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@mightyduck said:

Here goes!

10. Paperboy - I still play this game all the time (hence my avatar). The Genesis version was my favorite, but the NES version isn't too shabby either.

9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Hyperstone Heist - Still love the Ninja Turtles to this day and this game was a mainstay during my summer vacations. I didn't grow up with a SNES, so I was convinced this was better than Turtles in Time as a kid.

8. Rock Band 2 - I can't tell you the amount of Rock Band parties that were held during my time in college. "Gamer" or not, everybody was interested in picking up an instrument and giving any song a go.

7. NBA Jam - My mom and dad would play this game with me all the time as a kid. My cartridge still somehow has my save on it from 90s.

6. NHL 95 - This game single handedly got me into playing hockey, something I still do to this day! I would love EA to make a "throwback" NHL game one of these days with sprites just like the Genesis era games.

5. Doom 2 - I would play this game with my dad every night. I remember eventually figuring out the executable in DOS so that you could jump to any level in the game. As a 8 year old I felt pretty awesome!

4. Warcraft 2 - My 6th grade teacher has our computer lab networked together. Each Thursday afternoon we would all meet there to try and take him out after school. During the entire year, we only were able to beat him once. We're talking 7 on 1. Those were the days.

3. Socom 2 - This was the first game I ever played online from home. My friends and I immediately made a clan and weekly clan wars every Friday and Saturday night for years. It's something we still talk about to this day. Where is Socom 5!?

2. Final Fantasy VII - I had no idea what an RPG was in 1997. I didn't get at first why I couldn't attack whenever I wanted. However, I eventually figured it out. This is one of my favorite games of all time.

1. Resident Evil: Director's Cut - I LOVE this series. RE1 and 2 are both amazing games. The series sort of lost me with 4 and 5, but the REmake and RE2 remake were amazing.

Some leftfield entries here haha. I agree with RE losing it after 3, despite the hype RE4 it was too action-focussed for me.

Great that a computer game got you into a real sport! I've done it in reverse: used to love playing football, but now only play it virtually...

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@fisk0 said:
@heidegger said:
@fisk0 said:

Nicely vintage list that.

Yeah. don't get me wrong though, I don't quite subscribe to the idea that games used to be qualitatively better, and I can think of a lot of things to improve on most of the games I listed - it's just that nobody seems to do that.

I don't rule out that the Descent-like Overload from last year may get on the list once I've had more time to play it and think about it, and I absolutely loved the feeling of Elite: Dangerous, but its always online requirements (which resulted in that I could almost never play the game since whenever I tried to play it almost always coincided with their maintenance time slot - and I always tried to play Solo anyway) and how barebones the original release was, adding the Frontier features as expensive DLC over time soured me on it quite a bit. I love the similar Evochron games though, but not quite to the degree that they could topple the original Elite series.

Needless to say, nobody has tried to do the proper Wing Commander campaign since the 90s, or the Command & Conquer style RTS since C&C 3 more than ten years ago (pretty hyped for the remaster though - I still prefer the more grounded C&C 1 over the sci-fi themed sequels or the over the top Red Alert spinoffs) or a proper Populous style God game, though From Dust and Reprisal Universe got pretty close.

The option for players to create and share their own content is also pretty important to me, so for Descent, Doom and UT99 I very rarely played any of the official maps, but played hundreds of user created maps and mods, and today many similar games just make it too hard for users to create new stuff for the games, or actively discourage it with file encryption and anti-tampering DRM.

Agreed on Elite Dangerous. Sadly that seems to be modern games: always online, always needing to download some huge update, always wanting you to pay extra for things...

Did you ever play X2 or X3? They're offline single-player games. Before Egosoft dropped the ball with X:Rebirth they already did the Elite formula with X2/X3 (minus planet landings). I put in as many hours on X2 as I did in the 90's with Frontier Elite. Proper space game! I have X3 installed and will enjoy it at some point. Graphics still hold up too.

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@heidegger said:

Great detail, also...always like reading epic thoughts on games. Titanfall 2 is a potential to-play candidate for me as it apparently has a very good single-player campaign.

The Titanfall 2 campaign is definitely worth a playthrough. That game is basically free as well (I've seen it for as low as $5). That campaign has a good story, some cool puzzle-style platforming, and plays with the mechanics to utilize your pilot's mobility in neat ways. Give it a shot. I still prefer the multiplayer of the original, and was happy to find that it's still got a playerbase going on the Xbox One.

Also, welcome to the community, duder! Stick around.

Cheers mate. Aye, will keep an eye out for it.

