Kingdom Hearts 3 releases January 29th, 2019

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After a decade and some change since Kingdom Hearts 2, the Kingdom hearts twitter announced the released date for Kingdom Hearts 3. Nomura says that there will be more trailers this E3. So that is something to look forward to.

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Finally get a PS4 for my birthday on the 15th. Play the game after playing the things I missed out on in Final Chapter Prologue.

Sounds like a plan.

Edit 6/19/2018: Or just get that limited edition Pro bundle just to have a third copy of some of those older games.

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I'll believe it when it's running on my PS4

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I'm not sure how much of the story I'll understand, considering I never played most of the games that came out after 2, but I'm still ready to dive back in.

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Kingdom Hearts did more to get child-me into gaming than any other game, so no matter how up it's own ass it gets, I'm always for it.

I love how I was inversely into everything GB was laughing at, in the trailer. The things they laughed more at were the things I was digging, more and more.

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@flashflood_29: My feelings exactly. KH was my first big "real" video game so it'll always carry a special place in my heart.

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Be rad if the games I were looking forward to didn't take decades to make.

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That's a lot of Kingdom Heartache and not a lot of time.

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@bboymaestro: It didn't. It's only been in development since 2013. There were multiple games between KH2 and then.

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@genericbrotagonist: Next he'll say he doesn't understand the plot after only playing the first two games in a series with 10 games.

Many worlds, normally locked away but opened by swordkey. Sword key can also release souls from people's bodies. People create monsters when they lose their souls. Big bad guy (who is involved with first connecting worlds) is working with his soul monsters and other bad dudes to do bad stuff. You play a good guy with a sword key trying to stop him, you have friends you lost track of who might also be able to get swordkeys. End. You could go deeper but that's all you actually need to know.

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@johntunoku: What about the part where the bad guy makes other people into himself and halves of himself and time travels to meet himself and gathers his other selves while the good guy is made up of multiple people including a data version of himself, who exist within and outwith his heart and some don't exist now but still exist even when they shouldn't and the bad guy is gathering himself and the other people he made into himself to fight with the good guys to make a giant key to unlock Kingdom hearts but not the Kingdom Hearts from the first game because that was only the door to Kingdom Hearts and not the one from the second game but the REAL Kingdom Hearts.

and Disney, I guess.

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@petiew: You can make anything sound complicated with a convoluted sentence. There is a lot of versions of the bad guy. He can possess people who are evil or weak and split himself into pieces. There is a white soul monster (extra strong ones who appear when a strong character gets keyed) of the good guy cause he unlocked himself with the keyblade once in a cutscene. The macguffin appears when good guys fight the bad guys as the prophecy foretold. The data stuff doesn't really exist outside of one game which may as well not exist. The time travel stuff is aggressively stupid and unnecessary, that I will grant you.

Again, the series is 10 games long at this point with no stand alone entries. There's a lot of story, but if you've played at least the major ones nothing is too hard to comprehend. It's just kind of dumb and sappy.

1,2 BBS and some of the cutscenes in the 3DS one and the DS/GBA ones are the necessary parts.

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@johntunoku: I would absolutely say DDD is just as important as BbS. BbS sets up all the new characters for KH3, DDD sets up the plot.

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@genericbrotagonist: But you really only need the first few and final cutscenes to get the gist. Maybe one or two between. Game is a lot of fun though, neat mechanics and well realized levels. Honestly think those last few cutscenes are the worst part of the game.

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@genericbrotagonist: Honestly think those last few cutscenes are the worst part of the game.

That and the last bosses. I must have been underleveled or something, but those final Riku fights were needlessly punishing. I actually just put the damn game down and watched the final cutscenes.

And yes, those were the worst part of the game by a mile. I'm someone who has played all of the other games and, while I participate in the goofs, I honestly didn't have a difficult time following the plot. It was just a lot, and spread out too far, rather than being very convoluted.

Then they brought in time travel, and then tried to explain that time travel, and now I have no god damn idea what is going on. Like I know the broad strokes, enough to get me through III I'm sure. I can tell you what the Big Bad wants to do and roughly how he wants to do it. But all of the details on how we got there is just a confusing nightmare.

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Wow! It's being released on my birthday! I wish this was on PC. Maybe it's time to pick up a PS4...

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This is a surprisingly accurate recap for how slim it is. For people that have played the whole series and have latent memory of all the details, it's absolutely perfect to just give you the outline and recall everything else. For everyone else, it's great to get the main gist of the story. Takes about 1-2 minutes to read.