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Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4384 posts) 3 years, 9 months ago

Poll: Will you buy Killzone: Shadow Fall? (403 votes)

Yes 65%
No 36%

I'm gonna quote myself.

#14 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (1777 posts) - 3 months, 22 days ago

I would buy it.

Now that I looked at what I said, I think I would still buy it.

So! Hey guisse: You're buying a PS4. Are you buying Killzone: Shadow Fall? And if you do, will you play that multiplayer abunch? Thoughts?

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#1 Posted by ConfusedOwl (1161 posts) -

Most likely. When I get a game at launch it has to have a lot of content because I won't be getting anything else for a bit because I'll be in college at that point. So I'll likely be playing tons of multiplayer. Still not sure if I want this game over Infamous though.

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#2 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4384 posts) -

Oh, I forgot.

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#3 Posted by jay_ray (1488 posts) -

It'll be one of the launch titles I buy.

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#4 Posted by HebrewHammer (17 posts) -

The thing I like most about it is that it's far less linear than previous entries. But honestly, none of the PS4 launch titles are pushing the needle forward, y'know? I think I'll play Killzone Shadow Fall and Driveclub, just to check out the visual fidelity, but then I'm off to play some indies from the PS store. Those will be the highlight of my first day with the system.

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#5 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3618 posts) -

Probably. So glad they ditched the vomit color palette and it actually looks fun and interesting now.

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#6 Posted by IBurningStar (2273 posts) -

It depends on what is available when I get my PS4. I don't actually know for sure if I will be even getting one at launch, so it is all up in the air for me. If the selection is still kind of thin then I might pick it up, but I'll probably be getting something else.

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#7 Edited by Strife777 (2083 posts) -

Depending on how many launch title there are, I might buy all of them, we'll see. But Killzone is definitely going to be a day 1 purchase for me.

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#8 Edited by Chaser324 (8080 posts) -

I'll be honest, I'm completely apathetic toward the Killzone franchise. I like some of the stuff I've seen of Shadow Fall, but I really don't feel like I need to play it.

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#9 Posted by devilzrule27 (1257 posts) -

Probably. I've purchased all the other killzone games and I generally enjoy them.

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#10 Edited by impartialgecko (1863 posts) -

Probably. I'll want something shiny to play when I eventually get a PS4.

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#11 Edited by DarthOrange (4178 posts) -

I'm leaning toward yes but there is a lot of stuff coming out this year. So maybe.

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#12 Posted by damswedon (3241 posts) -

I kinda want to see if they can top the detestable characters in Killzone 2 or the complete piece of shit that was the committing genocide and expecting us to okay with that at the end of Killzone 3.

So hey, lets see how they completely fuck up their East Germany vs West Germany parallels.

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#13 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -

Day one. And I will play the shit out of multiplayer, just like 2 & 3.

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#14 Edited by triple07 (1259 posts) -

Nope. Haven't decided if I'll get a PS4 at launch yet but if I do Killzone won't be one of the games I get. Never been a big Killzone fan, they've just never really done it for me personally. Not really sure why but they seem boring to me.

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#15 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2970 posts) -

Way too early to tell for me - I'm interested, but will wait for reviews.

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#16 Edited by Reisz (1622 posts) -

Not until I play it.

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#17 Posted by yukoasho (2248 posts) -

Likely the first pre-order when I've paid off the system.

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#18 Edited by MEATBALL (4231 posts) -

It's looking pretty good, I liked Killzone 2 and loved Killzone 2&3 Multiplayer, so I have no qualms about picking Shadow Fall up when I get a PS4.

I'm holding off until either InFamous or Destiny's release, though. Killzone Shadowfall looks good, but doesn't have me quite interested enough to commit at launch.

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#19 Posted by Seppli (11232 posts) -

I don't think so. I'll definitely be getting BF4 and NfS Rivals, which should be available at launch. Those games are my jam and what they've shown at E3 was very reassuring, whilst the Killzone games I've played are not my thing really.

