got to the second 8 worlds that game had its hooks deep inside me. It ended up getting me to go back and play Mario 64 and that holds up way better than it should.

So yeah. Definitely Mario. Those first two Donkey Kong countries are pretty damn good too though.

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Mario, but Kirby has better music.

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...Sonic? (I'll just go back to raising my Chao)

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@dixavd said:

...Sonic? (I'll just go back to raising my Chao)

Still no Chao game!

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C'mon now. Super Mario World/64/Galaxy. Kirby games are cute and a fun time but those Mario games listed are exceptional games and all time classics.

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See, I love Kirby more than I can ever love Mario, but in terms of Pure Platforming it's Mario

But Kirby is the illest

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@ezekiel said:

@dixavd said:

...Sonic? (I'll just go back to raising my Chao)

Still no Chao game!

I know, right?!

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Crash Bandicoot.

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@yummylee: That's barely a platformer!

But seriously, Mario. Come on, this isn't a contest.

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@amyggen: Wachu talking 'bout. Crash Bandicoot 2 and Warped are completely valid (and also great) platformers.

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I prefer Mario platformers, though I hope Kirby doesn't leave us any time soon.

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Mario is a better platformer, but Kirby wins in every other respect. Art, gameplay, setting, character... I should play another Kirby game

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@yummylee: I was (kinda) trolling. I just think that CB has always been very mediocre, and don't understand the people who want a new game in that franchise. But I guess it's a platformer, but not a good one!

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@amyggen: Well I think they're fantastic, and I relatively recently headed back to 'em (and even 100%'d them both again, too), and think that they not only hold up surprisingly well, but are still really fun games with an appealing dose of personality. So... agree to disagree blah blah blah.

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kriby games always feel to come out of no where. So they feel like a delightful surprise, because everyone is going to say canvas curse and not Kirby 64 as games they enjoy playing

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Neither, but even with my limited Kirby experience I've enjoyed that series more than any Mario I've played.

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Mario. I'm not sure I'm into the feel of the controls or the design of many of the Kirby games anymore. It's kinda hard to explain but a lot of the time I just don't find the copy-powers satisfying to use.

I did like Epic Yarn though, it did away with the slow flying and the copy powers and generally played pretty well, I think.

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Kirby is just too easy. He's a little too chill for me. Mario isn't afraid to get gangsta.

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Can the carefree floating in Kirby games honestly be considered "platforming"?

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Mario games are far more interesting as far as platforming goes but I must admit I haven't played too much of Kirby games over the years. Perhaps I should check out that upcoming 3DS game as it seems pretty faithful to past games.

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Kirby is just fine, but there's no contest really. Mario.

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Kirby is more about fucking about with fun powers. It's almost what you'd get if a brawler and a platformer had a baby. Sort of. I would say I generally prefer the tighter platforming of a pure platformer. That said I would not say Mario, Mario's a bit crap. Not as crap as Sonic, but not exactly top of the line. Modern Rayman or Donkey Kong Country's where it's at.

Donkey Kong Country.

Specifically, the second one.

Right on man. You know your platformers. Clapper's Cavern.

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Mario. I find almost every Kirby platformer to just be completely boring.

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mario inside of kirby

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Kirby is only a platformer in the most literal sense of the term, and while I still appreciate that series' light and breezy nature, it's not even comparable to Mario.

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Rayman (y)

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@amyggen said:

@yummylee: I was (kinda) trolling. I just think that CB has always been very mediocre, and don't understand the people who want a new game in that franchise. But I guess it's a platformer, but not a good one!

Well, take this into consideration. I am someone who's first real game console was a Playstation (my dad had a Saturn that I played before but it wasn't like I was buying Saturn games). As such, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro were the first two platformer franchises I played. I never owned an N64 or a Gamecube, and as such had very little contact with Mario, even though I did own Nintendo handhelds. Mario doesn't really do a lot for me since I do not have any sort of nostalgic backing. That's not to say Mario games aren't well made, but without any kind of nostalgia for that series, I see them just as I see any other well made game. Nothing more and nothing less. Super Mario Bros, Mario 3, and World are fantastic games, but Mario 64 to me doesn't really hold up at all to me as some classic of the ages or end all be all platformer. Without nostalgia for first party Nintendo titles, I have never had a reason to buy a Nintendo console. I think the original Spyro and Crash trilogies are excellent, and well worth being remembered alongside Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time.

All that aside, I think Kirby is the game series I have personally had more fun with than Mario. Mario is fine, but its not all that special to me. Kirby has a lot of personality and pizzazz.

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I mean Kirby's cool, but the Mario games are such fantastically made platformers that there's no competition for me.

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I love Kirby but I feel like Mechanically they have never topped Super Star for the SNES? Granted, I haven't played a new Kirby game since Canvas Curse and it seems like every other Kirby game is a "nontradtional" Kirby game where you aren't absorbing powers.

Has a Kirby game had as much Depth as Super Star? Some of 64 was cool withe fusion of abilities, but I often find that his abilities will do like 1 thing now days or it's a game about whip attacks/ drawing lines/ mass of kirbys.

Mario I'd say is overall better, but I'd like to like Kirby more. It's just that Super Star was too good.

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I am unaware if there is a multiplayer Kirby game. So Mario wins in the game contest.

As far as TV Shows go though, The Kirby cartoon, easily wins over anything Mario. Except for maybe Super Mario Bros

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I love da Kirbster. He rides a giant hamster, he's the man!