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Apparently Jagged Alliance Online was just released as a Free to Play title on Steam. I did not see this one coming.

Has anyone tried it? It doesn't seem like there's a co-op mode or co-op campaign.

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I'm curious about it, so I'm downloading the game now. It looks like you have to pay for single-player content, but they're not charging a bunch for it (around $30 per pack - not sure what the differences are between the packs besides the different mercs that come with). Here's hoping the gameplay is turn-based rather than that mess of RTS that was the last Jagged Alliance.

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Yeah, there's very little of a single player to speak of without paying for content, which definitely stinks. I'll wait for a sale before buying that. The tutorial feels good - it's basically a simplified version of the turn-based versions of the game, with little of the reboot we saw last year.

The graphics aren't great, but that allows for just about anyone to play it on a PC - which is a bonus, I think, since you don't really need flashy graphics in a turn-based squad game. Unlike the reboot, you can create your own mercenary, but it lacks any of the charm from Jagged Alliance 2 - you pick a name for your merc and company, a picture, and a class (from the JA standard of sniper, scout, soldier, and commando - seems like they've dropped the medic and techies).

It's not quite the JA game I'm hoping for, but they continue to move glacially in the right direction. Overall, I guess it's worth at least a look if you're a fan of the series, as it's free and you can judge for yourself how decent it is without bustin' out the wallet.