I'm excited for MGS 5 and Destiny too, but those seem to be 2014 releases. I'd totally get Titanfall, but alas I decided against buying the Xbox One. Might just get the PC version (or I'll wait 'til it inevitably comes to PS4 some time down the line, either as a port or as a straight-up refined sequel).

Regardless of what I get, my PS4 launch title will be Drive Club, which I'll be getting access to for free with PS+.

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#20 Posted by hollitz (2176 posts) -

I've only enjoyed 3 mutliplayer shooter experiences ever. Halo:CE, TF2, and Killzone 2. New console launch is a perfect time for a solid multiplayer game and COD just isn't my thing.

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#21 Posted by PhilipDuck (648 posts) -

I mean it looks good so far.. and i'll want a nice fps to play when i buy the PS4 since this is released on launch i'll be picking it up yes.

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#22 Posted by Tru3_Blu3 (3553 posts) -

I hate that they're not going for a warish sepia tone now. I don't understand why people hate sepia in their games. I was so beautifully intimidating in Killzone2. Now gamers fucked it up by demanding Helghan to look like a fucking paradise.

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#23 Posted by cutyoface (580 posts) -

Yeah, I will buy it because I have really liked the previous games.

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#24 Posted by Levius (1357 posts) -

Killzone 3 was probably my favourite multiplayer game of the generation, so Shadow Fall is almost a system seller for me.

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#25 Edited by RichieJohn (539 posts) -

Killzone 3 was probably my favourite multiplayer game of the generation, so Shadow Fall is almost a system seller for me.

I was about to type that exact post.

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#26 Posted by djou (895 posts) -

Maybe. At this point we still don't know if games will be $60, but assume so. They also haven't talked about the multiplayer. I imagine the single player campaign is the typical 6-10 bombast that Killzone games are but prettier. Unless the MP is fun and single player groundbreaking, I doubt I will pick it up at launch.

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#27 Posted by awesomeusername (4606 posts) -

@ezakael: @meatball: Infamous is confirmed to be released in the first part of 2014. On an interview with the 2 main characters voice actors, Troy Baker & Travis Willingham, they asked someone off screen when it releases and they said February and that seems logical.

I hate that they're not going for a warish sepia tone now. I don't understand why people hate sepia in their games. I was so beautifully intimidating in Killzone2. Now gamers fucked it up by demanding Helghan to look like a fucking paradise.

The game takes place on Vekta, not Helghan.

On topic, my answer is yes. I enjoyed the multiplayer in KZ3 and the things they're doing in the single player sounds refreshing enough that I'll enjoy more KZ.

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#28 Posted by Marcsman (3597 posts) -

It's really a toss up between that and COD:Ghosts. Most likely yes.

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#29 Posted by TangoUp (327 posts) -

Seems more like a tech demo than anything else.

And floating gun with two hands. Nah, I'm done with that.

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#30 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1387 posts) -

As a launch game, sure. I love Halo and am switching over to PS4 as my main platform.

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#31 Posted by JouselDelka (979 posts) -

I thought it looked much more interesting and vibrant than previous KZ games, but when I buy a PS4 in three or four years, I won't be buying shooters for it, only open world/adventure/platformers. Shooters and RPGs are exclusive to PC for me.

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#32 Posted by ConfusedOwl (1161 posts) -
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#33 Edited by Colourful_Hippie (5710 posts) -

Probably if I was going to actually buy a PS4 at launch. There'll be more interesting games out by the time I consider buying one.

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#34 Posted by Lava (737 posts) -

I'm a fan of the Killzone games even if some people don't like 2 and 3. I actually really enjoy playing them online. I've hopped back onto 3 lately and I still enjoy it. I am looking forward to the next installment in the franchise. I'm hoping a new story will give it a fresh start. If I had to choose between a new Killzone and the new Infamous game, however, I would choose Infamous. Depends on what comes out on launch day.

