Anyone get this? I just bought it.

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I can't say I'm extremely excited, but I watched some footage and thought it looked charming enough. I played through the first two a couple of times (the original PS2 games and the remasters), and played but didn't finish all of the side games. My feelings on KH has fluctuated, going from loving it when I played through the first two around the time they came out, to being kind of sad and disappointed that I don't care anymore because of all the side games which I didn't want to keep up with, and then finally slightly more interested again due to the remasters. The last time I had the utmost enthusiasm for Kingdom Hearts was when I was in tenth grade, which was 2005: two's release. As I said, I didn't 100 percent any of those side stories, so I'm probably going to be kind of lost in some respects, but I guess I'm happy to finally get into and finish the third game in this series. I hope I can be enthusiastic throughout the third game. Any fans here that are excited to finish the third game in the series (as in, numbered-wise) or are you done with KH? Maybe you never liked KH?

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I bought the game yesterday, but since I haven't played though all of the games yet, I have some decisions to make. I can either finish what I'm missing in release order since Birth By Sleep, or just say "screw it" and go into KH3 now and go back to the previous games to fill in the blanks like I did with KH2 back in the day since I questioned Chain of Memories' relevance at the time.

Now that I think about it, I probably should have bought a cork board and some string as well.

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Jim Sterlings video on how bonkers and unfriendly the lore is made me morbidly curious about the series.

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So here in Europe it seems the game was unofficially-officially released on the 26th. I managed to get it that morning and beat it the next day.

I'm one of those people this game was made for. Got the first game for my 13th birthday in 2002, and played every damn one of them since with the exception of BBS 0.2.

For me the game absolutely delivered. It felt like a big enough step beyond Dream Drop Distance to be worthy of being called "Kingdom Hearts III." I like the changes they made to the level design, combat, and the overall feel of the controls. That said, I do kinda miss the command-deck system and wouldn't have mind trading in "Flowmotion" to get those back.

Disney worlds were handled well but there were a couple of low points. I thought Arendelle had too little interaction with the movie's characters, and the 100 Acre Wood was so short you wonder why it was even there. The high points for me were Corona and Toy Box. It was neat journeying alongside Rapunzel and Flynn to reach the town and even getting to explore it. Toy Box had the best world opening.

In terms of story it's exactly what you'd expect. If you've been following the series, you're already gonna have a pretty good idea what's about to happen, but it was still a fun and emotional experience seeing it all go down.

Anyway, I haven't played it since I beat it, but I still intend to go back to mess around with the Game & Watch clones and explore some more using the Gummi Ship, as I had to rush it to have it beat over the weekend.

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Never played any KH and just bought III, can't wait for this dumb trainride, the weird Skrillex remix sure is helping, and boy some of the voice acting is horribly bad especially the main protagonist, it feels like a robot trying to imitate emotions.

But i like the combat so far.

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I picked it up as well. I played KH and KH2 back when they were initially released and haven't touched anything else in the franchise, so I'm a bit out of the loop on the lore. What I've played thus far seems like some dumb fun though.

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@facelessvixen: There's a relatively short recap of the general stuff going on the main menu. Since I played the other ones (although didn't 100 percent them), it definitely jogged my memory, but it won't give you every little detail you might want. It'll be fine I think though.


I've played very little of it, just two hours before I pretty much fell asleep as I played it because I was so tired, but I am really liking it so far. I couldn't help but smile in some spots, but also couldn't help but chuckle at others due to the whole 'friendship = power' stuff that every JRPG has. There was a good line in there though from one of the Organization XIII about how they can just shut up about it. Dialogue hasn't ever been the strongest point of these games, but I think the voice acting has always been strong for the most part.

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I am so very ecstatic to finally be playing this game although I find it a bit easier than previous entries so far. It's great to finally be able to put a bow on something I've loved for so long. What I'm not so happy about this release is that it brought the "lol kingdom heart's story is bad and you should feel bad for liking it" crowd back out of the wordwork. Just let me like my thing, I don't need to hear for the millionth time that you think serialized storytelling has no place and games and somehow think basic fantasy storytelling tropes are extremely confusing. It gets really tiring hearing it from every site who's content I usually like.

