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I saw this on Twitter. I'm so sad to hear this. TB was a massively important figure in the StarCraft 2 community and kept supporting it well past when others did. He was also an innovator on Youtube. He had been posting a lot on Twitter lately about his struggles but he was still putting up a massive fight, even having surgery within the last couple weeks.

RIP John Bain

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That's a damn shame, I was always rooting for him to recover or at least stabilize.

Dude was a trooper fighting it to the end. And was arguably one of the single most positively influential critics for the PC platform over the years that is one of the reasons it's in a better place now. Even tho it was nowhere near the same over the last few years for obvious reasons his critical voice will be missed. He was also heavily influenced by GB and a fan of the site.

Rest in peace duder.

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He was definitely a fighter till the end, always heard his name around and had respect for the guy, R.I.P

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Better critic than most self proclaimed critics, industry is worse off without his presence.

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Man, that is a real bummer. I never watched much of his content outside of when he support the Starcraft scene, but he was always a great caster to watch at those tournaments. I haven't been following the streaming scene as much in the last year so I didn't know he had retired recently due to it coming back. He will definitely be missed in the gaming community.

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Sad day for the whole gaming community ;___; R.I.P. John Bain

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I heard recently that his chemo was no longer effective and kinda felt like this was coming. It fucking sucks, I watched his channel a lot over the years.

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I'm rewatching some of his videos now. I will really miss his WTF videos and even the videos he did for the Steam sales/GOTY awards. What a champion for not just PC gaming but gaming in general. Such a shame.

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I was watching his channel since the beta for Cataclysm way back in the day. I probably wouldn't have gotten into so many different genre of games without his WTF series (this was before I knew about Giant Bomb). Even though I disagree with some of the things that he has said and done, I cannot help but admire the man for being strong in the face of the relentless beast that is cancer.

It was a fun ride, I hope that he found peace at the end of it all.

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Going by twitter, at least the final few days he got some much needed pain relief. RIP TB :(

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I never watched a ton of his stuff, but he always seemed like a really well-informed, smart dude, especially when it came to the PC space. RIP.

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Well that sucks. I watched some of his content and the Co-optional podcast for a couple years.

Definitely was one of the most important people in this new age of personality focused, Youtube game coverage.

I just remembered that TB is the reason I discovered Giant Bomb so many years ago. He very casually mentioned the site (in praise) in something I thought.. hmm never heard of that.. So I decided to check it out and here I am.

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I know he was in hospice care, but man... this still came so sudden it's really hard to believe. R.I.P. John, and my thoughts go out to your family. You will be missed my friend...

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Jesus. That seemed like it happened real fast. My condolences.

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What a sad day, I too used to watch his channel way back during the WoW days. He was a very smart guy and also very passionate about his channel and PC gaming in general. In fact his channel was the first one I ever followed.

He will be missed greatly, wishes go out to his family.

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I remember loving your videos years ago. RIP TotaalBiscuit.

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I remember a few years ago when Jeff and TotalBiscuit were 2 of the candidates for "Trending Gamer" at The Game Awards. Silly stuff, but definitely a reminder of better times. 33 is so damn young.

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Fuck cancer. I watched my step dad wilt away. I hope John was as comfortable as he could be.

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Man, I really hoped he'd get some more time. I've always been a supporter of his and his passion for PC gaming. He was funny in all the right ways, and you could tell he really loved games.



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Fuck..... RIP

I really enjoyed his insight, it was more often than not spot on.

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Shit this sucks. I still rewatch his video about Space Marine to this day because of how hype he was about it.

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I have been a long time fan of TB's. I can't even remember when I started watching his videos and podcasts. He was always a constant joy and inspiration in my life . F*** cancer and the hell it put him through these last couple years. Rest in peace man, you sure as hell deserve it.

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Didn't really watch or listen to much of his content, but know he was battling this for quite a while.

Sad that he lost that battle.


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Not always agreeable but the man had the spirit and talent that I enjoyed from watching his videos.

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He was what every game critic should aspire to be. Rest in peace.

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Never watched much of this guy, but R.I.P dude

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Even knowing it was coming, it's still a shock. I didn't consume a lot of his content outside of the WTF Is... series, but he seemed like a great guy. RIP, TB.

