You're shooting at a player who doesn't know your position. Another moves towards or starts shooting at you.

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What do you do? Do you stop shooting at your target and deal with the threat first?

I get greedy. I can't help the temptation to finish my target off before my attacker possibly kills me. It almost always gets me killed.

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Take out the threat. I'm no good if I'm dead. Shoot and move, then in a few seconds the other guy still doesn't know your new position and now you have another kill.

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Always prioritize the biggest immediate threat. A good habit to pick up in pubg is to not always immediately finish off downed targets, you don't want to be caught reloading when his friends show up. Better to have half a mag ready for the next guy than not being able to shoot.

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Might depend on the game and situation, but most of the time I'd move and deal with the immediate threat while keeping the original target in mind unless I'm really confident I can take the original target down in time to deal with the new threat. Don't play shooters online much anymore, but that tactic was the general rule.

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I kill both.

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This is a weird ass thread without the context of a video game...

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I guess I'm just bad at multitasking.

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@ezekiel said:

I guess I'm just bad at multitasking.

That's because you do not know the location of the second guy, who is maybe prone/in cover as you were or are. Once somehow I got both, but most of the time I'm blind shot.

What is truly amusing is to watch a little longer , because I've seen this actually go on, 4+ players are in close proximity by chance or circle.

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I usually hold off on shooting unaware targets until I am confident my vicinity is secure and I can quickly eliminate them, preventing me from being blindsided. If I was I’d probably say I change targets about half of the time. If I know the first guy will die right away I’ll get the kill knowing I’ll be at a disadvantage against the second guy. I’d maneuver to cover and take him out and try to get the space I need to survive the second. I’d rather get one kill and one death than try to stay alive and get no kills.

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Why would you not kill the immediate threat

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Throw a flashbang and kill them both this reminds of counter strike office map when I'm down the long hallway.

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I assume this is about PUBG, so my answer is crumble under the pressure and die.

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I assume this is about PUBG, so my answer is crumble under the pressure and die.

It's about any multiplayer shooter ever. Not sure why you guys needed an example.

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If you've already started shooting at the first player I'm sure they know where you are now also so it doesn't seem to matter all that much.

What I would most likely do is miss the initial target and be gunned down by either one of them.

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Attempt to escape.

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In War Thunder, I'll likely back off if this happens. The high-end guns in this game are so powerful even a glancing hit can wreck your vehicle. It's crucial to just not get shot at, if possible.

In World of Tanks, this question becomes a function of cover. If my position is still good against both targets, I stay and fight the one I know I can damage/kill. If I'm being flanked, I start thinking about that escape route.

In World of Warships, your vessel is usually so large that you'll probably eat some damage even if you do start running. It's important start ASAP and turn rudder right away, plotting a course away from your pursuer(s).

Immediate response varies wildly based on the game... good question overall but almost pointless to answer without any tactical context

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I quickly decide if the other player has the drop on me and I'm better off killing my first target or not. If they do and I am, I'll stay on target and then flail about like a crazy person to try and either escape, survive long enough to get a good chance at taking out my attacker, or survive long enough (and inflict enough damage) to die with my attacker well exposed and vulnerable so hopefully a teammate can show up and make it all worthwhile.

If they do have the drop on me and I wouldn't be able to take out my original target who would likely attack me if I changed my focus, then I'll try to escape, probably lobbing a grenade or something to help cover my getaway.

If they don't have the drop on me and/or my original target wouldn't become an immediate threat if I change targets, I'll shift focus to the attacker.

I dunno if this is all the best way to go about things, but that's how it tends to go down.

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Touch her shoulder Fake your own death.

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Touch her shoulder Fake your own death.

Pack your bags and move outta town.

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Depends on the situation; in DM if you're confident your aim is good enough/your gun is OP enough or whatever you keep shooting the initial target, in LMS/Real Life you run until a situation presents itself for double murder and/or infighting unless the terrain is convenient or extremely inconvenient. Map knowledge will mostly dictate this one and is the main interesting strategic component of shooters.

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Depends on the game. My experience is that whoever gets the drop on a player and shoots first is going to win that fight.
So unless I can break line of sight with the second player for an escape, I'll commit to killing my original target.

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Keep shooting. You're gonna die from the threat 90% of the time so get your kill first. At least in Destiny which is the the only shooter I'm playing rn.

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gun kata

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Try to finish off the guy I'm shooting at first, then watch as someone steals my kill and the second guy kills me anyway.

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A kill is a kill and a death is a death. Chances are that everyone involved will respawn in five seconds anyway. Might as well get what points you can.

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Get the kill, then die.

For a game like Siege, where there is no respon, and one head shot will kill you, it makes no sense to turn and fire at the guy who is already firing at you. When it's 5v5, it's better to play it safe. Plus on defense I'm always Valkyrie (she has three deployable cameras) so if I get a kill then die, I can just be on my cameras calling out enemies for my teammates.

Lately I have only been playing Siege and Battlegrounds. Battlegeounds I do whatever it takes to stay alive when I make it to top 40. I go for the kills otherwise.

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depends on the game. Often it takes only a few bullets to kill someone, so you either keep shooting at the guy for the kill and die, or you move around to aim for the threat and die because he was already shooting at you for a while.

If it's a more resiliant game, with shields and all, then you should deal with the imminent threat first and probably let the initial target go.

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Amputate the limb to keep the infection from spreading.

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Also, how many loot boxes stand between you amd your opponents?

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Activate your cloaking field. Duh.

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I throw a grenade at my feet and yell you won't take me alive fuckers!

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I usually quit the game and tell myself it crashed. Live to fight another day.