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I was really looking forward to this game but, SO disappointed after picking it it up (Caution: venting below)

First off, let's talk lack of rebindable keys. That is if you can even get to the controls option menu. They bothered to let you navigate using the arrow keys, but the fucking enter key does fuck all! You have to use a mouse to confirm your selection, and good luck getting out if you accidentally select the wrong menu item. As most sane people would assume you could hit escape to back out of it. NOPE! It's the godamned right mouse button!

Once you do get into the menu, you're greeted with the fun game of "guess which action this button is bound to before you rebind it, 'cause we're sure as hell not going to tell ya." Oh by the way, escape doesn't work to back out of this either, you have to hit the same fucking key this action is bound to already. The WASD keys are all locked down, so good luck if you're left handed or have some type of disability like I do (Cerebral Palsy), you're just left out in the cold all together. And no, I'm not using autohotkey again for another shitty port. Even that wouldn't solve all of my problems because some keys are bound to MULTIPLE actions!

So far I've seen two mission types - Escort missions, and guard this "X". By the way, you're not allowed to move around at all, and you have limited ammo. HAVE FUN! The enemy spawn in is just plain stupid... Finally killed that annoying sniper? Here's 3 more that just spawned in behind you!

Why is nobody covering this game?! It was so hyped before launch, and then nothing. At least in the circles I tend to visit. Man, I miss TB...

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So like all that sure, but what is TB?.

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Total Biscut, sorry my bad. He was a youtuber who did quick "reviews" for PC games. Sadly he just passed from cancer this year.

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@m16mojo2: oh right yes yes yeah.. sucks..

But yeah erm, oh just cause idk. I liked 3 just fine so uh... I'll wait a sale sure..

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I dont understand people that play games with a keyboard, but I also think this game is a big old pile of doody

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At least it detected my french keyboard and defaulted to zqsd i'll give them credit for that one.

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So... can you still do stupid shit in this game like the game advertised or is it actively preventing you from doing that for some stupid reason? Like because if you can do that... then where is the problem aside from the keybinding issues? Like yeah, those issues should be criticised but not all games need to have this full monty that appeals to absolutely everybody, it doesn't need to be the next big thing. It can be just for a small audience for a specific purpose.

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Yeah, games like this are where you can really feel the void left by TotalBiscuit. He'd do maybe an initial video on the issues and then a full port report or something.

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Not that it would solve all the problems here but I wish more games would just be honest at the start and throw up a little splash screen that is expressly saying that listen we made this for a controller and venture off that path at your own peril.

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That's a shame, I was half-looking forward to a good PC port but this thing sounds like a mess all the way around.

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I've been playing Just Cause 2, a game the looks better than 4 and 3 (at times) and remembering all the things the recent 2 games have lacked for no good reason:

1. A dodge roll.

2. Mini map.

3. Health Bar.

4. Health bars for explosive structures.

5. Cheesy VO and story.

In fact the only things the recent games have done better are the wingsuit and marking structures you missed on the map, but I kinda think those are double edge swords. The former makes vehicles useless and you miss the Easter egg hunt feeling you get from destroying bases. You could argue JC3 had number 5 on the list, but I'd disagree, it felt kinda flat for me.

Edit: I'll also say tethering was better in the recent games too and that's an objectively better thing, but still not worth abandoning the mini map and dodge roll.

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Hopefully the patch is released within' a reasonable time. But for now, it's tolerable with a Trainer.