Edit: And of course comments on any site reporting this are unreadable garbage. People have no goddamn tact.

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One of the best voices in games criticism we've ever had imo. Incredible work ethic. 34 is way too young to go. RIP.

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I never watched him, but I knew of him. I am so sorry to hear of his loss. His family is in my thoughts and prayers.

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Terrible. Just awful. Within the space of four years I lost my mother, two close friends and one of their mothers to cancer. Its horrific and disgusting and I understand this pain and anger deeply. I will be thinking about him tonight and while I did not necessarily watch a lot of his content he has definitely given me some serious laughs over the years at times when I needed it.

Duders, understand that for a large portion of the gaming community TB was their Ryan. Let's be with them.

I wish his family and friends the very best in the future and hope that they find comfort and solace in their grief, which is a big ask but the only thing we can really ask for.

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Damn shame, very sorry to hear that.

My condolences to his family and friends.

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Like many others I wasn't an avid watcher of his content but I wish this could have gone differently.

He seemed like a very knowledgeable person but more importantly a good person. My thoughts are with his wife and his family.

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I always envied his style of videos for reviewing games and enjoyed his critique of games in general. He had stairs in his house too. The world has lost one of the good ones today.

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In 2010-2013, he was pretty much my go-to personality to watch. He got me through some shit years in college. Content Patch, The Mailbox, “WTF is…” This fucking hurts man, like Ryan Davis hurt.

I went back to watch some of his videos from that time and man, it just reminds me how good shit was back then. I never thought I would be nostalgic from that part of my life.

And on how young he was too, I'm only 9 years younger than him. It makes you think about your own mortality you know? Just kinda gave me a shock. I need to start doing something with my life.

I’m going to miss this guy. Rest in Peace.

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Too young, so sad for his family and friends, R.I.P.

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A side note here for anyone who has recently had family members or people close to them pass away due to cancer or otherwise : talk about it. Find the people closest to them and help them with their grief, and if you are not capable of it because you yourself are grieving, be with people who know. You are not alone and it is always hard and impossible to grasp. There are no magic words, no phrases of condolence that make any sense. Feel and live and cry and then sleep. There's no real answer.

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So sad to see someone pass away so young. I'm sure he's happy up there and I'll be praying for his family and loved ones.

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Rest in Peace.

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I've been following TB for about 10 years now. Maybe I'm too empathetic to be this affected by someone's passing that didn't ever meet or know in person; but, it's difficult not to be when they're a consistent part of your life for so long. I'll always remember John for his honesty, a commitment to always delivering the best content he could, and for his wanting to help people. Whether it was through his Salebox and WTF is... videos helping people sort through the mess that is Steam games; or by supporting his passion for the StarCraft esports scene by CREATING HIS OWN DAMN TEAM or producing and casting what was probably the best modern StarCraft tournament in his King of the Hill series, it was all done from a passion to help people out because he had a voice and a platform that people paid attention to. Some of you may recall his run for the King of the Web, where he eventually raised over $50K for Charity Water. Even to the end, John tried to help people by encouraging everyone to "not make the same mistake he did" and get cancer screenings early and often. If you cared about John at all, then just do what the only thing he's ever asked of anyone: listen to him, and consider his advice, get checked. Thank you, John. Rest easy.

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I've always loved TB's content, especially his passion and contribution to the StarCraft community. He will be sorely missed. His fierce determination to beat cancer was inspiring. It did not prevent him from contributing and entertaining us throughout his personal battle either. Wind at your back sir. <3

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I was a passive watcher of his content, but I always appreciated his honesty and integrity. He was always very open about his work process on Twitter, which I really admired.

RIP - gone way too soon.

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Just saw on twitter, RIP.

Cancer sucks

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This is pretty upsetting to hear. TB was the first gaming personality I began to follow, back when he first made his transition to Youtube. His praise of Giantbomb is what led me to this site to begin with.

Best wishes to his family in this trying time. His is a voice I will dearly miss.

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still hard to believe even though he made it clear this was likely in the cards

I'll be forever appreciative of his work - he's the reason I built a PC and my conduit for reaching Giant Bomb after Ryan passed