Killer7 coming to steam.

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I suspected this was coming since for the last 2 weeks Let It Die has had a bunch of Killer7 stuff in the game, so clearly he had sorted out the IP issues with Capcom, but it's still amazing to see it actually happening.

The game should look pretty good too, I remember seeing screenshots of this game emulated in 4k a while ago and it looked damn good there. The style lends itself well to HD.

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Can't wait to hear that intro music that (rightfully) sounded so much like the opening to A Clockwork Orange. That long note of disintegrating entropy descending to hell.

I don't really see this game holding up that well in contemporary times, but I do not care.

This is very good news, indeed. Been celebrating since I saw Alex tweet it.

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Is this game good? Never played it, Suda is one of the few devs I've just completely missed out on. Not overly familiar with any of his work, suddenly with this coming out on Steam and Grasshopper having a new No More Heroes on the Horizon (never played the original either obviously) it has peaked my curiosity. Anybody be able to give me the pitch on this game and Suda games in general?

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Oh fuck yes.

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This is the best video game news.

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Been meaning to play that for quite some time now; I liked Killer is Dead quite a bit when I played it on Steam some months ago. Looking forward to this.

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@devise22: it’s a Suda game, so the visual flair greatly outweighs the gameplay.

I think the best playing game they’ve made to date is Killer is Dead.

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Hell yeah. I love being able to easily play games that I missed. Bring everything to PC, baby.

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@devise22: the story makes metal Gear solid look like a chilien cartoon and the gameplay is everwhyere between holding one button in to move to watching a boss standing still for half an our until you’ve died enough to realize what you need to do when to beat him. It’s an insane game and I love it. Also, you slit your wrists as a woman to see secrets - that’s a bad part of it.

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@devise22: Yeah it's not..."good", but IT'S SO GOOD. Do you want weird characters and cutscenes? Super dark chilling moments? Irreverent fluff that is hard to even put in to context? Gameplay straight out of a Peter Molydeux tweet? Style, colors and crazy amounts of flair? Then this might be the game for you.

Do you want to be shown a cohesive story on a chronological timeline with regular gameplay(for the time) that serves itself up in an easy to understand manner? Maybe don't play any Suda game ever.

Also, I haven't bought many/any NISA games for pc, but I don't read great things on their pc ports. Not sure how this is being handled overall though.

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Oh shiiiiiit. One of the formative moments in my creative journey as a youth, this game. It made me understand artsy shit as not necessarily needing to be linear or cogent; that solid structures could still exist beneath craziness, even if the creator is trying to mess with you on purpose, ha. It's also just really stylish, but let's face it, it should have been a light-gun game, which is its only considerable flaw. New players will need to be warned I think, 'cos the controls are stiff, unintuitive, and just messy.

Watching the Game Informer crew replay this has been stupendously painful, so I can't wait to lose myself in Suda's trancey slices of WTF. That Texas level is so nuts, I can't wait.

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One of the greatest games of all time.

That's all I have to say about Killer7 every time it's mentioned. Played it for a second time last year and it was better than the first time. In the current political turmoil, this game is more important than ever; too important.

The country has been revealed for what it is -- a monster. But will anything change? You expect some revolution? Well, a dog can't do shit. Has a dying country ever created anything worth its salt?

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Okay. Color me interested. Hope that the port is closer to the GameCube version as opposed to PS2.

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Oh heck yes, I never played it but i'm really looking forward to it. It's been a while since i've played anything this weird and I feel like I really need to again.

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I find it funny how they use footage using the Dolphin emulator in that video.

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Please don't fuck this up NISA. Please.

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I watched the recent Game Informer Super Replay of this game, and quite enjoyed it. Pretty surprising the news of the Steam release drops the day the series concluded.

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Oh, by the way, I did this over the weekend...

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You know what? It's been long enough. Time to be a sexually abused grandpa all over again!

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I hope it will be great, but if they sell a product that runs on dolphin, it would be pretty funny.

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Nice, been wanting to replay this for a while now. Was just too lazy to go dig up my Game Cube to play it.

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An older friend loaned me this game when I was like 12 and I was not ready for it. Very interested to go back and finally complete it. No More Heroes is the shit and should make its way to pc with its sequel. Ubisoft developed those, anyone know if Nintendo put any money into them, since they were Wii games?

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@sloppydetective: I don't think so, Grasshopper partnered with a lot of different publishers for NMH games, not once with Nintendo.

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What good news. So good.

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@sloppydetective:Your friend is the shit (or just shit, maybe, 12 years old?). No More Heroes was developed by Ubisoft though, Konami published the game on PS3 and 360. Come to think of it... I don't think Grasshopper worked with a major publisher for more than one game except Kadokawa Games (Killer7 was Capcom, No More Heroes was Ubisoft/Konami, Shadows of the Damned was EA, Lollipop Chainsaw was Warner Bros., Killer Is Dead was Deep Silver in Europe...)

@dan_citi: Yeah... I guess the cover's been blown, hasn't it? I saw that GAF cover for Killer7 like 6 years ago and it never left my mind. But there are some you see that are just too good and can never be replaced by anything else, because how could they? This one and the WarioWare are the GAF collection covers that I love the most, and they are the two games I waited the longest before making my own custom cover because they just would have copied them. They're just that good. But I mean... you can still work around those concepts with different fonts and dispositions.

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i want a series on that game. yes i said it and idgaf

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Ported by NISA which doesn’t bode well, even so would rather buy it on GoG.