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I'm at the Tangled place; ten hours into the game now. I already said it, but to say it again, I am really liking it. I like it more than I expected to. It's not a huge turn-off, but I wish there was HDR for this game as it's the perfect game for it. Visually I'm impressed with it, but its frame rate could be a little steadier to maintain the 60fps, and there is a bit of aliasing. I kind of feel like I won't, but I hope to see some worlds in this game that weren't featured prominently in the trailers. That said, I am enjoying the worlds more than I thought so even if there aren't more, maybe I will still be surprised. I wish they could have gotten more of the original voice actors though because whoever did Woody didn't sound much like Tom Hanks for example.

Edit - Okay, wow I'm reading the voice cast, and unbeknownst to me, the person that voices Woody is actually Tom Hanks' little brother, Jim Hanks.

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@sarnecki said:

Jim Sterlings video on how bonkers and unfriendly the lore is made me morbidly curious about the series.

The lore in Kingdom Hearts isn't half as convoluted as people would have you believe. It's actually an incredibly simplistic plot.

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I'm very close to the end and have loved it so far. A few years ago I started playing catch up with the HD collections, and got hooked on the crazy adventures this series offers. The story really isn't that hard to follow if you play the games in order, its only some of the finer points of the lore that are confusing. And the high points are extremely high in this game, some of the worlds are just so well done. Its nice to see what they can do with a full console release after playing through the handheld ones.

Should be done with it later tonight, and unless it falls completely flat I can say its my favorite in the series. This has been a fun few years of giving a series I thought was dumb an honest chance and ending up really digging it, despite some of its obvious flaws.

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@drachmalius: Did you only play 1 and 2? Or did you play all the other games?

My girlfriend is a gigantic Disney fan and has always been interested in the series. But hearing there are hidden Mickey's and some tributes to actual Disney rides made me really want to get it for her.

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Yep, got it on release date. Pretty great game. Combat is way too easy though.

@axersia said:

100 Acre Wood was so short you wonder why it was even there.

Totally agree. The fact that the mini games are exactly the same with only very minor changes makes it worse.

@sarnecki said:

Jim Sterlings video on how bonkers and unfriendly the lore is made me morbidly curious about the series.

The lore in Kingdom Hearts isn't half as convoluted as people would have you believe. It's actually an incredibly simplistic plot.

Said no one ever.

@barrock said:

@drachmalius: Did you only play 1 and 2? Or did you play all the other games?

My girlfriend is a gigantic Disney fan and has always been interested in the series. But hearing there are hidden Mickey's and some tributes to actual Disney rides made me really want to get it for her.

If she likes the third one, then you should get her the remasters as well. Kingdom hearts 1 and 2 are just as good, if not better, than the third one.

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@art3misjinx: I'm literally saying it. I'll say it again:

The lore in Kingdom Hearts isn't half as convoluted as people would have you believe. It's actually an incredibly simplistic plot.

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Lol at the plot not being convoluted. Okay... lol Any plot can be boiled down to simple if you ignore the details and only worry about the simple aspects.

I’ve played every Kingdom Hearts game (spin offs included) and holy hell.. the voice acting in this one is physically hurting me. Jan hit the nail on the head in the Bombcast: it sounds like robots trying to pretend they’re human.

Edit: hmm the voice acting seems to be getting better after the kh3 title card. Haven’t seen riku yet after that though and his va is worst offender.

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Just finished this game tonight, and overall I really enjoyed it. I also think it's probably the easiest game in the series.

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@barrock: I played/watched everything in the 1.5 + 2.5 and 2.8 collections. Followed a primer from another forum for the play order and everything, so it went down fairly easy. Re:coded was hard to sit through tho.

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@art3misjinx: I'm literally saying it. I'll say it again:

The lore in Kingdom Hearts isn't half as convoluted as people would have you believe. It's actually an incredibly simplistic plot.

