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As someone who has spent >200 hours unlocking virtually everything in Hitman (2016), I remember being really happy when I heard rumors about a year ago that Hitman (2016) unlocks would be carried over to Hitman 2. However, this is definitely NOT the case.

To be clear, "none" is actually a bit inaccurate as I was given the following:

- A set of coins for achieving SA in a Hitman (2016) Elusive Target.

- Black winter suit for completing an Elusive Target in Hitman (2016)

- Aluminum Travel briefcase for playing Hitman (2016).

That's it. None of my suits are there (even though these were purely cosmetic), nor any of my unlocked items. I am displeased that they couldn't even give us the cosmetic items. Perhaps this has been common knowledge for a while but I wasn't aware.

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From IO's own faq:

"Unlocks Transfer aka “What about my suits?”

Items and progression will not be directly carried over from HITMAN into HITMAN 2."

Here's a Reddit post from last month where it was already known: https://www.reddit.com/r/HiTMAN/comments/9pyd6u/hitman_2_legacy_pack_what_we_know_so_far/

And another: https://www.reddit.com/r/HiTMAN/comments/9pod2y/season_1_items_and_suits_will_not_carry_over_per/

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Ok so it was known in some circles a month ago but didn’t get nearly as much publicity as the previous mainstream “your stuff carries over” rumor did. Not everyone trolls reddit forums for hours or checks IO’s faqs. Most of us rely on the mainstream games press for news and I haven’t seen this mentioned widely in those locations.

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I never assumed your stuff would carry over, and I don’t frequent Reddit. Plus I remember IGN, Gamespot, and Giant Bomb all saying that just the levels carry over. Brad says it in the Quicklook too, I believe.

It sucks that the unlocks don’t carry over, but they didn’t have to include the old levels at all.

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I mean, an IO employee literally said that unlocks would carry over about a year ago and it was reportedly broadly at the time, including on the bombcast.

Also failing to see the benefit of levels carrying over for people who already own the original game. The improvements are marginal. In fact, I’d probably rather they not carry over as it now means that I need to replay them to unlock the same content/trophies. It feels like padding.

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Still a bit miffed that we don't get to keep the map exclusive Elusive Target suits at least.

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Aw, you got my hopes up by bumping this thread. I thought that maybe someone was reporting that IO had fixed this.