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@heidegger: Definitely not! I didn't want to order every single entry on my top ten, but I do roughly know my top 5, so I figured I'd put them separate from the other five (top ten entries 6-10).

As for the FPS thing: it's not that FPS games are boring, just that they fill a need for me as a reliable, fun way to burn a halfhour. Even if I really deeply enjoy them, they tend to not leave lasting emotional impressions.

Maybe I should value games with the goal of being great time-spenders instead of huge "Experiences" a little more, but as it stands the only FPS that could probably go on my list would be Bad Company 2.

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Its really hard to pair down 30 years of gaming to 10 entries...I'm sure I forgot plenty of things.

10.MegaMan X2

9. Donkey Kong Country 2

8. Earthbound

7. Final Fantasy 6

6. Persona 4

5. Legend of Heroes - (Zemuria arc)

4. Zelda: Links Awakening

3. Super Mario World

2. Final Fantasy 7

1. Chrono Trigger - structurally the perfect game.

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@heidegger: I was so happy to see Resident Evil return to the "classic" style with both RE7 and the RE2 remake.

After looking through my list, I can't tell if it's nostalgia based, or I just liked video games more back then? Most of this list consists of my grade school and high school years. There has been plenty of great games since then, but I guess they just haven't hooked me like they did when I was a kid.

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@facelessvixen said:
  1. Either Fallout 4 or Senran Kagura: Estival Versus depending on my mood.

Never even heard of Senran Kagura...looks extremely japanese haha!

Not surprised since 'top tens' and 'ecchi' usually don't mix together in earnest.


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Perversion aside, we need more developers like Kenichiro Takaki in terms of passion and sincerity.

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Maybe I should value games with the goal of being great time-spenders instead of huge "Experiences" a little more, but as it stands the only FPS that could probably go on my list would be Bad Company 2.

Personally, I value the experience aspect highly (tho' gameplay is very important). My top 10 FPS is Half-Life. It was the long build-up, then later on Xen, the trippy end-boss and the epic appearances from G-Man which cemented that game as one of my favourite gaming experiences ever. I had fun with the shooting, but that's only 'half the battle' in how I rate that game.

Is there a modern FPS which can match Half-Life's experience? Even the sequel fell short. While still an excellent game overall and thus being a "great time-spender", in comparison to the original its levels were a little too samey, there was too much frantic shooting in place of quieter exploring, the final boss battles weren't as memorable and of course it never even finished its story. It's less of a complete experience.

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@heidegger: I was so happy to see Resident Evil return to the "classic" style with both RE7 and the RE2 remake.

After looking through my list, I can't tell if it's nostalgia based, or I just liked video games more back then? Most of this list consists of my grade school and high school years. There has been plenty of great games since then, but I guess they just haven't hooked me like they did when I was a kid.

I used to think my video games passion was long gone, something from my younger days. I sometimes go a few years without playing anything (I'm 41, btw). But a recent(ish) phase really re-ignited the passion. I discovered, thoroughly played and completed Amnesia, Soma, Penumbra, Mass Effect trilogy, Half-Life/Portal series & Inside all recently, somewhere between 2014-2016. All amazing games I rank very highly in my all-time pantheon.

Not played much in the last couple of years but having another active phase now, so looking for those next gems. There's a lot of good stuff out there. We're pretty spoilt for choice, hence most of us having massive backlogs ha (including RE7)!

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Perversion aside, we need more developers like Kenichiro Takaki in terms of passion and sincerity.

Let's just say I agree with that bit haha

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Top 10 lists of all time are basically impossible to make IMO and in most cases are just random lists of games. Like would I put WoW on my top 10 of all time considering I have literally thousands of hours in the game and its the best MMO ever made? I sort of feel obligated, but any multiplayer style game is heavily based around the time is comes out and you can't really go back. Meanwhile I have other problems with stuff like the ME series or Fromsoft / Souls style games. Do I just list every From Title (+Nioh) and instantly lose half my top 10 even though these games are incredibly similar?

So if I just assume Soulslike games and the ME series is fine as an entire entry then a Top 10 becomes somewhat feasible?