Talk about a massive whoosh there buddy.

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I finished the story a couple of days ago and just dinged the platinum. I have to say, this game is a spectacle through and through, I think the game sets a new high bar in terms of set piece moments.

The game is gorgeous to look at both in terms of graphical fidelity and visual design. The level design is great, every world was better than most in previous intallments of the series.
There's so much going on during combat and the attractions, grand magic, formchanges, team attacks and links are bombastic and a lot of fun. The downside is that they make the game incredibly easy.

The game ties up a lot of loose ends, but just like previous games suffers from bad pacing.
Every Kingdom Hearts game works pretty much the same way, the entirety of the story happens in the beginning and end of the game and the Disney worlds don't matter whatsoever. They sprinkle some cutscenes here and there, but they're mostly there for some minor character building or refreshing your memory on events of the previous games.

As a result a lot of events that should've been impactful are rattled off in a span of 30 minutes and lack the breathing room they needed. There's also some slight Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Deus-Ex-Machina going on, but that's fiiiine.
The setup for the franchise going forward is uhhh... interesting but also thoroughly expected, but I won't talk about it here, 'cause spoilers.

So the gameplay and level design are great, they fumbled the story a little bit, but that was to be expected when you're dealing with such a long-running and somewhat convoluted plot filled with retcons.
All in all, game good, probably best in the series.

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Would you mind sharing the link to the primer? And how long did it take you?

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I’ve only played 1, 2 and Dream Drop Distance. I watched a 40 minute recap and jumped right into 3 and I’ve been loving it so far.

I’m playing on proud and it’s still very easy.

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@barrock: Watched this ( with a friend the other day and it's really good and thorough. May be a bit fast for people who don't have great context. The humorous Good Enough summary ( is a really fun watch for the basics of the plotline for people that don't want a serious thorough approach.

@pompouspizza: Yeah, I'm on proud too, and I'd even go so far as to call it mindlessly easy. Big disappointment as the other games, proud felt like a hard mode. I think there's just too many combos/finishers available all the time that you really don't have to worry about a thing at all.. ever. They're pretty as hell to look at though. Had to go Wisdom/Mystic so I could see spell animations as much as possible.

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Finished the game earlier tonight and had an absolute blast the whole way through. The decision to put so much love into the Disney side of things this time around (considering the Disney worlds/characters have comprised about 90% of every game in the franchise) really elevated it for me, and tips it over to my favourite game in the franchise.

Now I'm just hoping for some DLC that adds in a few series mainstays that were absent this time around.

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@barrock: Yeah I believe it was this one I was following, its been a while so I didn't have it bookmarked: KH FAQ

I spaced them out quite a bit, and wouldn't really recommend binging every game in the series if you just want to get to 3 quickly. I started in late 2016 and only played the stuff in 2.8 last summer. There's a lot of explainer videos out there if you just want the main story beats but I had a good time playing through them at a slow pace, its up to you how much time you want to invest.

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Just finished it. I'm a huge fan of the first game, it means an awful lot to me, and I loved the gameplay in the subsequent entries, but thought the story got too big and silly, so I wasn't coming into this with anything other than neutral expectations. I still ended up being pretty disappointed with that stuff, but the gameplay, graphics, and art direction are simply astounding. I had a blast playing and watching this game's many spectacles play out, so I'm not looking at it like I waited all these years for nothing, I didn't. I got a slick, beautiful experience with fun, snappy combat and some great moments.

Twilight Town is as dreamy as ever. Seeing it represented in such a natural, real way gave me chills. The Tangled world nailed the humor and had the most beautiful level design I've seen in a while. Olympus is fun and exciting, with lots of eye candy and Ancient Greek splendor. The Toy Story world is easily my favourite and feels like one of the TV specials gamified; it works great with the KH angle on friendship. Exploring Monster's Inc in fine detail only reinforced my love for that film, it was fucking rad. San Fransokyo is fun and open and a nice change of pace; it could masquerade as a good super-hero game if you squinted when Donald and Goofy are on-screen. Most surprising to me, though, is how well the Caribbean world comes off despite being the weakest source material to draw from. There's so much depth to its boat combat and exploration, and the boss fights are quite elaborate and jaw-dropping at times, as are the boss fights in this game overall. Some real good shit.

