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This game will be sooo good. I really can not wait to play it. I never felt like that with GTAIV

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I thought the bike racing and triathlon was hinted at in the first gameplay trailer but it's cool seeing rock climbing as a possible activity.

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Going through all the other sections of that page is making me wait for someone to jump out and say it's all a big inside joke at Rockstar on all our expenses.

"Dude, look at this, they're totally thinking we'll have all of it in the game. Pfft, suckers!"

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I declare that to be an illegal amount of content in a video game.

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Agh, seriously! My summer vacation's well over by now, how am I suppose to squeeze out time for any other RL or so activities with this thing tempting me to play?!

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A lot of that stuff has already been implied to be in GTAV across the trailers. No doubt going to be plenty of different activities to get lost in all the same, though.