1. Final Fantasy Tactics

2. Souls like games (Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Nioh, Not Sekiro)

3. Witcher 3 + DLC

4. Bioshock Series (Especially Minerva's Den)

5. Mass Effect 2

6. Xenoblade Chronicles Series (all 3 games)

7. Darkest Dungeon

8. Total War: Warhammer Series

9. A Link to the Past

10. World of Warcraft

Honorable Mention: Every CRPG ever made

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I made the following list two years ago:

"kingdom hearts: chain of memories // metal gear solid 2 // ratchet and clank // super mario land 2: 6 golden coins // undertale // shadow of the colossus // fire emblem fates: conquest // final fantasy vi // star wars battlefront (ps2) // astro boy: omega factor"

At the time (and now), it's moreso just a record of my best gaming experiences, not necessarily which 10 games would be the greatest to play in 2019. Updating it now, with one game per series as the general rule(?), I'd offer up the following games (unranked, because it's hard to do that):

  • Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories- This one gets so much hate due to its card-battle system and its rehash of the first game's plot. As a fifth-grader, though, this game really hit all the right notes for me (I was a melancholic kid lol). I only had a GBA from age 7 to 11, but the amount that I loved this game pushed me to save up money all summer to experience the bigger console experiences.
  • Hollow Knight - Listen, it's okay if this one didn't hit for you. It seems like popular consensus recently has relegated this one to "recent overrated hit." But seriously, this game's atmosphere and mechanics (including the much-hated map system, which I thought perfectly accentuated the feeling of exploration) are unparalleled in the genre. Only a few games have really given me the sensation in adulthood that a Kingdom Hearts boss battle gave me as a teenager, and this game is the most notable of them.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 - This is important to get out of the way, so I'm going to toss it here. My ranking of the MGS series in general: 2 > 4 > 1 > 3 > 5 > PW. As you can see, my tastes tend more towards the near-future, and no MGS game (or maybe any game?) has done it better than MGS2. The themes were mind-blowing to me when I played this at 20. The gameplay was frustrating but rewarding. And, hey, I like Raiden, annoying as he may be sometimes.
  • Ratchet and Clank- I dunno, this is the one here that I could probably cut. Then again, I just haven't booted up the HD remaster recently, which made me realize just how essential this game was to me in the first place. This was one of two games that I purchased with the PS2 that KH:CoM inspired me to save up for. The other, some version of NFL Gameday, only spent a few minutes in my system. R&C, on the other hand, was the game that I played from the beginning over and over again until I had saved enough for a memory card. It's etched in my memory. How could I ever cut it from this list?
  • Persona 3 - It took me 4 years to beat this. I've never loved grinding, but the plot, character, and social system was always good enough to draw me back in after enough time had passed. Love how the eventual hopelessness of the situation brings all the characters down; only makes the continual drive to grind and win that much more palpable. And, though I can understand why people hate it, I personally liked only controlling the main character. It helped flesh out the other characters' personalities a bit.
  • Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia- This has the best story and music of any Fire Emblem game that I've played. I love Fire Emblem in general, and this one was the perfect blend of bittersweet and challenging for me.
  • Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins- My first game! Played it on my sister's Gameboy Pocket, which she eventually gave me for my sixth birthday in 2001. Didn't actually beat the final castle until early 2018. Will there even be another game with as large of a gap in start to finish time for me? Maybe some of the FFs that I started in the late 00s will eventually take that throne. Love the aesthetic of this one, even if the performance is a bit wack. The levels were really out there, but personally I think that helped shape my idea of what games could be, even at a young age.
  • Undertale- This meant a lot to me in 2015.
  • Final Fantasy VI- Another long delay from beginning to end. I started it on my GBA around 2006, I think, and finally finished that save in 2018. I still remember experiencing the apocalyptic centerpiece of the game while riding in the passenger seat of a family car on a long road trip and slowly gathering and reuniting with my party members while half-watching Hitchcock movies on TCM during Alfred Hitchcock month. It's a special one. I love basically every FF I've ever started, but this has the privilege of being one of the only ones I've fully completed. Seeing the credits role after 12 years... amazing!
  • Star Wars Battlefront (PS2)- This one I also thought about cutting. What could go in its place? A Kirby game, or a more recent Switch game I loved, or a PC masterpiece that I enjoyed during my brief period of PC gaming in high school? Nah, ultimately there's not much else that I truly feel belongs here. I spent hundreds of hours playing this game, most often with my primary friend from middle and high school. We played it even when we had better things to play, after we both got (then) current gen systems. Eventually, I gave him my extremely destroyed copy when I moved away for college. I hope he still has it.
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1. Final Fantasy Tactics/ The War of the Lions- So far ahead of the rest of the list it's not even funny.
2. Persona 4 Golden
3. Final Fantasy VII
4. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
5. Persona 3 Portable
6. Dragon Age: Origins
7. Brigandine: Grand Edition
8. Katawa Shoujo
9. Final Fantasy IV
10. Champions of Norrath: Realms of Everquest

The top five of this list is pretty well set in stone, but the bottom 5 is an ever-shifting mass. Twenty minutes after posting this, I will invariably think of something that should be on the list, haha.

