Any GBers still iRacing?

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After 20+ years of thinking about it, I finally ordered a racing wheel + pedals. Been playing iRacing exclusively for over a week now. I managed to take an off-day yesterday since my hands were in too much pain from racing. Anyways, I might have found the only game I'll ever need.... any GB members still racing?

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I do a lot of sim racing in Assetto Corsa and Project Cars but I haven't tried iRacing yet. Partly this is due to the monthly subscription thing and partly because I'm not sure if I have the necessary skills to compete with those guys.

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I started playing earlier this year. Rushed through rookie class for both oval and road racing, but haven't played much the past few months. I just bought an Oculus Rift mostly because I was tired of having no periferal vision in iRacing, so I'll probably try to do some more racing before school starts. I'm currently doing Skip Barber

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We're still racing all the big events. Sorry we're not posting over here as much when we do it. I also still race every week. We have a discord which is a mix between some racenight X iRacing folks. PM me if you're interested.

I also see new people use the GB trading paints stuff I've posted all the time but not sure who is who.

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I'm gonna PM you, datarez, thanks.

@bdead, you should jump in iRacing.

I've got about 40 hours in AC. I moved from playing (all my life) on automatic transmission with Xbox Controller to Wheel+Pedals WITH manual shifting. Within a week I was confident enough to race in iRacing (and actually had seven races in during my first week). If no-one crashes into me I'm getting 1-3 incidents (off-track from pushing a bit too much or making last moment corrections) per race and just had my worse (safety rating wise) race, but I'm still around ~3.5 SR although my iRating is going down fast (from 1350 to 970 now).. but hopefully I'll be put in better splits in the future.

Seriously I thought I would have to play iRacing for a month or so before I could jump in a race. It is very different racing with respect (of course every 1 in 30 players is a bit insane pusher, better to let them overtake, they'll probably go wide in the next corner). My top finish is third, usually ending up in positions 5-8. My main objective right now is just finishing races and getting experiences in cars I like (MX5 and Jetta right now, someday 488 and Pro Mazda....)