The gameplay additions are all welcome ones, from the deeper keyblade options in terms of unique buffs and moves, to the upgrading, the DDD flowmotion mechanics, the crazy Disney World ride moves, more interesting abilities, etc. All improvements.

The music is generally really good, though I hoped for more original music by Yoko Shimomura as a huge fan of her work in the first game. It's mostly new versions of old themes here, but still good.

What I didn't like:

The voice acting in this series has usually hit a pretty high level of quality with a seasoned cast, but this is all over the place half the time. I'm still stunned. Riku and Mickey sound atrocious for two thirds of the game, then suddenly sound okay after that. The Mickey replacement has tried his best in the more recent games considering the original fellow sadly passed away after KH2, I can't be angry, but David Gallagher forgot how to act. Everyone else involved pulls it together a lot sooner, which is a relief, but even they sound like awkward people at a reunion during the early parts. Kairi's replacement sounds meek and so sickly sweet it's almost inhuman. Hayden Panettiere gave her a nice balance of sweetness and stoicism, but this actress went all the way to the left. Kairi in general is wasted in this game, actually; she's a keyblade-wielding princess of heart ffs, give her some teeth.

Level-wise, Frozen and Winnie the Pooh were the weakest for me, sadly. They're both a bit bland and inconsequential, the latter most of all. The Pooh stuff felt very sweet and relevant in the first two games, with several sweet little stories woven together, but here it's the same minigame three times in one tiny little environment, with two brief conversations that merely retread old stuff and then it's over. Why even bother?

I wish we got to explore more of the world of darkness. It was fascinating in BBS 0.2, this sad, cold dimension where time is cruel and self-doubt feeds on you endlessly. That's way cooler than people gabbing in Yen Sid's tower over and over again, which leads into my and a lot of peoples' biggest issue: the story.

It isn't some incomprehensible and complex thing to get your head around once all the moves have been played, but the way it's told is so convoluted when it doesn't need to be, and buckles under its own weight -- in this game especially -- when trying to tie up all the unnecessary loose ends created by KH2 and the side games. It's inefficient, bloated, and plain long-winded, which are common side effects when converting a comparatively simple story like the non-Final Mix version of KH1 into this galactic saga that spans decades; wants to connect every single plot point and character to everything and everyone else so often that it feels like an infinite regress; abuses time-travel clichés to excuse its greed for Star Wars levels of narrative obesity, and so on, and so on, and so on. It's disingenuous to say it isn't complicated at times, it is, but that's not the issue, it's just not told as well as it could be.

They've bolted so much onto what started as a simple, charming crossover about a boy finding friends and locking out darkness from worlds with a magical key in the most ham-fisted way I've ever seen. It's like slapping fistfuls of clay onto a paper house to make it look like a castle, then fixing x amount of struts to keep what you've added held up instead of taking a step back and simplifying your ideas into a cohesive structure. I like Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop a lot at their most basic -- they added some neat stuff conceptually -- but it all needed to be simpler and subtler, and more carefully integrated into KH3. Otherwise, we end up with this: every cutscene full to the bezel with info dumping to stop itself from capsizing. Even some of the characters keep saying how confusing what's going on is. You know it's bad when the game is nudging and winking at you, like it doesn't really care anyway.

It feels like yet another side game or sequel is teased in the ending, which I guess shouldn't surprise me yet it really does. It's still a great series, and I never have a bad time playing them, so bring it on.

I give it a 9/10 for gameplay, 4/10 for story. It's a hell of a thing, can't deny that.

