PSA: the xbox version is pretty ok now

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I've been loving (and failing to completely understand) KSP for years now, from the superior comfort of my PC, but as years have gone by now my son needs the PC for homework, and my wife is a full-time student, and we had to move to a smaller space that doesn't let me play PC on my TV anymore, so i went ahead and bought the Xbox One version.

It chugs during complicated launches or manuevers at times, but i was amazed as how quickly i got used to gamepad controls. Does not feel comprimised or broken like the original console versions did at all. Just wanted to invite anyone without access to a decent PC into the world of my favorite game of all time on Xbox.

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Thanks. I’ve messed with the Steam demo, but I’m a couch and controller man. I’ll keep it in mind next time I’m feeling spendy.

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That's great, good to hear the Xbox version works OK. I've been messing around with the game for a while now on PC, too. Think I'll download Skylines off of Gamepass even though I have it on the PC another sim game I've barely scratched the surface of hopefully it works well with a controller as well.

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That's encouraging to hear. I never got around to playing it on PC, even though I was curious. I've mainly been playing on consoles in recent years, so if I buy the game at all it will be on one of those. So this is good info.