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#35 Posted by Winternet (8397 posts) -

Well, isn't it one of the very few exclusives that will come out day 1? It would be weird not to buy it, then.

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#36 Edited by RonGalaxy (4688 posts) -

From what I've heard, it's more like crysis than past killzone games (not a huge open world like the first 1, more like large map based levels like the 2nd and 3rd). With that said, I'm excited for it

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#37 Edited by probablytuna (4917 posts) -

I think I'll take the wait and see approach. I really liked Killzone 2 but 3 was more of the same and I have a feeling Shadowfall wouldn't venture too far from the formula. I have the same feeling with inFamous: Second Son. I'm really hoping for some interesting games at PS4's launch other wise I'll be stuck with Watch Dogs for a while.

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#38 Edited by peritus (1128 posts) -

No. but not because i dont think its a good game. I just dont want to play any shooters for a while.

Maybe i will get it a ways into the lifecycle of the PS4. I want Knack!

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#39 Edited by Scroll (627 posts) -

I enjoyed Killzone 2 multiplayer quite a bit, only problem was that most of my friends had 360s at the time and this time around most people I know are getting PS4s.

I really like that they aren't trying to directly follow up Killzone 3 and having the game take place on a different planet entirely 30 years later sounds great.

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#40 Posted by FlipperDesert (2201 posts) -

I misread the topic title and thought it said 'Infamous' so I voted yes. My bad!

Maybe? Not at launch, I did not like the first Killzone in the slightest and I didn't own a PS3 so I don't have any experience with the other two. That and I have FPS fatigue. In fact, now that I think about it I kinda just unsold myself completely.

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#41 Posted by ChoboBot (223 posts) -

I am still undecided on whether to get this or Knack.

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#42 Edited by StarvingGamer (11359 posts) -


It's a console shooter


EDIT: Actually, if they let me use mouse & keyboard, maybe

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#43 Posted by cloudymusic (1880 posts) -

Maybe. I've never played a Killzone game before, but if there aren't many other must-own launch titles I might pick it up if the online looks fun.

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#44 Posted by mosespippy (4751 posts) -

Maybe. Probably. Do I expect to enjoy it? Not particularly. It fills a hole early in the lifecycle of the PS4 and will probably meet a minimum standard of quality. I'm not excited about the storytelling and I don't see any new mechanics that are changing the face of gaming or anything.

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#45 Edited by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

I've never really been into Killzone so probably not. But if it's really good, I'll check it out.

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#46 Posted by SMGBlanket (23 posts) -

Probably Digitally I am sort of interested in it but I only get games Retail if I have full interest in it

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#47 Edited by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

No, but if i get a PS4 at launch, and someone buys it for me as a holiday gift, i would play it happily.

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#48 Posted by ll_Exile_ll (2692 posts) -

Only because it's the exclusive PS4 launch title that interests me most (even if not a lot), and I figure I should get an exclusive to go with the new system. However, the game I'm really looking forward to is Infamous Second Son, but that's sounding like Feb or March.

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#49 Posted by GalacticPunt (1458 posts) -

Probably, I like the old British actors hamming it up as villains, and actually made some progress and had fun with multiplayer in Killzone 3. FPS multiplayer usually just makes me hate the human race.

Looking forward to whatever British dude will play a space nazi in Shadowfall. Patrick Stewart? Tim Curry? Jim Sterling?

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#50 Edited by Justin258 (14373 posts) -

If I were to get a PS4 at launch and only 1 game, Killzone would not be that game.

Really, it depends on how far into the PS4's life cycle I wind up getting one. A year or so in? Yeah, I might get Killzone SF. Two years in? Eh... I'll probably have lost all interest in it. If I picked it up after that it would likely be something that I would do on a whim or as a PS Plus freebie.

EDIT: Unless it makes really good on the "less linear, more like Crysis" promise that I see people mentioning in this thread. If the word is that this is something of an unofficial successor to Crysis 1, then I'll have a copy of the game with the console when I buy it.