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@brunothethird:Your comment mostly mirrors mine on my final thoughts of this game. It's very much the MGS4 of the series in the sense that it's so focused on tying up every loose end from all the years of bullshit Nomura has added to this series that it kind of collapses on itself at the end. However I still rate the story a 6/10 mainly because I thought the actual Disney level plotlines were relatively well done (ironically enough) in how they integrate Sora into them (especially the new original storylines that take place after the films' events). Big Hero 6 in particular felt the most natural and Sora's shounen hero personality easily fits with those cast of characters.

Ultimately I'm torn whether this or KH2 is my favourite game in the series. On one hand, the worlds, level design, graphics and overall core game experience is easily the best in the series. On the other hand, the combat is so mind numbingly easy on proud mode and lacks the large variety of extremely difficult side bosses that KH2 and previous entries had. I hope in the future they release a critical difficulty and some DLC bosses, because once you beat the core story there's really not much else to do besides collecting all the leftover hidden mickeys/treasures.

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@jackv211: I think both MGS and KH can suffer in very similar ways, it's a good comparison. For me it's too many characters (most of whom I love, by the way) to do right by, too many twists to explain neatly, and too many characters suddenly switching sides/changing personalities completely to make something fit. If your writing has just one of those things, or has long scenes where you have to sit your audience down every hour to explain why, how, where, when and who, something is not efficient. It doesn't give the drama room to be drama.

My 4/10 for the story is really harsh, but I love the humble beginnings of this series so deeply. Kids wanting to get off their little island and see the world together; Ansem being just Ansem, a scientist that was lost to the dark; one Kingdom Hearts; one realm of darkness. None of this everyone has three versions of themselves, this one's made of memories, this one's a husk, that guy's undercover, everyone's a keyblade warrior, this old man is that old man, this girl is a nobody but not in the same way as the others, that guy is the negative energy of that guy and looks just like the other guy who looks a bit like that other guy who is the exact image of that other guy and oh god, kill me.

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So i was at a bar drinking for 6hrs and decided to buy this on the way home.... why? Im not entirely sure. I have NEVER played a KH game before and whilst the concept was silly enough for me to be curious Ive never been tempted to buy one.

I blame Mr X being an oppresive asshole and needing a pallett cleanser involving toy story. Will i be happy with my purchase? What youtube video should i watch to be caught up to speed with the MAIN plot

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I'm considering getting this just because of how good the Toy Story part looked. How does the game run on base ps4?

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@kmj2318: Look at Digital Foundry or VGTech. On base PS4, it doesn't run great. It's 900p and the frame rate is in the 40s, so pretty unsteady.


I just finished the game about an hour ago. I liked it, but now that three is done, I'm fine with just being done with KH altogether now.

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@yesiamaduck: I was actually considering doing this for exactly the same reason. If you go through with it and bother getting caught up with the main plot let me know how it works out . Not sure how realistic getting "caught up" would actually be, or worth it for that matter.

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@yesiamaduck: half hour is pretty much the minimum. Take your pick. (this one is quite old and therefore missing the phone game and 0.2 but people still really seem to like it)

The game actually has its own recap videos on the main menu but they're really not even close to enough.

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Those recap videos in game were baaaaaaaad. Tbh i think ill like this va e nore not k owing whats going on, the 1hour cutscene dump after Olympus is by far the worst part of the game

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@yesiamaduck Only video you need to watch ;)

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I someone who jumped in at 3, i can tell you this the story isn't convoluted it's just super badly written witch makes it convoluted if that makes any sense. The voice acting of most of the non Disney characters are just super bad. Compare this to "Eurojank RPG's like ELEX, ELEX deserves a Oscar for best Performance, compared to Sora's robot emotion voice, holly crap is that dude bad. I normally don't get annoyed by bad voice acting but this is on a different scale. Also after watching several you tube videos about the "story" of kingdom hearts i can tell this thing is full off plot holes, and it almost feels like it's written by a 8 year old writing his first Disney fanfic. Maybe it's a just badly translated or a culture thing, but this seems to big off a problem to be pointed to this. Favorite moment so far is Buzz mentioning how dumb this video games story is in a sarcastic way.