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My Top 10 is not objective in any way, nor is it representative of what I think are the best games of all time. These are my desert island games, the ones I love dearly, the games that have entranced me and changed my life.

10. The Witcher 3

09. Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

08. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

07. Persona 4 Golden

06. Counter Strike

05. Final Fantasy Tactics

04. Final Fantasy 6

03. World of Warcraft

02. Chrono Trigger

01. Outer Wilds

I’m still riding the Outer Wilds high and I think about that game daily. It’s honestly the most affected I’ve ever been playing a game and I will forever chase that feeling.

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I've got 7 locks on my list right now and about 15 games fighting for the last three spots. These are not necessarily the games I want to play again now, nor are they the best games I've ever played, but these are games that fully captured my attention and imagination at the time. They are also not ordered, aside from what I mentioned at the start.

Locks -

  • Bioshock - My favorite FPS ever. The mood is outstanding and the way Rapture is virtually another character really drew me in. Art direction is fantastic, and it also has my favorite minor character from an FPS (very specific, I know) in Sander Cohen. Gameplay is solid, aside from the final boss fight being a bit funky.
  • Persona 3 FES - This is my favorite modern JRPG. Persona 4, and especially 5, are better mechanically, but the characters and story put this one over the top for me. I really appreciate the fact that you can only control the protagonist, as it further pushes the idea that SEES is not a group of friends having fun, but a collection of individuals who all have their own goals and motivations. I even enjoyed The Answer.
  • Resident Evil 4 - Yes, I love the earlier RE games, especially RE2. but this game is SO MUCH FUN. Big set pieces, "Gun Tetris", shooting galleries, upgradeable weapons, I love it all. I prefer the Wii version, and think it is absolutely the best way to play the game and will fight anyone who thinks otherwise. Maybe the only flaw to me is too many instant Game Over QTE bits. Seeing the GBE playdates has made me want to fire it back up again, but my Wii died a couple months ago, and I haven't gotten a replacement yet.
  • Skies of Arcadia - To me, this is the pinnacle of old-school JRPGs. It isn't a perfect game, as there are a couple things that should be tuned better in combat, but the story, exploration, side quests, characters and everything else that goes along with it are just everything I want. I wish the Dreamcast version had the Gamecube content in it so I could still have my GMU functionality with Cupil and Pinta's Quest. I'm a bit sad that there will never be a real sequel, but I don't know what they would do with the story anyway. I also just finished Valkyria Chronicles and had my favorite Sky Pirates along for the whole game, so that's something.
  • Final Fantasy Tactics - OK, this is a safe space, so I will admit something. I was so obsessed with this game that I bought the strategy guide before I owned the game. It may have even been before I owned a Playstation (I was a Sega kid/teen, and a late adopter of Sony). There are so many permutations of characters in this game that I was fascinated. I enjoy strategy games anyway, but the party building was what I was really there for. Ultimately the options weren't quite as viable in game as they were in my mind, but it was still a fun thought experiment. Oh yeah... there is a good story and engaging combat system here too. But really, just look at all those charts.
  • Rock Band: Beatles - Rock Band is the game that made me buy an XBOX 360. I still play this game regularly, though I have migrated primarily from Expert Guitar to Expert Vocals as my dexterity is not quite what it once was. I've always been musically inclined, and having a way to really interact with some great music was a revelation for me. To be fair, that initial moment actually happened playing "Message in a Bottle" on Guitar Hero, but Rock Band is the full realization of that promise. I feel sad that Harmonix is no longer what it once was and most of the DLC is not to my liking anymore, but I can still enjoy the almost 1000 songs in my library and the Rivals content in 4 keeps me playing weekly most of the time. I've had specific weekends planned to do the Endless Setlist, and my daughter has grown up with Rock Band. I specifically call out the Beatles version because it was such a tremendous achievement to produce and they really put out an amazing product, but this is the one instance where I think it is ok to have a franchise in a slot instead of just a single game.
  • Sunless Sea - Steam says I have over 400 hours in this game, but I think a lot of that is my daughter leaving the game running. I do have over 150 hours easily in it, and I'm still aching to get back to the Zee. The writing in the game (and there is a lot of writing in this game) is phenomenal, and I do enjoy the cosmic horror genre quite a bit. The gameplay mechanics are simple enough, but there is an ever present feeling of dread, even when you think you are properly prepared. I have not yet dipped into Sunless Skies, but I hope it is close to as good as this game.

