This game is bringing me back to the golden age of DS Adventure games.

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Is anyone else playing it? It's really sad to me that it's getting zero coverage almost everywhere. It's a really fun series of noir detective stories with gameplay somewhat in the vein of Phoenix Wright's investigation segments. I'm only a few hours in but I love it so much. It's bringing me back to the days of things like Phoenix Wright, 999, Hotel Dusk, Ghost Trick, etc etc. There was a Jake Hunter game released internationally back then too, which I'm sad to say I missed out on. I loved these so much partly because of the imagination it brought out of me due to them being text only with little more than character portraits to illustrate the words. I know there's been Dangan Ronpa and the rest of Zero Escape since, but the voice acting makes it not quite the same. I know I could just play VNs on a PC but there's something about the dual screen and portable nature of the DS/3DS that really pulls me into them. I thought I was ready for the death of dual screen and the switch to switch, but this game has made me remember what a truly special thing the ol' Nintendo Dual Screen really is and how much I'll miss it.

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I want to check this out. Never even heard of this series until now, but it looks cool.

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@baka_shinji17: Yeah, I hadn't heard of it either. It seems that it was given no promotion due to the 3ds being all but dead, but they could have at least given it a mention during the 3ds segment of the last direct or something. The only reason I know it exists is because I went through Amazon's whole pre-order catalog when they were getting rid of the 20% off pre-orders program, and I just happened to notice it.

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I played some of Jake Hunter Detective Story: Memories of the Past a year or two ago but found it to be a little dull. I liked the jazzy atmosphere and I am a big fan of a lot of the classic adventure games on the DS, like Hotel Dusk, but I just didn't get into it at the time. I've been keeping an eye on Ghost of the Dusk but there was just so much stuff coming out this September that I didn't pick it up. I might play it eventually or maybe go back and give Memories of the Past another shot some day.

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This one did fly under my radar but as a person who still plays my 3DS I might have to pick this one up. Digging the atmosphere from what I've seen.

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Oh huh, I didn't hear about this at all. I'm still playing through AA: Spirit of Justice but maybe I'll give this a spin too. I played the first DS one for a little bit but didn't get into it due to time constraints. How does it compare to Ace Attorney? I didn't like 999 that much cause it was a bit too repetitive/goofy.

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Aw it doesn't even have a physical release here in europe :(

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@lestephan: Sort of unrelated but you should play Hotel Dusk: Last Window if you can find a copy, it was an EU only release. I found one while visiting home and it was great :p

edit: sorry it's called Last Window: Secret of Cape West, but has Kyle Hyde as the protagonist

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@terminallychill: the gameplay is much less prevalent compared to ace attorney. You very rarely do more than talk to people or examine the things the story points you right to, and when you do have to do more there's no fail state. That's not necessarily a bad thing though, as in Ace Attorney it could turn into more of a guessing game to pick the right evidence or talking to every single person until you find the right one to progress the story, here the story progresses without those road blocks. I do really like the story so far. It's much more realistic than the wackiness of Ace Attorney, and I'm enjoying the noir aesthetic. I'm still on the first case, which seem meatier than a normal ace attorney one, and it's reminding me of one of those detective series that have a million entries but barely any if not no ongoing story and only a few recurring characters so you can jump in at any time while still getting the feeling this is a character with a lot of history, like Sherlock Holmes or Poirot (which it actually is since it's been going since Famicom in Japan).

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I looked this series up, and holy cow, the first game came out in 1987 on the NES. I had no idea it'd been around that long.

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All time periods are equally worth, Classicism was started by Maniac Mansion/Larry 1, Golden Age by DOTT/GK1, Dark Ages with no more Sierra/Lucas, Renaissance with European invasion/Telltale…

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@braloprt54: those are great too, but I've always preferred the Japanese style which is pretty much a Visual Novel plus a little bit of point and click gameplay in first person. I'm probably uninformed about a few earlier ones, but for the most part the West didn't start getting those on consoles until DS. At that point we got a bunch thanks to Nintendo's push to try and make the DS viable as everything from a proto kindle to a study tool.