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I know my choice is coming up soon in the personal story, so I'm wondering which order I should choose for my thief? I seem to have survivability issues while leveling, so I think I should go with whatever is more story/mechanics based than straight up combat based questing. Thoughts?

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My recommendation though is to go with the Order of Whispers since they're themed to fit your class, but honestly you can just go with any order you like. Each of the orders has a unique story arc, but they all eventually tie back together. They also all have quests where you have to kill a bunch of things, so your best bet is to stock up on vitality gear or use utility skills that give you a bit more survivability.

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My advice is to pick whichever you're most interested in. The frequency of combat doesn't change too dramatically from one to the other.

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My advice is to look at all of the order gear and weapons, and go with whichever gear you like best.