And now, the not locks:

  • Mass Effect - Yes, this is the first game. I enjoyed 2 and 3 very much as well, but the overall world building in the first game made me forgive some of the janky combat. This type of Star Trek-esque sci-fi had rarely been done well in games before, and I ate it up. I've done 100% playthroughs on multiple occasions, and will probably go back again before too long. I love exploring planets with the Mako and seeing those fantastic skyboxes. I less enjoy the combat in the Mako, but it isn't terrible.
  • Fallout 3 - Another game I can say I've 100% cleared, but they don't track EVERYTHING in the game to judge that. I'm sure I haven't been in every building and seen every bit of environmental storytelling. However, I have spent so much time travelling through the DC Metro in game that I got a very peculiar feeling when visiting it in real life. There are equal parts sad and ridiculous situations in this game, and the balance is just right. For a long time, this game was definitely a Top 5 lock, but is is slowly being pushed down the list. While I did enjoy New Vegas and, to a lesser degree, Fallout 4, the setting of this one really puts it over the top.
  • Apex Legends - I'll be the guy, I guess. This is the most fun I've had with a competitive multiplayer game since probably ever, but Halo 3 and Destiny 1 are close. I've actually looked to Reddit for additional strategies and control tips, which is something I've never done for a multiplayer game. I'm not great at this game, but I have gotten better, and I've enjoyed it even from day one, when I was not very good. I don't know how long it will last, but I'm all in on this game

Some additional games that I hate that I left off: XCOM: Enemy Unknown; Legend of Zelda; Phantasy Star 2; Alpha Centauri; Civilization V; Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne; Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor; Final Fantasy; Tie Fighter; Lunar: The Silver Star; Wing Commander 3.

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1) Star Ocean 2

2) Zelda: LTTP

3) Chrono Trigger

4) Resident Evil 4

5) Castlevania: SOTN

6) Final Fantasy Tactics

7) Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2

8) Super Mario World

9) Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

10) Super Mario 64

This list is subject to change, of course, there's stuff I move around quite a bit here, but the top 3 are a lock each time.

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Top 10 lists of all time are basically impossible to make IMO and in most cases are just random lists of games.

Not really, saint. For some people maybe, but the hallowed all-time top 10 as a concept is serious business for many connoisseurs, critics and passionate fans. Be that for films, games, books or whatever. People love reading other peoples' lists too. Just google or youtube top 10 of all time and you'll see squillions of results with much fevered discussion.

I do indeed also have my set top 10 for films & books and am always interested in that of others, that's for the off-topic forum I guess!

So if I just assume Soulslike games and the ME series is fine as an entire entry then a Top 10 becomes somewhat feasible?

It's up to you, tho' I personally think putting Nioh in with Dark Souls doesn't count as they're not part of the same coherent narrative, and are clearly different games altogether. You might as well list all FPS under one entry.

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great detailed post, and love the sentiment right at the end that you hope your old mate still has that battered copy of Battlefront. I do have that on PC-CD, tho' haven't tried installing it yet. I didn't much like the modern Battlefront (the gameplay felt weird), so the classic one is still on my to-play list.

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wow, you really love one type of game haha the two titles with "Dragon" in them are on my to-do list.

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Thanks for the Outer Wilds tip, never heard of it but it sounds good.

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another very good individual post! I agree on ME1, I loved just driving the Mako and having the camera so that the planet's moon was in shot. Obviously the moon being that close or that big isn't realistic, but it sure looked nice haha

I'm also well into Fallout 3 these last few weeks. Have got the GotY 360-version on my ONE console, done about 30 hours. I love having no plan and just exploring, often I've cleared buildings that end up being a proper quest later. The world is lovingly-created. Despite the depressing monotone of it, it just feels more real than New Vegas or Fallout 4 (both of which I gave up within a couple of hours).

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Sith Lords is on my wanna-play list, I gather there's a PC mod which improves it a bit too.

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If I haven't miscounted, here are the top 2 most popular entries:

Witcher 3: 7 times listed (no entries for the previous entries in the series)

Super Mario World: 5 times (plus a couple of entries for the 64 & Kart variants)

I don't wanna start Witcher 3 before at least trying Witcher 1...

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Yeah, TSL Restored! I actually never played the base game at release, I played with the mod a few years ago and absolutely fell in love, it's a captivating game and probably my favorite story set in the Star Wars universe overall.